Thursday, December 6, 2007

DONG, Rest in peace

For many years, Dong has been always by our side.

Dong came to our house some 11 years ago, he was around 4 month's old, when we stayed in the 5th floor of an apartment, in the City.

He knocked our door, climbed our grill so that my wife open the door to see why there's noise outside.

Then he came into the house, go straight to where the food is, and he stayed, until he left us on 4th December 2007.

We shifted to a new house, a semi-d house with garden that allows our cats and dogs a playground. Dong is happy when he first reached the new house.

Awaiting him is green field, and nice cooling weather that he enjoyed the most.

He is one of the rare who knows how to turn on air-cond when weather is hot.

The only one who knows what his mother is expecting and always be there when his mother needs him.

We went through hardship during the past years, and Dong is always there to keep us going.

There was one occasion when my wife and me was quarreling, he chose to comfort my wife, and boycott me for months!

When he was young, my wife use to pick me from the office late at night. During the journey from home to the office, Dong was the one accompanied her.

Sometime his mother sing alone in the car, while driving, he don't quite like her singing tune, and what he did is use his palm to cover her mouth, asking her to shut up.

He is one of the rare cat having one eye in blue, the other in yellow. This pix taken when he was sitting on his mother's desk, around 3 years ago.

When we first brought him to the vets, everyone is amazed by the way he interacted with us.

My wife went to Bangkok years ago with his photograph in her wallet. Her tour guide was shocked when he saw Dong's photo.

The tour guide told her that Dong is the breed only for the Royal Thai, they call this breed ThaiMiao. He was wondering where we got Dong, and was even shocked when he heard that Dong came by himself.

We had many offered good price for Dong. No, we are not selling cats, none of our cats and dogs are for sale, unless you can prove that you can take care of them properly, and allow us to inspect randomly.

And we had the highest offer so far when he was around 3 years old: RM200,000!

NO! Dong is one of our family!

This one taken around the same time, he suffered from kidney problem, in which we thought was mouth cancer, and he has difficulty eating dry food. We fed him with soft food since he was 5 year old

This is in the new house where he was posting when his mother took my mobile to shoot his pix. He knows and likes to be photographed.

Dong has never leave us except for 2 occasions:

1. When we had disease spread at home, some died, and we need to send the remainder to a clinic to have them clean up, and for us to clean the house. Thus, ONE day he was not with us.

2. during his last 3 months, he was not eating for days, we decided to send him to the vets to have it checked, and hope he will recover. He stayed in the clinic for 3 nights, dripping, and the blood test confirmed that his kidney was failing....

Dong is always beside his mother when she worked at home, watching TV, and at night, he always wanted to sleep on her arm, just like a baby, but quiet, until his mother waked up the next day.

He is the king in the house, he brought up most of the cats, and the 2 dogs we are having, thought them how to behave.

He wasn't the biggest in size, he was around 8Kg at his peak.

He is the rare one who dare to slap the dogs, if they are too noisy. The dogs did not fight back when he slapped them, since he brought them up.

He love small creatures, kittens, puppies, etc. I have never see him chasing insects, lizards, while other cats love doing this.

He never kill, and he is kind hearted enough to win our love to him.

I really hope we will unite, sometime, somewhere. Dong is someone that I can never forget.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A teenage girl's mother

I met a mother, was standing outside the sundry shop near my house.

It was 1:17am today.

The mother was waiting for her daughter, whom supposed to be home before 11:45pm.

I was wondering why the mother was there standing, while the sundry shop was about to close for the day, and I asked her.

She said her daughter, form 2 girl, hasn't been home early for the past months. The house rule is to go back by 12am, which the daughter's usual hang-out place, a cyber cafe next to the sundry shop, close by 11:45pm.

However, today, the daughter is not home, and she walked 1Km, thru dark and steep slope, from her house to the cyber cafe, hoping to bring her daughter back.

She waited for 45 minutes, no luck. Not seeing the daughter, not able to call her mobile.

I called the security guards for help, see if they can do something.

And I have decided to send the heart-torn mother back her house, since it is useless to keep waiting.

Then the mother told me:

the father is a container truck driver, only home once or twice a week, and income is not stable.

the mother is a house wife, taking care of children.

She seems lost, keep saying that she does not want her daughter to follow their footsteps, with no future and no security.

I can only comfort her that the daughter should be safe, probably forgotten time to go home.

After sending the mother back, I started thinking:

Why this happened? Why this seems common nowadays?


I have no answer, perhaps someone, someday may be able to answer.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hindraf Rally and What's Next?

Witnessed the call, loud and clear from our Indian brothers and sisters seeking for fair treatments. Isn't it the rights of every citizen in the country to enjoy such rights? Why should the Indian resort to street demonstration?

Personally, the disparity among the rich and the poor is greater since Independence. We have long been told that the Government is treating everyone equally, regardless of ethnic groups, with special attention to Bumiputera, so called "Ketuanan Melayu".

However, if what is claimed by the Government is true, Malaysia should be far better than it is now.

The truth is:

we are still being fooled of "May 13" incident by the Government to fear us from asking for our rights;

We are stilled being fooled that the Malay, or Bumiputera is still far away from other ethnic groups like Chinese and Indian, whom thus need further assistance in the form of New Economic Policy, or alike, in order to maintain Malay domination.

And what we see, feel, heard, are different from the propaganda from the Government, controlled media, and even to the extend to suppress indifferent voices.

It is true that a big portion of Malay is still struggling for their daily needs, where have all the wealth and resources gone?

We witnessed the unheard crying, what are we going to do to next? Where is our "Wakil Rakyat" or the Representative of People? What are you going to do next?

Do we want to be like them one day?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Viva Smart Tunnel!!

We have sent "astronaut" to space, and we have the world's best smart tunnel in our city, supposedly able to drain excessive water and prevent flood, at least at the nearby area.

Today, I read the China Press, it says a couple was stuck in the smart tunnel while driving thru, with water almost 5 feet high and they were forced to get out from their car, and climb to the car roof waiting for rescue.

Funny enough, with this incident, the PR or smart tunnel management, still denied that there are in fact flood in the tunnel, and claimed "nothing happen, everything works as it is".

How can we move forward when we have XYZ class mentality managing important project like this?