Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Exclusive Interview - RPK Part 1 (translated)

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RPK: Chinese, do not affraid

"I am a Malay, but I am not the enemy of non-Malay."

"I want to tell the Chinese, don't be afraid of UMNO's threat, that's why I accepted our interview."

RPK emphasized that there are millions of Malay in this country, majority of them are friends of the Chinese and Indian.

"Non-Malay voted for BN in the past because they are afraid of May 13. That's the reason why ruling parties go all out campaigning in full-page native language advertisement before General Elections. For example, MIC tells Indian if you voted for Oppositions, you be prepared to pay for it." Isn't all BN component parties doing the same?

"But they dare not tell the Malay to watch out if Malay voted for Oppositions! Instead, they organize project balik kampung, give RM200 per head to buy votes. Why not threaten the Malay? Because Malay do not don't buy the idea of May 13!" RPK said, even if not all, most Malay too longing for stability.

I am quiet. Was thinking of our 60 year old neighbour, Pak Haji, repetitively told me after the General Election, that if someone wants to kill you, please come to my home and let me protect you.

Also Ahmad, another neighbour of mine, whom his children speak Mandarin well.

"The Government thinks Chinese and Indian are both not thankful to the Government, this happened in 1969, and UMNO's solution to this is May 13."

"Now, as a Malay, through your magazine I announce to all Chinese friends, If UMNO were to create another May 13, We, the Melayu Pembangkang (Malay Oppositions) will come out. If they want to kill the Chinese, they will have to walk over our dead bodies. Because if there's no Chinese, we, majority of us earning our living without any form of government aids will not have tomorrow."

"How would you ensure the safety of Chinese?"

"I went to Kg Kerinchi, where 99% of them are Chinese, to speak, when I warned UMNO, if they ever dare to hurt any non-Malay, then us, the Melayu Pembangkang (Malay Oppositions) will fight until our last drop. Thousands of Malay there listened to my speech echoed my call. I think the spontaneous reaction reflects the truth."

RPK said, the Malays are ready, but they ain't want to slow down the refomasi progress if Chinese and Indian are slow in catching up.

He said, when UMNO demonstrated outside KOMTAR, Penang, protesting Guan Eng (Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang) who suggested to abolish NEP (New Economic Policy). There were about 500 so called UMNO elite, who look more like foreign workers and Mamak (Indian Muslim) demonstrated. However, right outside the venue, thousands of Malays are observing. These thousands are bloggers and Malayu Pembangkang (Malay Oppsitions), waiting there just in case the so called UMNO elite moves, they will then act and strike.

After the incident, the Malay Pembangkang and bloogers organised a protect on Nasi Kandar operators, badly hurt the Nasi Kandar business. Those operators, majority of them are Mamak (Indian Muslim) issued a statement clarified that they did not join the said demonstration but their business is jeopardized. "You see, we are not just talking, we are doing!"

"BN rules Malaysia, the Tai Ko (leader) of BN is UMNO, thus UMNO President is the Prime Minister. Who decides? On the surface, it seems to be our decision who voted for a party to be the majority. In actual fact, it is 193 UMNO divisions decide. Anyone wanted to be the Prime Minister just need to bag 100 Malay leaders (UMNO division chairmans), of course, with 120, it is much comfortable and safe."

Thus, he analyzed that the country's faith in actually within the reach of these 100+ people. Surprisingly, our 26 million citizens, accepted is as a norm, they complain when they were treated ufairly. "Is you that voted for MCA, Gerakan and MIC, and these parties willingly let go their political power to UMNO."

"I think the Chinese neglected this one fact, without your support, UMNO is nothing." During the 308 General Election, RPK observed some changes: Malay voted for Indian under Rocket (DAP) banner, Those Chinese who resisted PAS are calling Chinese to vote for oppositions. "When the 3 races crossed the bridge of racial divide, is when BN will fall."

"Did UMNO see Indian Hindraf supporters raising PAS flags shouted Allah U Akbar (God is Great!) in Chinese temple in Klang? Did UMNO see Chinese Fortune God in Kuala Kedah holding PKR flag in one hand, and PAS flag in the other hand? Did UMNO see Malays in Kg Bahru open their door letting Hindraf supporters to hide from Police's hunting?"

UMNO did not see these. Last November BERSIH rally, after the FRU (Federal Reserved Unit/Riot Police) shooting out tear gas, Malay drags Chinese and Indian away. Thus, it is the combined force of Malay, Chinese and Indian going against the corrupt. "for Indian, this is Makkal Sakhti; for Malay, this is Suara Rakyat." When translated to Mandarin, this is the 人民之声(People's voice)。

to be continued.....

Selamat Hari Raya!

To all my muslim brothers and sisters, may God bless those who lost their freedom and give them strength for what they have done for all of us.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brthday Card to RPK - Update

We were at the candlelight vigil against ISA last night. My wife collected most of the new signatures and messages to RPK during the event, from around 40 on 27th noon, up to 109 in total at night.

We made a mistake that we did not inform Marina we are sending the card at night after the vigil, however, we went to her house, and dropped in her mail box, and sms her that we have dropped a card carrying your wishes to RPK on his birthday.

She replied: Tqs dear will get card 2 him. Marina

Thank you guys for showing your support.

I met Haris Ibrahim, blogger of the People's Parliament, he told me to keep sending RPK cards, as the authority are giving RPK 10 cards per day. So guys, please keep sending him cards, any cards, just send, and keep sending.

No ISA Vigil - 27th September 2008 - Kuala Lumpur

I was there. We were there around 7:30pm. Dataran Merdeka was sealed up by the Police.

Click Image above to view the slide show

I saw groups of people holding candles, I told my wife, well, it is more that what we have expected. We thought it would be around 200. But we see more than 500.

When the crowd started to move from Dataran Merdeka to the Hindu temple opposite Pudu Raya, the whole of Jalan Tun Perak is filled by people, from all walks of life, carrying candle, walk peacefully.

It was estimated around 2,000 to 5,000.

It is probably the biggest birthday celebration for RPK.

It is probably the biggest crowd together demanding ISA detainees to be freed immediately.

It is probably the biggest crowd together demanding ISA to be repealed.

So law makers from both the ruling parties and opposition, do you hear the people's voice?

Now is your time to do something in the Parliament, repeal ISA, support private bill to repeal ISA regardless of which political camp you are from.

Tonight, I salute those who took part, young and old, you have made a history, and you have made your point.

NO ISA, restore basic human rights!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Why I did this? - Birthday card to RPK

Many called or text asking why I did this? What am I getting from running a campaign for RPK.

Well, RPK simply deserves what I have done, and more. To get to know him better, read his articles.

Meanwhile, I am trying to dig the recorded session between RPK, my wife, and myself, and I will edit a few clips and be posted here, real soon..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birthday Card to RPK

Please be reminded that we are going to send this card to Puan Marina tomorrow (27 Sept 2008). We may not be able to include any message posted after 27 Sept 12pm.

To All Concerned Malaysian,

27th September is the birthday of the respectful Raja Petra who was recently been detained under Internal Security Act by the Barisan Government.
9月27日是深受我們敬愛的Raja Petra的生日。他最近被國陣政府以內安法令扣留了。

To show support to Raja Petra on his effort to uncover the truth, and his vision towards a united Malaysia, we plan to send him a birthday card, to be hand delivered to his wife, Puan Marina Lee Abdullah before his birthday.
為了對Raja Petra揭露真相,拆穿腐敗的努力表示支持,我們計劃為他送上一張生日卡。這張卡,我們打算在他的生日之前,通過其妻,即Puan Marina Lee Abdullah 轉交給他。

We urge you, a Malaysian, who appreciate his effort to sign this birthday card, show him that he is not alone behind the Kamunting Detention Camp.
我們呼吁您,馬來西亞人,簽署這張生日卡以對他付出的努力表示支持。以我們的實際行動,告訴被扣在霹雳太平甘文丁的Raja Petra在這條改革路上他並非孤軍作戰。

You may send in your message to me, chinyau.chia@gmail.com, or bobochia@gmail.com, or leave a comment here http://chinyauchia.blogspot.com.
您可以將您的訊息寄給我,chinyau.chia@gmail.com, or bobochia@gmail.com,或將您的留言貼到http://chinyauchia.blogspot.com.。

We will compile your message, and send it to Puan Marina before his birthday by hand.
我們將綜合所有的留言與訊息,在他的生日前轉交給 Puan Marina。

Let him know his effort is not wasted, Let him know you care about him, let him know he is not alone!


Chia Chin Yau
Lim Sou Bian

**Updated 25th Sept 2008
I have received responses in both emails and sms, and I have posted below. I need to withhold their names as they did not specifically tell me whether they wanted their names to be shown publicly.

Chia CY



Forgive me for my lousy Chinese translation, but I am trying as much as possible, as my little contribution.

I urge those who wish to send RPK message via this birthday card program to include their names. Don't you want to tell RPK who cares for him?

Many asked why we started this. In fact, both my wife and me was thinking of giving him a birthday surprise even before his detention. Since the situation changed, we think its better for us to do it publicly.

May justice prevailed.

I will try my best to edit some of his views, in voice recording we have recorded, and will be posted here as soon as I can.


Meanwhile, those who wish to send snail card to RPK themselves, by all means. his current address as follow:

YM Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin
Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan
34009 Kamuting

Flood the camp with greeting cards to RPK, and if you wish, to all behind that WALL and greet them Selamat Hari Raya. Tell them we did not abandon them! Tell them they deserve a trial in the open court and they deserve their rights to defend themselves.

** Updated 26th Sept 2008
Just loaded the card. Was told that musical card will probably not reaching detainees in the camp, or rather, nothing will reach them. But we will try, atleast we hope Marina will show RPK during he upcoming visit.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Black page for RPK's detention in Kamunting

My page is black, black, black!!! It is a black Tuesday!

Haris, We are waiting for your instruction to act.

We know that he is innocent. How can the Govt goes against the people's will?

From now on,


A man called for National unity ended up treated like an animal in the Holy Month. Those who caused racial tension gets away!

I am speechless now........

Monday, September 22, 2008


10 years ago, on 20th September 1998, I joined thousands to show support to Anwar Ibrahim. When I reached the National Mosque, I saw two sides, one side, in the Mosque, and the other side, the police and light strike force, were outside the Mosque.

The police was confronting anyone passes by, warned anyone trying to go to the other side. As I was standing right in the middle of two sides, the Mosque side gate opened, someone from inside pulled me in, and told me better be inside the Mosque and they will protect me. Before I realised what was going on, the police was trying to pull me away. Quickly I ran into the Mosque, and they closed the gate.

The man who opened the gate for me, smiled, and greeted me with "Reformasi!". I replied the same, and both of us smiled. I dunno who he is, but am sure that he is a Malay, an ordinary Malay that you will hardly remember his face almost immediately.

This is the first time, really, the first time, I have a feeling that I am doing the right thing. I wasn't Anwar's supporter, I did not buy his idea of injecting Islamic value in the Government Administration at that time, which we were brain-washed by MCA, Gerakan, and a host of other controlled main stream media, including the media I worked for at that moment: Sin Chew Daily.

I went because I do not see justice served on Anwar, I see him as a person who, like you and me, deserves the rights to defend.

It was since then I have decided to post all images that our print media photographers taken from scenes during the reformasi movement, despite the fact that many advised me not to do so, within and outside the organization.

The print media, is limited to pages printed, thus, only a handful of images, get published on paper. We posted all of them daily, hundreds of them, on our website, with no caption, not accompanied stories.

The images told the story, without words, which I hope to create awareness on why people went to the streets for a man whom he/she doesn't even know in person.

10 years later, I attended the Batu ceramah when Anwar is wrapping up his election campaign right before 308.

What impressed me is the crowd, even it was raining, all of us stood in the padang in the heart of Sentul, listening to speakers after speakers campaigning for Tian Chua.

When Anwar arrived, his speech, as usual, full of passion, powerful, and straight forward. I did not pay much attention but rather looking around the padang. I noticed with PKR donation collectors going around to raise campaign fund, I see Chinese, Indian, Malays, young and old, contributed. I have not seen this in any of the political ceramah where people from all races, willingly, taking out their money, and donate.

I see the future. I see people from all walks of life, peacefully gathering together, helping each others, cheers and echo when speaker deliver strong statements, shouted reformasi as if it was 10 years back. But this time, the crowd is no longer Malay majority, the crowd is a perfect blend of races. I see the future.

When Anwar predicted that the Opposition will deny 2/3 majority, I told my wife that I think the situation may be even more optimistic, i.e. BN will fall.

The last rally I attended, the 916 rally in Kelana Jaya Stadium, to show support to the 3 detained under ISA, I was impressed! I was impressed with the crowd, orderly, peaceful, sitting together like brothers and sisters, we do not know who the one sitting beside us, but we are coming for a memorable night, the Eve of Malaysia Day, and show our concern on abuse of ISA for all the wrong reason on wrong person. Perhaps ISA should either be repealed, or it should apply only to alien from outer space (should you think we should still keep the law for contingency), not any creature on earth.

915 was the night I sang Negaraku with tears in my eyes, after 10 long years I have not been singing Negaraku, neither have I waved Jalur Gemilang since 1998.

I know I am back, I am back, and deep in my heart telling me that I need to do something. I told my wife, let's do something, we do not want to be a passive citizen waiting to be spoon-fed no more. We can no longer see others lost their freedom, or their life, for us. We need to play a role, no matter how small, or insignificant to others. We need to contribute, we need to facilitate, and we need to share.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Are we falling into a trap?

Unfinished draft of a recent post sept 9 2008
Think about Ahmad's statement, think about the reaction from within UMNO, think about MCA/Gerakan's reaction, and look at Chinese Dailies amplifying the issue.

All these make me believing that something is brewing......


We witnessed now the desperation of those in power, trying every possibilities to retain their power, which leads to the detention of RPK, Tan Hoon Cheng, and Teresa Kok.

Where are we heading to after today?

Thursday, September 4, 2008


25 August 2008, Ahmad Ismail, an UMNO division chief, made an offensive statement to the Chinese community with the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak.

2 Sept 2008, Najib said he will, on behalf of UMNO and Ahmad, apologise if (only if) Ahmad's statement offended the non-Malay.

It took BN/UMNO/Najib a good 8 days to apologise with condition.

3 Sept 2008, Lim Kit Siang made a mistake claiming both Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian did not published Najib's "apology".

In the same afternoon, when discovered otherwise, Kit Siang apologise to both publications that he overlooked, thus withdrawn paragraphs describing the mistaken facts.

Just give a thought of the 2 incidents, one "apologise" with condition, and needs 8 days to act, and the other within the same day, and action taken.

You may say these cannot be compared as there are 2 distinctive matters.

To me, it is who has guts to admit his own mistake, correct it, and move forward.

Clearly, Uncle Kit win my respect.