Monday, October 27, 2008

Exclusive Interview - RPK Part 7 (translated)

RPK: Khairy is the future PM

Origianl Chinese version here

"The longer Pak Lah stays on, greater chances will be for his son-in-law Khairy to be the future Prime Minister."

"If you want to talk about the future PM candidates, my prediction is:
1. Khairy
2. Tengku Razaleigh
3. Muhyddin
4. Anwar
5. Najib

Of course the positions make shift depending on political environment. The main consideration is how long Pak Lah can hod on to the power. If he can be for another 10 years, then Khairy will definitely be the Prime Minister in future."

Original article published in Feminine Magazine.

Exclusive Interview - RPK Part 6 (translated)

Ketuanan Melayu Vanishing? RPK: "BULLSHIT!"

Origianl Chinese version here

"Recently, UMNO has been playing racial card by claiming that Ketuanan Melayu is vanishing, and Chinese will emerge as the new master this country." RPK said, "There are even inside information saying that the UMNO veteran club is suggesting the same tactic as May 13 to re-affirm Ketuanan Melayu."

"This is a BIG bullshit from UMNO, from the facts, Ketuanan Melayu is at its height than before!"

"The best election results for BN is year 2004, UMNO won 110 seats, PAS 9 seats, PKR 1 seat, all in all there are 120 seats. As for the current election, total number of Malay Parliamentarians are: UMNO 78 seats, PAS 23 seats, PKR 20 seats, there are all in all 121 seats, thus 308 GE is at the peak of Ketuanan Melayu judging from the number of Malay lawmakers in the Parliament! What is there for UMNO to make noise?"

I was impressed by RPK's quick and accurate response, and was laughing to my knees. He said, those who should cry foul are Chinese and Indians, really, MCA lost half of its seats, MIC is almost paralyzed, Gerakan is the worst, the only one left is Tan Lian Ho. "Ok lah, it is just UMNO is no longer the single biggest Malay party in the Parliament, but the Rakyat feels much more comfortable as one strong party may just ignore the interest of the Rakyat."

"UMNO telling Malay that the Chinese are in power now, they said it is just like 1969, thus, it should be settled using the same solution. Aiya! Why make it so serious like the sky is going to fall, but May 13 version II still cannot cook up? Because, UMNO cannot afford to have the Malay on the streets again, even if it is not all, majority of Malay are watching the Government's move."

"We Malay condemned those MCA members who are willing to protect their own interest by encouraging May 13 version II!"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Exclusive Interview - RPK Part 5 (translated)

RPK: Islamic law is not possible

Origianl Chinese version here

"I have mentioned far too many times, it is impossible for Hadi Awang to realise Islamic Law, because PAS will never have 150 seats. In reality, the entire Pakatan Rakyat still don't have the required seats. Listen carefully, PAS needs atleast 150 seats to amend the Constitution paving way for Islamic Law!" Really, unless you want to be a criminal, else why should you care if it is Islamic Law or not?

Exclusive Interview - RPK Part 4 (translated)

How much content is real? RPK: It's up to you!

Original Chinese version here

I was a little to fast that I throw RPK the question that exactly how much information in the Malaysia Today website is real.

I learned a lesson: never provoke and get involved debating with RPK, once started, he will keep talking with facts kept well in his memory. You need not talk, in fact, you'll have no chance to talk.

"UMNO said bloggers are liars, jobless, or house wives who have got nothing better to do, or those who hunt for bargain air tickets! in 2005, Malaysia Today said Khairy will be contesting for Rembau State seat, yes, we lied, because eventually he contest for Rembau Parliamentary seat.

"2006, we said Pak Lah will marry Jane Abdullah in March 2007, we lied, because he married in June 2007."

"July 2007, we said General Election will be March 15, 2008, the polling day was March 8, we missed by 7 days."

"We said the Oppositions take 90 seats, we lied, they took 82 seats."

"We said the Oppositions will grab the state government of Kelantan, Trengganu, Perlis, Kedah and Penang. We lied, Trengganu and Perlis is still under BN, it is replaced by Perak and Selangor. However, it is still 5 states."

"Well, It's up to you to believe!"

Exclusive Interview - RPK Part 3 (translated)

RPK - It does not matter who!

Origianl Chinese version here

"Labeling the Rakyat with race and religion is who's fault?"

RPK criticized that Roket (DAP) is one of the political parties which encourages racial politics, because DAP still believe that Chinese majority constituency should be represented by Chinese representative. This shows that many are just talking about racial harmony, but only few is ready to work towards national unity.

He said, when typical Chinese constituency where pigs and dogs everywhere can accept a Malay representative; or Chinese wins in Gua Musang, a Malay heartland is what true spirit of Malaysia. "Isn't someone in Selangor making hell lots of fuss on racial composition of state Exco? It does not matter who the leaders are, it is important that leaders doing the right thing, isn't it?"

"Just because it isn't enough seat to please everyone, thus there were suggestions like why not let the Chinese be the Speaker of the House, etc. For me, as long as given to me are all capable, Why not give us 10 Chinese or 10 Malays? Wait..... Rocket is shouting that they need more seats, else the Chinese will punish us with the votes come next election."

"DAP has forgoten, the Rakyat is the boss, this time the Rakyat brings you up, next time we can always bring you down. The Rakyat denied BN's 2/3 majority because of your promises. What the voters wanted to see is the result, not skin color." he added that DAP launched the "Rakyat is the boss" campaign long ago, but it has never been successful.

The current changes, is due to bloggers where Malay, Chinese, and Indian heard each others' voices. "Just another 3% of seats, Pakatan Rakyat will take over the Federal administration. In Negeri Sembilan, another 3 seats to Pakatan and Khairy will be the opposition. "Whether you want to make the son in law of the Prime Minister, Khairy as opposition, you decide."

Friday, October 24, 2008

Badly HIT!

I tell u, I TELL U, serious!!

I was knocked by fever on going for days, recovered a day, went down again for few days, went down again.......

When fever, the head like wanted to explode, when about to recover, the headache until I dunno who I am...

Wife away, lucky she wasn't with me, else she may panic and went down, that will be the worst!!

Consulted first doctor, worried if this is dangue. the lady doc said you don't look like dangue. Then I asked if I can do a blood test. Bad for me I think, her machine out of order....

Wife called, insisted I go to hospital for a blood test. Called Pak Haji (remember the Haji in RPK's interview, yes, is him..... RPK opps! I am suppose to continue the translation, swear will do it this morning when I wait for my car for part replacement :P )

Went to hospital, another lady doc. Did blood test, plat is normal at 185. Blood pressure normal, everything normal, except slight fever.... but headache!!! How to diagnose headache??

Sorry no cure, the lady doc smiled, drink a lot of water, sleep/rest. that's the best I can and should do.

Came back, good for a day. Problem again yesterday noon, headache, and there's some work to rush that I have to travel to office.

Seems after rushing, fever gone, headache gone.... like I cannot rest, else the body go kuku....

What to do? Hokkian say "bai mia"!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stay Focused!

Received news on Apple's summer quarter result. As expected, Apple did well again in Sept 08 quarter.

With single phone product, i.e. iPhone 3G, Apple is now the 3rd in the world trailing Nokia and Samsung.

How Apple did it?

Stay focused!

How Apple reinvented, reengineered itself, revived from a huge debt burden almost file under Chapter 11 to USD25bil hard cash in the bank with 0 debt in 10 years?

How Apple did it?

Stay focused!

How Apple Mac unit sales grow while others unit sales slumped?

How Apple did it?

Stay focused!

How should Malaysia stay out from the global financial turmoil?

Stay focused! Stay focused on economy, not party election!

Monday, October 20, 2008

To continue translating the RPK interview

Sorry, I have been lagged these days. problem with the baby lion, sick for almost a week, and was tight on bread and butter stuff. Swear I will continue until I finished them all.

RPK, sorry....

Another Clown in the making?

---- From Merdeka Review













Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is MCA?

Except from Merdeka Review


A representative from Subang, Selangor, voiced out in today's MCA General Assembly that the PR state government are purely to fish votes, i.e. the state government did not treat everyone equal on issues. For example, the PR state government issued notices demanding Selangor MCA divisions to relocate their offices as they are occupying the state's land. He said, it has been years the party divisional offices become the activity centre for members and residents, but the PR government still forcing MCA to relocate the offices. Meanwhile, the state government instructed local council to stop diminishing an Hindu temple in Ampang which is illegally built on the state's land, and punished local council officers involved in tearing down the temple.

Wah! Now only I know man! MCA and perhaps other BN parties are building their offices on state land for free for years without being question!

And worst, they are not shy to complain that they did not get the same treatment as the Hindu temple!!

MCA still relevant?

I recalled a few years ago, the then MCA president Lin Liong Sik was talking to us in one of the occasion, where he stressed that the struggle of MCA is tougher each day due to diminishing Chinese population in relation to the dominant Malay.

Thus, he said, the focus for MCA will be on Chinese education, i.e. Chinese primary schools, which MCA treat it as the last frontier of their struggle for Malaysian Chinese.

I was asking him why not MCA consider open up its membership to all Malaysian, instead of just Chinese? I remember he looked at me as if I am alien, and elaborated that until a day UMNO abandon racial politics, else there's no room for a multi racial party to be able to survive as Malay will unlikely to join other than UMNO, that makes the term "multi-racial" a laughing stock.

I was wondering whether he implied that Gerakan's vision to have a united Malaysia a dream too far to be true, or it is just a practical consideration for MCA judging from history that no multi-racial party did well in Malaysia, including DAP.

Friday night, I was watching the "debate" supposedly between the 2 MCA presidential candidates, where Ong Tee Kiat chicken off and left Chua Jui Meng alone on the stage.

Chua was elaborating his vision on what he view MCA would be in the future, unavoidably, according to Chua, MCA will have to open up to represent other ethnic groups, or become multi-racial in the future, or MCA will find itself caught in the diminishing trend of Chinese population.

Is this the effect of 308 general election where PR has proven that multi-racial ideology is acceptable by the Malays?

Whether Chua is spoken from the bottom of his heart, or he is merely fishing votes for his presidency race, I admire his courage to speak in front of all, on TV, that all Malaysian are equal, as spelt in the Constitution, than most others who dare only to said in front of either Chinese media or Chinese audience.

To me, it is unfortunate that Chua lost his bid, I have noticed that Chua changed a lot, to the better of course. It is also a lost to MCA which has a chance to re-invent in the hands of Chua, instead of OTK, to whom I have never believe in what he said and done.

OTK, where is the report of Klang FTZ you promised 8 months ago when you resumed the Transport Minister's office?

Where is your RM30,000 became RM3,000 story after your former boss Mustapha apologized to Hishamuddin and warned you not to interfere to other minister's jurisdiction?

Let's see if we can enjoy another fantastic video clip on OTK in the near future.....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why MCA or Gerakan consider leaving BN?

I am just curious, very curious...

If BN is an alliance of 13 political parties, and all having "equal say" (everyone of them claimed they have equal say on all BN matters..

then, if they are not happy with UMNO, why should they choose to sound out that they prepare to leave BN?

Why not all of them combined and expel UMNO from BN instead?

Just wondering, why?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Action Proposal #003: Regroup For Another Strike

Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) has been languishing in jail for 28 days since he was arrested on September 12. Many people have shown their supports for releasing RPK; Numerous calls, articles, public vigils, comments, forums, public displays, and even resignation from Cabinet are all working toward releasing RPK. However, the fact is that RPK is now still surrounded by four concrete walls enclosing a 8-by-8 feet space; RPK, now 59 after his last week birthday, is day-in and day-out in solitary confinement with food bad enough to cause stomach upset.

Full content here


出处∶Malaysia Civil Right Actions
原题∶Action Proposal #003: Regroup For Another Strike
作者  ∶
翻译  ∶西西留


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bahasa Malaysia copy of the Exclusive Interview, Part 1

I received a translated copy of the interview, part 1, translated to Bahasa Malaysia.

Thank you Johan Ray.

Guys, send to your friends, we have now Bahasa, English, and Chinese versions. Mail your friend, tell them who RPK is, as most of us still blurred with what RPK is doing for us.

You need not refer back to this blog, just copy the content and send if you wish. Do it!

johan ray said...

Here's the Bahasa Malaysia version of the RPK Interview for your perusal, in honour of RPK

Alihbahasa oleh; Johan Ray

RPK; Kaum Cina, Jangan Takut

“Saya orang Melayu, tetapi saya bukan musuh kepada orang bukan Melayu.”

“ Saya mahu beritahu kepada orang Cina, jangan takut dengan gertak UMNO, sebab itu saya bersetuju menerima wawanncara ini.”

RPK menekankan bahawa ada berjuta orang Melayu di Negara kita, kebanyakannya adalah rakan kepada orang Cina dan India.

“Orang bukan Melayu mengundi BN di masa yang lepas kerana takut dengan Mei 13. Itulah sebabnya kenapa parti pemerintah berhempas pulas berkempen dalam muka penuh iklan dalam bahasa ibunda masing-masing sebelum Pilihanraya Umum. Misalannya MIC memberitahu orang India “jika kamu mengundi pembangkang kamu akan menerima padahnya.” Tidakkah semua parti komponen BN membuat perkara yang sama?

“Tetapi mereka tidak berani memberi amaran yang sama kepada orang Melayu jika mengundi pembangkang! Bahkan mereka menganjurkan projek Balik Kampung dan memberi RM200 sekepala untuk membeli undi. Kenapa orang Melayu tidak diberi amaran? Sebab orang Melayu tidak termakan dakyah Mei 13.” RPK berkata, “Kalau pun tidak semuanya, kebanyakan orang Melayu juga mahukan Negara yang stabil.”

Aku tergamam. Aku teringatkan jiran ku Pak Haji berumur 60 tahun yang sering mengingatkan aku selepas pilihanraya umum bahawa “jika ada sesaorang mahu membunuh kamu sila dating kerumah saya dan kami akan melindungi kamu.”

Juga seorang lagi jiranku Ahmad, yang mana anak-anaknya fasih berbahasa Mandarin, menyatakan “ Kerajaan berpendapat bahawa orang Cina dan India tidak mengenang budi kepada Kerajaan. Ini berlaku pada tahun 1969 dan jawapan UMNO kepada keaddan ini ialah Mei 13.”

“Sekarang, sebagai seorang Melayu, melalui majalah tuan, saya menyeru kepada semua rakan-rakan Cina, sekiranya UMNO mencipta Mei 13 sekali lagi, kami pembangkang Melayu akan keluar membela. Jika mereka mahu membunuh orang Cina mereka perlu melangkah mayat kita dahulu. Kerana jika tiada orang Cina, majoriti diantara kami yang menyara hidup tanpa bantuan Kerajaan tidak akan punya masa depan.”

“ Bagaimana anda dapat memastikan keselamatan kami?”

“Saya pernah pergi ke Kg. Kerinchi di mana terdapat 99% adalah orang Cina. Bila saya memberi amaran kepada UMNO jika mereka berani mencederakan mana-mana orang bukan Melayu, kami pembangkang Melayu akan membela mereka sehingga ketitsan darah terakhir. Ribuan orang Melayu yang mendengar ucapan saya di sana menyambut seruan saya. Saya rasa reaksi spontan mereka melambangkan kebenaran.”

RPK berkata orang Melayu telah bersedia tapi mereka tidak mahu mengekang kemajuan reformasi jika orang Cina dan India lambat mencapainya.

Our Baby Lion goes for medical checkup

This is a "WONDERFUL" Raya for us.

We maintain only 1 car, to help conserving energy..... Well, if you ever believe what I said....

The Baby Lion is 4 years' old, it has been working perfectly, giving us enjoyable rides.

Recently, it is giving some weird problem, first, the air cond is out, looks like we need to send in for a major overhaul in the air cond system, but I am still hesitating.

The worst came one day before the Raya, it refused to start. I have to walk 2 km to the nearest workshop, thinking that it may be a battery problem.

The lion woke up after the mechanic came, and fired a few clicks. I called the other mechanic seeking for his advise.

Sent the car down to Kepong, have a comprehensive check on the battery, the battery is healthy.

I thought it is over. Occasionally the Baby manja, so we just relaxed.

It was alright on the Raya day, but just for a day, it manja again.... this time I am not able to bring it up. Called mechanic, none working. Walked 2km to the workshop, not open.

Gee! I tried all sorts, including reseting the in-car CPUs (there are 3, but I can only reach 2, the other is hidden that I cannot even find it!). No luck, that day was a hell to me!

Come Friday, need to attend a meeting in town, 40km from my house, and Baby still want to rest, refused to work. I woke up early, walked to pekan looking for mechanics, no luck, everyone, Chinese, Malay, Indian all gone home celebrating the Raya. My Raya celebration is walk, walk, nothing but walking.

After 8km struggle, I got a bus going downtown, attended my meeting, and have a mechanic who is willing to take a look. He sent me back, and we reached home around 10:00pm. He first tried starting the car, it works! Then he checked the battery, the batt is as good as new. Shit! what's happening?

Think it is good now, come Saturday, Baby lied there and refused to start again. Lord! What have I done wrong? Walked to the pekan, no luck, everyone still holiday mode. The next available workshop is about 12km away, it will take me 3 hours to reach there walking, No way!

Then I called Bluebox Sg Besi, the service centre I used to send in Baby for refreshment. The manager, on mobile, told me that I can send Baby in but all his team members are away for Raya.

No choice, I tried again hard to get Baby wake up, after countless kicking, it finally woke up. Quickly I sent her to Bluebox, get a loaned car, and hope her medical bill is manageable.

This is an excuse for both my wife and me not to attend RPK's show of support tomorrow for his sedition charge hearing. So we won't be there, or anywhere until our Baby is back!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Exclusive Interview - RPK Part 2 (translated)

Original post:

RPK: why afraid if you never kill someone

RPK said, There was an UMNO meeting took place in the HQ in May on 2 issues:
1. Is Anwar really having 30 to 40 BN MPs crossing over;
2. Is RPK really having proof of high level Malay Officer involved in the Altantuya murder.
"The UNMO conclusion is:
Both are not true, coz if RPK has proof, he will make it public during the General Election; Likewise for Anwar, he would not have to wait until September."

"My question is: Why should they call a meeting to discuss on these, if these are not real? Assuming that if I said you killed someone, will you be worried and get the whole world to meet up to discuss and find countermeasures? For someone who have not done it, he/she would either laugh away, or scolded me as a mad man." He said. "Unless you really killed someone and it is now uncovered, you would then find ways and means to protect yourself."

"If Najib is clean, then I will never have any proof that he is involved. Thus, if they tried to find out if I have the proof, what does it means?" He siad. "There are many politicians and business tycoons who have transfer their wealth out of the country, because they are not sure if this country still with hope."

"However, this is what the rich can do, but what about those poor, for example, vegetable sellers in pasar (market)? Chinese can't go back to Tong Shan (China), and no money to go Kao Kam Shan (San Francisco, or Old Gold Hill), or you are pushing them to Holland (means go to hell in Mandarin)?"

RPK stressed that UMNO makes Chinese feel that this country is hopeless, especially after the 2004 General Election, UMNO has been blatantly hurting the non-Malays. He observed that the Chinese is upset, but it has been for these while release their unhappiness at "Ba Ku Teh" stall. Previously the Rakyat played double-head snake, openly showing their support to BN but voted God knows who. Today, the Rakyat dare to openly thumb-up the Oppositions.

This means, the Rakyat choose not to hide their feelings. "Perhaps the Internet taught us how to be honest to outselves. Now many openly put up the oppositions' flag right in front of their house, and dare to ask the Police "So What?"

Among factors that made the Rakyat longing for changes, Internet is definitely a factor. Furthermore, what makes the Rakyat get angry is the series of prosecutions and law suits against the bloggers.

"When the Government continue using May 13 to threaten the Rakyat, You think the younger generation will be afraid of? They have never had the May 13 experience." After 50 years, he said, even the China's economy structure has transformed from Communism to Capitalism, but the ruling party still does not know who is really the boss.

to be continued.....