Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

Good that we have gone thru the Earth Hour in Kuala Lumpur, or the whole nation. It is a good awareness for citizen concerned about preserving and maintaining the Earth, the planet all of us are living.

Good, it is very good.

With the fun-fare promoting Earth Hour, can we, as a human being, and citizen of this country, look in to our backyard to help those who needed?

Those who have pressing needs are just around us. There are people who are with no income, no future, no certainty.

There are animals who we have taken their land to build our quarters, without their consent that we claimed legitimate.

Can we just spend a little effort to observe and identify who is needed, and give them our helping hand? We need no publicity, we need no fun-fare, we need no specific date.

We can do it anytime, anywhere.

You need not give away what you have, you give your love.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is for you - Malaysia

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Bob Dylan

Come gather 'round people

Wherever you roam

And admit that the waters

Around you have grown

And accept it that soon

You'll be drenched to the bone.

If your time to you

Is worth savin'

Then you better start swimmin'

Or you'll sink like a stone

For the times they are a-changin'.

Come writers and critics

Who prophesize with your pen

And keep your eyes wide

The chance won't come again

And don't speak too soon

For the wheel's still in spin

And there's no tellin' who

That it's namin'.

For the loser now

Will be later to win

For the times they are a-changin'.

Come senators, congressmen

Please heed the call

Don't stand in the doorway

Don't block up the hall

For he that gets hurt

Will be he who has stalled

There's a battle outside

And it is ragin'.

It'll soon shake your windows

And rattle your walls

For the times they are a-changin'.

Come mothers and fathers

Throughout the land

And don't criticize

What you can't understand

Your sons and your daughters

Are beyond your command

Your old road is

Rapidly agin'.

Please get out of the new one

If you can't lend your hand

For the times they are a-changin'.

The line it is drawn

The curse it is cast

The slow one now

Will later be fast

As the present now

Will later be past

The order is

Rapidly fadin'.

And the first one now

Will later be last

For the times they are a-changin'.

Copyright ©1963; renewed 1991 Special Rider Music

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

List of VIPs for schools

I nearly laugh off my chair with tears when I read this news stuffed in a miserable corner of the newspaper.

I was trying to find a logic behind this directive issued by none other than the Minister of Education, whom have been so busy with the ongoing party election.

I started to wonder if this directive is made without his knowledge, somehow he was blinded by certain parties to sign the directive without realizing what transpires, or he is just completely ignorant and aragont and wanted to push it thru.

Only VIPs listed in the attahed list, together with a letter issued by respective district education office, is allowed to be invited to school functions.

The list contains politicians from the Barisan National component parties, full stop.

I am wondering if Tan Sri Khalid makes his significant personal contribution to his grand child's school, will he still be barred from being invited as his name is certainly not in the VIP list.

Can Dolah be invited after he step down as party president and suddequently Prime Minister, of which he is still a political figure, ie the head of UMNO's Kepala Batas division?

Why should the Minister issuing such directive is beyond my knowledge, but The effect of this directive reminds me of the book "1984". Google yourself of you do not know what the book is, I am not going to do the work for you today.

Soon enough, we may expect the Minister one day may issue directive to schools pertaining the precise time to shit in the school toilet, the position for shitting, and how to handle shit properly in case the kid produce different types of shit, ie soft, hard, waterly, small, big, banana shape, sandae shape, of mixture of any or all the above.

Well, I see the day is not far, judging of where we are heading.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The French Connection

I am not referring to the French Connection as in Wikipedia, I am referring to this, this, and this..

Say something.. I am running out of words..

National car

No, I am not talking about our national car. Our national car is neither built for safety, nor better fuel consumption, worse, it comes with a BIG price tag and forcing other cars in the market to go up.

I read Bloomberg and found this.

image from Bloomberg

Yes, it's India. The cheapest car in the world now goes to India.

With a price tag of USD2,000, everyone can own a car!

I am not encouraging more cars on the road. It is the failure of our nation for not able to:

1. build a decent and workable public transport system; and
2. build a car that addressed to most needs without cut throat price.

Either one the government should do it right, and it failed all the above.

I wonder if Tata Nano ever come to our shore, how much will the car be selling here then?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Money Politic is JUST an ethical issue?

Our newly appointed chief of the Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission is in the news again.

Would you, Sir, advise us, the layman the definition of "criminal in nature"?

Based on your explanation, can we assume that any wrong doing listed in the codes of ethics of any political parties, even if it is a crime, will be considered as NOT CRIMINAL IN NATURE?

If we expand further, can we conclude that if any political parties listing MURDER as breach of codes of ethics, then the enforcement or investigation should not be carried out since it is a breach of ethics therefore should be "NOT CRIMINAL IN NATURE"?

I admire your courage, Sir, for the statement you've made.

I salute you!

MACC: Breach of ethics not "criminal in nature"

(Bernama) -- The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said today they are not involved in investigations pertaining to political parties' ethics as a breach of discipline or ethics "is not criminal in nature".

Its chief commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan said this when asked to comment on calls by opposition parties that the MACC investigate Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam who was barred from contesting in party elections after he was found guilty of money politics.

"We welcome anyone who wants to make a report but we must be able to differentiate that a breach of party ethics and discipline is not criminal in nature," he said.

He said the MACC investigations director Datuk Shukri Abdullah was still awaiting reports if there were criminal elements in the case being acted on by the Umno Dis0ciplinary Board recently.

On another matter, he said the MACC will record statements from several more Perak assemblymen pertaining to the suspension of Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and six executive council members from attending the state legislative assembly.

Ahmad Said said their statements would be crucial to the investigations on the matter.

Asked whether the assemblymen were from the Barisan Nasional or the opposition pact, he said, "We will also call those from the BN if necessary."

He was speaking to reporters after attending the commission's event with the Tengku Mahkota of Pahang, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, here today.

Yesterday, the MACC recorded the statements of four members of the Perak rights and privileges committee, namely Loke Chee Yan (Kepayang assemblyman), Ong Boon Piow (Tebing Tinggi), Sum Cheok Leng (Bercham) and Chan Ming Kai (Simpang Pulai).

Another committee member, Husin Din (Selinsing), was question by the MACC on March 17 while Speaker V. Sivakumar had his statement recorded on Feb 26.

Asked on their statements, Ahmad Said said the process was to establish whether there were elements of abuse of power in the suspension of Zambry and his six executive council members.

"To us, there seem to be so, that is why we carry out the investigations in the first place," he said.

Friday, March 20, 2009

An imaginery reality

As usual, when I went out with my wife to her bank, we recap with each other our thought for the day, and our view on current issues.

We started our discussion on economy, which recently becoming our main topic when we travel together.

She repeatatively stressed that she was once an admirer of Tun Mahathir, for his persuasive power and determination to make this country grow rapidly. But the 1998 incident on DSAI made her started to ask if Tun is doing the right thing on DSAI. Mind you that she is no DSAI fan, neither she buy-in the idea of Reformasi.

DSAI's incident has ignited her fear on state power intruded into personal life. She did not feel that strong until she iterviewed Kak Wan much later, although we went to the last Reformasi Rally right before DSAI was arrested.

Both of us work for media company, and we witnessed manipulation of information to be publshed, and the way it was handled.

We all know it is unjust for DSAI with the clown-led political trials but we were not able to offer any form of assistance to the deprived and those who have been denied.

But we, yes, she and I, were still very much appreciate Tun for what he has done for the country. We keep telling ourselves that Tun was probably blinded by his aides to act on DSAI harshly.

Before Tun step down, I even made a video with photographs of him, coupled with his favourate song "My Way" as my petty recognition to the Great man who has brought Malaysia to where we are now.

Today, my wife was grumbling about 2% interest on her FD. Prior going to the bank, she spoke to a bank officer over the phone, and was told the present rate, and was explained that Bank Negara is lowering the interest rates, commercial banks are obliged to do the same.

What struck in my mind when she told me the above, was that the lowering of interest rates by Bank Negara is with the intention to force cash sitting in the banks to either look for higher gain investment elsewhere, or to reduce the borrowing cost for businesses who need to borrow from the banks.

However, the big problem as I can see is that banks are still tight in releasing loans to needed businesses, and at the same time taking this advantage to reduce their retaining cost by paying less interest, or depositors choose to withdraw their deposits, banks need not to pay interest then.

The winning party is going to be the banks, and businesses favoured by the banks, and not the general public where they have neither enough to withdraw for alternative investments, or simply cannot get funding from the banks.

The move seems to ease the burden of banks and favoured businesses but it does not help the economy at large.

I then brought up my observation: should the country need to advance, at this juncture, the country should open up and allow free competition in all trades, ie removing trade barriers. This will bring all cost down as imported goods are cheaper. This will help most of us to be able to maintain with cheaper cost.

What about the domestic industries, in which we were told without protection
measures, these industries are going suffer due to competition.

In short term, I agreed that there will be adverse impact on businesses, however, this is the only way to ensure that the local industries playing seriously in their business by ensuring their quality of products are competitve even in their home country. Some businesses may fall due to intense competition, but businesses which improve themselves to sustain will grow stronger. My arguement is simple, if a business cannot even compete in their backyard, how can we depend on them to capture foreign markets?

Back to the current economy downturn. We are going to be even worse than we can ever expect just for a simple reason: We were given an opportunity to overhaul our system back in 1997/98, the financial crisis. But we have chosen the route not to rock the boat by containing and preserving what actually dragged us when we need to move fast, the bagage getting heavier after we imposed currency control, sweeping rubbish under the carpet and telling everyone that we have clean our house but the rubbish remain.

These rubbish and bagage comes back to haunt us when the world goes down. We have been sustaining a respectable growth during the final years of Tun, all in the expense of our future generations that they are the one who will have to foot the bills.

It is fortunate for those who did not manage to live their life to witness the bad hit we had now. They enjoy the benefits but need not pay for it, but their future generations are those who will be suffering from the mistake by the then and current administrations.

These are the people who will be supporting what we had enjoy for the past years due to policies and implementations that serves the need of handful.

We are now at the second crossroad, the players are roughly the same. It is unwise to say that we, or others who supports DSAI because DSAI is the only savoiur of this country. The truth is we feel, and know well that we need an overhaul, and this can only be carried out by someone not currently in the administration, and it appear that DSAI is there for us.

Should one day DSAI fail or otherwise, there will be someone who will gather support from those who wish the country do better, and certainly this someone will not, and never will be from the current administration, as the current administration is the main cause of the economic problem.

In short, Tun's administration rock the foundation of this country, and the current administration make it worse as the defy the call to reform.

DSAI happened to be there as an alternative, but he may not be the only one.

It is difficult to expess what I have and how I feel in writing. Sincerely I do hope we can do much better, and we do have talent to make things right, but we chose to sacrify them, pushing them off to other countries, sweettalk to our children on false directions for all the wrong reasons and created wasted human resources mismatched with the actual needs in human capital market. We were still dreaming that we have unlimited black gold and green gold (palm oil) that will bring this country to the next height.

Should we sit down and look at how Singapore, Sweeden, Denmark and other great countries excel in their own field, and the benefits are effectively channeled to their citizen, instead of watered down by leakage and wastages?

Can we make it thru this time?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is UMNO party election relevent?

It has been a glut of information, tips, gossips, and even fortune telling on the upcoming UMNO party election.

As most are saying, the new leadership of UMNO has an direct impact on all of us.

I see it otherwise.

I am not a fortune teller, nor a political analyst, neither am I an interested party that hopes to benefit from the event.

I am just a man on the main street.

Regardless of who is in the new UMNO leadership lineup, it is no longer relevent for me.

308 general election has decided that Barisan Nasional continues to rule despite major setback losing 2/3 majority in the Parliament.

We have then witnessed how arogant BN/UMNO is despite the message from the main street, of which they still claimed victory, this is however the fact.

We have, after all the Pendatang issue, the case of using ISA to protect civilian, some people died in the Police custody, overthrown a state government, and corrupted UMNO leader barred from party election but remain as Chief Minister.

We allow unaccountable spendings of public fund which all of us earned with our blood and sweat, and believe that is good for the nation.

We allow those who received paychecks in millions per year, to continue squeezing us on public utilities and making us pay unnecessarily like we are obliged to.

We allow those who claimed God keep mumbling that it's its turn to take the lead. We keep quiet.

And most we do, at this stormy weather, is to bet or guess who is the no 2 of a party that's not relevent to us. We keep guessing and watching stage after stage of political shows that do not help us from sailing through the rough water.

Perhaps this is the only free entertainment we can have when everything else except for air that we inhale is currently free for all.

We are satisfied with all these bullshits. Oh! Yes! I have foegotten, we are all just like cow dang, cow dang loves bullshit, you don't laugh at me, I won't make you the joke. So squared off.

So the party election will not change the course for the party, needness to to say the nation will remain the same.

Is it going to make a different for all of us?

So do not complain, just accept the fact that we are what we deserve.

Monday, March 16, 2009

God sent

After so many years, in fact after 52 years of independence, Malaysian finally been told the truth:

"If God said it is his turn, it is his turn. This is the thing we all have the accept...."

Google to find who claimed God.

Fellow Malaysian, we were once thought we decide who is going to be our leader, and we found out that we were wrong.

We thought it should be the ruling party elite deciding who the leader should be, and we are all wrong!

The truth is: God decides, and God has made it clear that who is going to lead.

Hence, forget about your vote as it make no difference, since you cannot go against the God. Like it or not, we are God's creature, our life is given by the God.

So just accept it, accept the fact that God decides who to be our leader, and fight no more.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Malaysian should be thankful

Malaysian should be thankful for living in a country where there's no natural disasters, except for:

1. flood that visiting Malaysia's East Coast every year; and
2. surprise (do you?) flood that comes as frequent as it can be it the Capital City, Kuala Lumpur, the city with world first Smart Tunnel; and
3. landslides that killed less than 1 life per year (safer than road accidents).

Malaysia is a great country, we have no tsunami (only one that hit us was because Sumatra is not strong enough to hold for us, not our fault); we have no typhoon (we do have some small ones but those are amateur grade, not professional grade, friend).

Malaysia is the melting pot of Asia. You see all kinds of people, culture, religions, languages freely mix in this country, except for some moron who wanted to chase away Pendatang (immigrants) or bath Chinese blood with their kris (Malay sword).

Malaysia is undoubtedly the shopping heaven for tourists. We have sales throughout the year with products that most Malaysian cannot afford even after huge discount.

Malaysia is the fastest growing country in ASEAN, well, after Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

Malaysia has the once tallest building in the world, and Malaysian are proud of it when fishermen in East Coast are still threaten by annual Monsoon, let alone natives in Sabah and Sarawak.

Malaysia is the biggest oil producing country in ASEAN, yet we are paying higher than market rate our petrol, not taking into consideration the subsidy (is there any?)

Malaysian should be thankful to those who run and manage the country since Independence. Without them, Malaysia will probably be worst than Zimbabwe.

Thank you all, thank you

Thursday, March 12, 2009





















Wednesday, March 11, 2009











July 17, 2007 12:15 PM

Malaysia Not Secular State, Says Najib

KUALA LUMPUR, July 17 (Bernama) -- Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Tuesday Malaysia is not a secular state but an Islamic nation with its own interpretation.

He said the country had never been affiliated to secularism but was always driven by the fundamentals of Islam as it is clearly stated in the constitution that Islam is the official religion.

"Islam is the official religion and we are an Islamic state. But as an Islamic state, it does not mean that we don't respect the non-Muslims. The Muslims and the non-Muslims have their own rights (in this country)," he told reporters after officiating the "International Conference on the Role of Islamic States in a Globalised World" on behalf of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at a hotel here.

The conference is organised by the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (Ikim). Ikim chairman Tan Sri Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid and director-general Dr Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas were present.

Najib was asked whether Malaysia was seemingly moving towards being a secular state.

"I have to correct you. We have never been secular because being secular by Western definition means separation of the Islamic principles in the way we govern a country.

"We have never been affiliated to that position. We have always been driven by our adherence to the fundamentals of Islam. So, your premise is wrong," he said.

Najib said Malaysia does not want to be stereotyped with the Western definitions of a secular and a non-secular state.

The two-day conference beginning today aims to discuss specifically the strategic modus operandi of revitalising the Muslim ummah in the global context, particularly through a system of education, to harness quality human capital.

Earlier, Najib launched a book entitled "The Ijazah of Abdullah Fahim" authored by Mesut Idris and Syed Ali and published by MPH Group Publishing. It is available at major bookstores at RM59.90 per copy.


许月风 - 新马赛地衣锦还乡


原文:The Star

Jelapang folk are still angry with Hee


IPOH: Some voters in Jelapang are still angry over their elected representative Hee Yit Foong’s controversial decision to leave DAP. They made it obvious when she turned up at her service centre here.

Hee showed up for the first time after declaring herself as an independent representative last month. She arrived at the centre at 3pm yesterday to meet a constituent over complaints on drainage problems.

Hee, however, left hurriedly 45 minutes later after a group of people heckled her with abusive words, said her newly-appointed special assistant Sharifuddin Mohd Aminuddin.

Hee had arrived with her husband in a silver Mercedes Benz bearing a Kuala Lumpur registration number.

Sharifuddin believed the car did not belong to Hee, but he could not be sure.

Some locals, he added, saw the Mercedes parked outside the service centre and became curious.

A few passers-by looked into the service centre through the glass panels and saw Hee sitting inside the room.

“Soon a group of about 10 people gathered at a coffee shop opposite the road from the centre, hurling abuses at her. I advised her to leave as soon as possible,” Sharifuddin told The Star shortly after Hee left.

He claimed that the crowd was calling Hee names and unpleasant things such as “traitor who destroyed Pakatan,” and “ungrateful woman”.

Sharifuddin said Hee put up a brave front despite the insults. She smiled and waved to the crowd that was watching her, adding that she did not inform the police about this.

Although she is being boycotted by many, some folk still came to seek her help.

“There have been people coming to the centre, but this is the first time my boss is here to meet them personally,” said Sharifuddin, who has been tasked with manning the centre in Hee’s absence.

He added that Hee was looking for a new place as the landlord wanted to terminate the lease for the centre.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why shouldn't the amount of Stimulus package be announced earlier?

I do not know is there a precedence to pre-announce the amount of stimulus package in any countries, but isn't it good to tell everyone that the Government is planning to spend XYZ amount to help the country going thru the hardship, instead of just keeping it like the underwear:

You see it, but I did not expose it.
You see it, but you don't see it all!

Monday, March 9, 2009


















请问你们对得起 林连玉先生、沈幕羽先生、还有千千万万为华教作出贡献的无名氏吗?


Kugan - How many round of investigation? 还需要调查多少次?

A human's life perished while in the police's custody, and there are 2 forensic reports, each described differently the cause of the death.

Say what you want, Kugan died in the Taipan Police Station.

This is a fact, the fact that no one can ever deny.

Whether Kugan died because:

1. He is drawn while he was allowed to swim the police station; or
2. Someone got him drunk until water got into his lungs; or
3. Someone forcing Kugan's head into toilet bowl, like those action movies, until he called it a day.

Is this relevant now? Is this relevant?

What difference does it make to find out how Kugan died?

He is already dead. Died in the Taipan Police Station.

So what kind of probe the Ministry of Health wanted to carry out?

1. To identify who is at fault? or
2. To drag the case further that AG cannot take action, since probes and investigations can take months if not years?

Is this relevant now? Is this relevant?

What difference does it make to find out how Kugan died?

He is already dead. Died in the Taipan Police Station.

Isn't it very clear even a dummy can point out the exact spot of where goes wrong in Kugan's forensic reports, i.e.

Why the first report claimed internal organs not damaged, while the second report stated that the first doctor did not inspect the organs, i.e. body is not cut or opened?

Isn't photographs taken by both doctors?? Just compare the two, then we already know who is lying.

So what kind of investigation do we need?

How much money do we need to spend to prove that those involved have not done wrong?

How much time do we need to waste for the Ministry when other healthcare problems are pressing and alarming?

Is this relevant now? Is this relevant?

What difference does it make to find out how Kugan died?

He is already dead. Died in the Taipan Police Station.

Where is the Health Minister by the way??





1. 他被允许在警局游泳而溺毙;或者
2. 某些人用水来灌他,直到他的肺入水而死;或者
3. 某些人强将他的头浸入抽水马桶,就如电影情节,直到他不行。





1. 要证实谁犯下这罪行?或者
2. 要将结案时间拖长,让检察署延後采取行动?调查工作最快也得花上几个月吧?














Kugan - What is he talking about?

I was stunned when I read carefully the following news from Bernama (click title to obtain the original copy).

How can the DG of Health Ministry having a biased comment?

What is the purpose of Serdang pathologists revealing more injuries found in Kugan's body than those revealed by pathologist of the Universiti Hospital?

Is this a treasure hunt or competition that the one score the most (more detailed, more injuries documented) win the prize??

What matter most is the cause of death, which one said is due to water in Kugan's Lungs, and the other claimed Kugan was beaten until kidney failed, hence collapsed.

The DG went on citing that the patholigists in Hospital Serdang are professionals with 20 years of experience.

I agreed, you may have your experience, but even a layman like me know that, in order to find out the cause of death, the forensic pathologist must open up the body.

Look at the picture below, taken when Kugan's family managed to get near to Kugan's body after the first autopsy in Hospital Serdang. Look carefully...

Image found at

Tell me now!!


Where is the cut on the body?

DG??? Minister??


What kind of autopsy is this even the body is not cut and already concluded it is due to water in his lungs causing Kugan collapsed.

I am frighten by the 20 years experienced medical professionals from Hospital Serdang, or Universiti Putera Malaysia now. I am worried too.

So if anyone you know need to seek for medical consultation, Serdang will probably be the last choice judging from the level of professionalism DG claimed.


Ministry To Launch Independent Inquiry Into Kugan's Autopsies

KUALA LUMPUR, March 7 (Bernama) -- The Health Ministry will launch an independent probe into the two autopsy reports relating to the death of A. Kugan, 22, the suspected car thief who died while in the custody of the Taipan police station in Subang Jaya on Jan 20.

Health director-general Tan Sri Mohd Ismail Merican said the step was being taken to ensure impartiality following various allegations directed at the ministry over the matter.

He stressed that the Health Ministry did not hide the facts and findings of the post-mortem conducted by the Serdang Hospital as had been reported by certain parties.

"The forensic pathologist from Serdang Hospital, who has over 20 years experience, had performed his duty ethically and professionally while conducting the post-mortem examination.

So we have an ethical and professional forensic team from Serdang Hospital, right?

"Nevertheless, the Ministry of Health will be conducting a formal independent inquiry on both post-mortem reports in the interest of justice and fairplay and will inform the public the outcome of the investigation," he said in a statement here today.

A controversy arose on the Serdang Hospital post-mortem after a second autopsy done on the request of the deceased's family at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) indicated Kugan's death was due to multi organ failure because of severe beating.

The Serdang Hospital report had stated that death was due to fluid accumulation in his lungs.

Mohd Ismail said forensic pathologists conducting post-mortem examinations may have a difference in opinion as to the actual cause of death but what was important was that the findings during the examination should be almost similar as evidenced in this case, which for the lungs was pulmonary hemorrhage, edema and congestion.

But how the Serdang Hospital pathologist derived with the conclusion that fluid accumulated in Kugan's lungs, when they have NEVER open up the body?? They have an x-ray eyes that can see thru the body?

On the difference in the cause of death, he said it needed to be referred to independent forensic experts, based on the findings of the two pathologists doing the post-mortems.

He also dismissed claims by Kugan's family, which were reported by the Malaysiakini website, that the Serdang Hospital pathologist had listed 22 injuries on the body compared to the 40 additional injuries, burn marks and scratches indicated in the second report.

"The Serdang Hospital report showed 83 wounds and injuries. The description of each is more detailed in the Serdang Hospital report," he said, adding that the UMMC report was also not accurate as some of the wounds reported were caused by cutting during the first post-mortem examination.

No matter how detailed information is ducomented in the post-mortem, only the cause of death is relevant, isn't it?

He said the Serdang Hospital report made available to Kugan's family and published on the website was a comprehensive report while the record of the detailed findings and pictures taken during the first post-mortem were kept at the Serdang Hospital for court reference.

"It is not fair for anyone to make baseless allegations in this case as the Serdang Hospital pathologist had carried out his duties ethically and professionally," he said.

Mohd Ismail added that the ministry did not want discuss the cause of Kugan's death in the open and urged the public not to make any more baseless allegations until the responsible parties completed their investigations, including the ministry itself.

He further assured that the case would be given serious attention, but at the same time, said the ministry hoped the public would be patient until the independent panel completed its job.

TIME?? Time needed after the body is perished?? Why not done right at once instead?? How much is required for tax payers to pay for the independent forensic team on this??


Sunday, March 8, 2009

308 - We are not there yet. 路途还遥远

It is a long march, it is a long journey。

We have started stepping onto the right track since 308.

Some said 308 is disastrous, some feel otherwise.

For me, it is a small step towards a just society, it is big step in Malaysia politics.

Yes, we have had roller-coaster ride, and thunderstorm ahead.

But are we going to turn back? Are we going to turn away? Are we going to allow some who wanted to continue harvesting from all of us by torturing our body and soul?

For me, I will not.

I will not turn back, I won't turn like Dolah, and I won't allow anyone who wanted to sit on top of our heads milking our very last drop of sweat and blood for their Rolls Royce, RM5million paycheck, and BIG diamond on the sole of the fat lady's shoes.

I will not.












Friday, March 6, 2009

Kugan - strange choice of hospital for autopsy 为什么选更远的医院验尸?

I was wondering, why in the first place the police wanted to send the remain of Kugan from Balai Polis Taipan, Subang Jaya (Taipan Police Station, Subang Jaya), to Hospital Serdang, Universiti Putera Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor, located approximately twice as far as Hospital Universiti, Petaling Jaya.

Perhaps someone from the Authority should answer this.

Below is the map and route required from Balai Polis Taipan, Subang Jaya to respective hospitals.

Funny, isn't it?



Route from Balai Polis Taipan, Subang Jaya to Hospital Serdang, Universiti Putera Malaysia.

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Route from Balai Polis Taipan, Subang Jaya to Hospital Universiti, Petaling Jaya.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

APPEAL BY PUSHPA, YB Manoharan's wife seeking for help! Please if you can!

Original article from Malaysia Today

I am truly overwhelmed and touched at the response from good people in Malaysia as well as abroad.

I am listing my particulars hereinafter-
Pushpaneela V N Suppiah-

Ambank (M) Berhad Account No:0830020014817

Many thanks,


Dear Fellow Malaysians,

It is not easy for me to write this appeal but I am compelled to as a result of what is happening to me and my family.

One of the reasons for the Government to put people away under the ISA is to break the spirit of the detained and at the same time create trepidation amongst family members thus disrupting the harmony therein.

Manoharan is a good son, son in-law, husband and a good father to our lovely three kids ranging from 9-11 years. My husband has aged parents and his mother is wheel-chair bound. They are both dependant on him for monthly expenses as well.

One year and two months have passed since my husband's detention. His recent appeal was rejected by the court, and we are told that he shall be in detention for two years.

Our three children are deprived of their social activities, love, guidance and they have lost confidence and constantly living in fear. They are also having nightmares so they are not themselves anymore. I am worried for them as I feel that they are scarred for life with this stigma that their father is a ‘prisoner’ what the future holds for them.

As you are aware my husband M. Manoharan was a legal adviser to the banned Hindraf and is currently under detention under ISA, without trial. He is a graduate in Economics from UM and also a law graduate from UK. He was having a reasonably successful legal practice in Suite B-4-1, Tower B.Plaza Pantai, Off Jalan Pantai Baru, Kuala Lumpur, under the name M. Manoharan & Co. He started his practice in 2001 with very little funds. I stopped work as a teacher and helped out in my husband’s legal firm. There have been many occasions when his firm has performed legal work free of charge for poor and destitute people.

I am a homemaker and now at a loss as to how to manage his law practice as there are no funds or new cases coming in. I tried to downsize his legal firm from ten staff to six staff from 1st Jan 2007 and have used up all our savings to maintain the office. I have also been issued a summons to settle the arrears in rental amounting to RM120K plus interest. Thus, I am in urgent need of financial assistance to help save his firm which is on the verge of closing down. His allowance as Member of Parliament puts food on the table but is far short of the monthly minimum required to pay bills.

I need to keep the firm afloat as this is important to keep my husband sane and give him a reason to push on. It will definitely break his heart and he will be devastated if the firm is closed down. I have exhausted and stretched my resources to the maximum to keep the firm running but cannot cope with the mounting pressure any more.

My husband has laid down his life, his career and his personal life to fight for the basic rights of right - thinking Malaysians and I am now appealing to the generosity of the same kind-hearted people to help us tide over this difficult period of settling our debts, which have chalked up due to my husband’s unfair detention without trial. I shall be grateful to receive whatever assistance to sustain the legal firm as well as to start paying up our outstanding debts.

Sincerely Yours,


Kugan - Do you need a month to decide?

Read the Star just now:

Kugan case: A-G to decide by end of the month

Kugan's case is already months, there are claims that Kugan died himself, nothing to do with others - Selangor Chief Police Officer made this statement.

Home Affair Minister was wondering why the public acted like Kugan is a hero but he is in fact a car thief.

Read here.

Malaysia Today published the second post mortem report, here.

AG still claiming that they need ONE month to study whether is there sufficient evidence to charge, uhh??

ONE month??

Isn't evidence clearly described what happened and the death of Kugan is not because he choked with water in his lung, but he was tortured to death.

Listen carefully, Kugan was tortured to death while he was in the police custody.

And everyone in power were trying to paint a different story that he died himself.

Oh yes, this is Malaysia. A civilization no other can compare, and we are unlike those who wanted to conduct State Assembly sittings under the tree cause the venue is not proper.

Thus, Kugan cannot be tortured to death in police custody, and we need time to find out is there any other evidence that will rule out the case, or simply the trendy buzz word


No Further Action, case closed, yeah!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

KL traffic chaos

taken in the car, towards Jalan Maarof from MidValley escalated highway. This is KL!

How many time in a year KL is flooded, not only muddy water but cars, uncountable cars stuck on the roads in the city?

Adding to the problem is LRT brokedown, Komuter delayed.

The only choice you have is probably walk, yes,


I was at MidValley yesterday evening when there was a downpour.

My wife was supposed to attend a dinner nearby KLCC, and she suggested that I stayed at MidValley since traffic out there is quite bad.

She will take a train, transit KL Sentral, to her destination.

Happily sending her near to the Komuter entrance, and strolled to Starbucks have my coffee and do some work.

Got her sms, was complaining that the vending machine isn't working, she has got to queue for ticket.

I told her this is a norm since I travel frequently.

She smsed about 30 minutes later, sounds depressed:"Sentral power failure!! LRT halted!"

Before I can ever response, she text again:"I'm diverting back to MidValley, you stay put, we drive then."

OK for me since I have my mind stuck, just not able to work any further, I decided to walk around while waiting.

20 minutes gone, another sms:"Gosh! komuter delayed! You wait for me, OK?"

"Sure I will."

Another SMS came, this time:"rather than waiting here, I go and check if LRT resumed service."

At the same time, I tried searching for LRT's helpline to find out what's happening. Check LRT website, found the helpline, BIG on the top banner written:

HELPLINE: 03-7625 6999 <---

Called, no one picks up. Call again, ring until disconnected, no one picks up.

Scrolled down the web page, read this:

Service Alert

Petaling Jaya, 03rd March 2009 - Kelana Jaya LRT Line is currently experiencing a power disruption, since 5.58pm. As a result, RapidKL has suspended all LRT service on the entire Kelana Jaya Line since 6.09pm. We are now trying to bring all trains to the nearest station where the trains will be on hold while we try to rectify the problem. Further updates will be made available to the media from time to time.

So this is the correct website, but why? Why no one answer??

Don't believe, call 103, got another number, 03-4294 2550, again, no one answer.. Why don't they get a IVR or something, or at least play music la friend!!

Then she sms:"see people moving, queue easing out, service resumed!"

"Great!" I said

less than 30 sec, she sms again:"service still out, someone got angry and bang the glass, people moved away, false alarm."

a while later, she gave up, went back to komuter, and back to MidValley.

She spent 2 hours all in all, from MidValley to Sentral, and from Sentral back to MidValley, empty handed, but sweat and tired.

Then I said:"Let's get out of this place, I send you."

We thought it should be alright, after 8pm, KL traffic should be fine.

OK, get out of MidValley, cars piling up towards Federal Highway.

As usual, smart guy like me detoured, took Bangsar, wanted to go via Jalan Riong, and get into the City, hoping that it wont be as jam as the Federal Highway.

On the flyover towards Jalan Maarof, in front of us are "millions" of cars. Cars everywhere, from every directions you can ever imaging, flowing onto Jalan Maarof.

"Shit!", but no worry, I can take Jalan Maarof all the way, ramp on Pusat Bandar Damansara, use Jalan Dungun, and turn to Parliament, I will still be alright.

30 minutes passed, still at Jalan Maarof. After the McDonalds' traffic light, traffic ease out.

Good, I said. When reaching Wisma HP, again jam.

So I have to decide which direction to go, Parliament->Lake Garden->Bank Negara->KLCC or Jalan Duta->Jalan Kuching->PWTC->KLCC.

I decided the later, since the side to Parliament is not moving at all.

When I hit Jalan Duta, gosh! again trapped.

By the time we reached Jalan Duta roundabout, she gave up, it was already 9pm.

Of course we went for dinner, but in Kepong, not KLCC.

I wonder why people still wanted to stay in this hectic city, or the City of jammed cars on tolled highways.

If I were to still staying in KL, I will probably be in Tanjung Rambutan by now, thank God!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kugan, 是我们害了你!

















Go For It! YAB Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin

Datuk Seri,

Be determined, be brave. You are only a step away from revealing the truth.

We are behind you, for upholding the rule of laws, and for what you have done to the people.

BN has indirectly recognised that you and the Speaker is legitimate by locking the State Assembly Hall trying to prevent the emergency sitting.

However, in the heart of the people, you are always the legitimate YAB Menteri Besar of Perak.

Monday, March 2, 2009


We have politicians who care.

We have a Government calling themselves a Caring Government.

We have political parties claiming that they care for you.

And we have civil servents out there to protect your freedom and safety, they care.

But who really care about the economy going down to the valley of Grand Canyon?

Who really care about what we, the walks on the streets really wants?

Who care about who died in the authority's castody?

Who care about you being robbed?

Who care about you been depressed, and asked to shut up?

Who care about you been diframed from praying your God and call HIS name at will?

Who really care about disabled and they rights when they are being threaten?

Who care about accountability and transparency when one can go for quotations and direct negotiations for government projects?

Who care about whether your kids need medication when your pocket is left with nothing but bills?

Who care about whether you have shelter but keep demonishing your house?

Who care about disasters where victims are crying for help and irrelevant figures are there for show?

Who care about increasing number of adbandon pets on the streets?

Who care about what you need to pay to keep you and your family going when they still find ways and means to squeeze the Most out from you?

Who really care where in their mouths they greeted you as Rakyat, but in their hearts they laugh at you as looser of the centuries?

Who really care?

But when you are up there one day, you will probably be like one of them.

Sad to say you are born loser!