Monday, January 10, 2011

DiGi, What more shall I said?

This is my recent reply to DiGi after they sent me 2 URLs trying to prove that iPhone is bad.

the 2 URLs are:

Read on:

First of all, I must said that you have wasted much of my time trying to defend yourself that you have no problem in any circumstances, and always blame it to the phone, or the owner.

If you ever read/listen carefully my previous conversations, you should then understand what I am trying to convey:

1. I complaint about poor reception not ONE place, but many places, and at random. The most serious location is Berjaya Time Square, both inside and outside the building.

Your earlier reply that your engineer concluded that there's no problem in my area, which area you are referring to when I am having problem in multiple areas at random??

2. You have consistently claimed that Apple iPhone 4 is the real problem, then you extended to other iPhone models AFTER I told you that I was briefly using the iPhone 4 from DIGI since I encountered dropped/missed calls and was initially thinking that it was the phone. Hence I exchanged the phone with my Wife's Maxis iPhone 3Gs after about a week purchased from you.

You have given URLs to substantiate your claim on Apple iPhone, yes, but I wonder have you ever read properly what it mentioned in both URLs that you sent:

a. The MacWorld piece is talking about original iPhone WITHOUT 3G, which uses different radio chip than the 3GS/4. How can you mix Apple with Orange when trying to prove that you are right? I have never said in my conversations with you that I have the original iPhone. I do own iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, and Nokia E55. So which one should the MacWorld article reflects??????

b. In the Apple statement on iPhone 4 reception issue, it was talking about the way iPhone 4 was held during calls, if the exposed antennas is touched, signal may be affected. Isn't this is addressed by putting the iPhone 4 on a protective case covering up the antennas? Furthermore, I am not using the iPhone 4 now, so you missed again.

By your reply, since you have concluded that it is the client problem and not yours, I presume that replacing SIM card will not address the issue. If that's the case, why should I take the trouble to be the guinea pig as your mobile test lab??

I did not raise this to your attention with impulse, I have personally tested many times with different phones that I have with different carriers that I am subscribing to, i.e. Maxis, Celcom, U Mobile, and YOU, DIGI.

The iPhone 4 which I originally thought problematic is running happily with Maxis network. My iPhone 3G tested running fine with Maxis and Celcom. But when both installed with your SIM, the problem comes.

OK, you said it is Apple's problem, what about my Nokia E55 on your network still having the sam problem at random??

I am expecting you to do your homework and not me doing the homework for you. Your attitude of continuing to deny that you have may some issue with your network is utterly unacceptable at my end, after taking all these trouble to test and ensure that this issue is not specific to iPhone with your network.

One last word. Please tell me how can I get back my main number to other carrier and how can I deal with your inefficiency of solving my problem. DiGi cannot enforce monthly charge on me if DiGi cannot provide satisfactory explanation and service level of basic voice service, let alone 3G.

This is really a MESS. I demand you to let me go with my number immediately!