Sunday, February 28, 2010


The Prime Minister announced that Malaysia economy is out of recession, that 4Q 2009 registered a 4.5% increase in GDP.

What does this means to the ordinary Malaysian?

The main street is still suffering from haunted inflation coming with pending increare in pump prices, electricity tariff, and threats from privatized water company to force the Selangor state government to approve its revised tariff or to pay RM300million compensation.

In short, the ordinary people still struggle to earn enough for their basic needs even before the pending increase in prices and tariff.

When refer to the latest Consumer Price Index, CPI for Dec 2009 is 0.2%, while unemployment is posted as 3.6%.

Based on the statistics, Malaysia is really doing good.

But, do you feel it?

The 4Q 2009 GDP growth may be attributed to greater export demand, especially to US, since US records 4% increase for the same quarter.

Can this sustain? I do not know. The US better than expected growth was, to many economists, is due to government stimulus package, bailout of big banks and automotive industry, and partly due to replenishment of inventory for the holiday season.

If this is true, we may see a softer growth or worse, a U-turn for US GDP for 1Q 2010 since situation does not realy improve based on ordinary economic activities but intervention of authority in the form of stimulus and bailout, and chronically motivated growth in 4Q 2009, ie holidays.

How will this impact Malaysia? US is the single largest buyer for our export goods, and Malaysia economy is export oriented. If US goes south, we will sink together, lesser export means lesser production means fewer job opportunity.

Even if US are on track as President Obama claimed for its recovery, and Malaysia tags on US economy and achieved 5% growth for 2010, the ordinary Malaysian will still face a great challenge right in-front of them: INFLATION.

Thus, the GDP growth may be offset by greater increase in cost of living. This is enough to put almost all lower and middle income group in a state where keeping themselves going is too big a task to swallow.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Masjid Jamek, have you not hear us?

Masjid Jamek, the ladnmark mosque in the heart of metropolitan Kuala Lumpur, stood at the junction where two rivers meet.

This is the place where I started moving my feet to show support for Makhai Sakti.

This is the place where I started my journey showing support to RPK on his birthday.

And this is the place where the brutal evil force firing chemical and tear gas to those seeking for justice.

Masjid Jamek, have you not see enough?

Masjid Jamek, have you not hear our cry for justice?

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

iPhone 3G, Firmware 3.1.3, Push notification

I was upgrading my iPhone 3G days ago (read here).

Everything runs perfectly after a fresh restore, and I have decided at that point to restore all my data, i.e. including SMS history and other stuff.

Except: Push Notifications.

I have not been able to get push notifications for the past 2 days, after checking thru the settings, I am pretty sure that everything is what it supposed to be.

Hell! the good 2 days I was living in the dark trying to figure out what gone wrong, why my wife's 3GS (she upgraded herself, I did not help her this time) gets push notifications for her emails (using Boxcar), and facebook, but not my 3G.

The 2 sets are different, she is using 3GS from Maxis, the official carrier in Malaysia, while I am using 3G with Celcom as carrier.

The first suspect is: Is Celcom blocking my push notifications? Or is Celcom having problem with Apple's push notifications?

Well, it is not. I realised when I switched over to WiFi and still get nothing, absolute quiet (I am getting about 30 to 40 notifications from various sources, and no notifications make me worried)

Second suspect is: Apple doesn't like unofficial carrier, thus they did not push my notifications.

I Googled, but no one seems to have the same problem.

Then I turned to twitter and facebook, hoping someone with similar experience have a solution, no luck.

Third suspect: Left over settings from previously jail-broken 3.1.2 firmware was stopped by 3.1.3.

This is a painful decision, means I need to restore the 3.1.3, and treat it as a new phone, thus, I lost all my settings, SMSs, etc.

Do I have a choice? No, I guess.

Then I redo restore, treat it as a new phone, went thru the pain to put back all my Apps, my music, my podcasts... Not to mention going thru every single app to key in my credentials.

This time it works like charm!

Conclusion: If you have previously jail-broken your iPhone and wish to upgrade to firmware 3.1.3, make sure you restore as a new phone instead of either update or restore with your old settings.

I can go back to my routine now, and enjoy realtime notifications as it comes in!







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今天塞阜先生出庭供证,说华叔讲:"Can I fxxk you today?"











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Upgrading to iPhone firmware 3.1.3

Update: it requires no mobileconfig from,

It just works!

Settings thru Settings/General/Cellular network below

Yes, I did it!

And YES! Tethering is available on Celcom, but not via IPCC. You need to create a mobileconfig file, and can be done via your iPhone's Safari here (

lastly, it is good if you do a restore instead of update. Mine was jailbroken because I need 2 features which is not available on 3.1.2, i.e. tether via unofficial carrier, i.e. Celcom, and I love running Stitcher Radio at the background so I can still run other apps while listening to live news.

The steps:

1. click restore when your PC/Mac is connected to the Internet, and your iPhone is connected to your PC/Mac, and your iTunes running;

2. iTunes will ask you to upgrade to 3.1.3, just say yes or continue
3. After about 5 minutes, your iPhone is done, and restarted
4. open Safari, goto
5. click on Tethering >
6. scroll to the end, and click on custom mobile config
7. Give a name to your mobileconfig, in my case: Celcom
8. APN: celcom3g, leave blank for username and password

9. for MMS configuration, APN: celcom3g
usernama and password both blank
MMSC Proxy:
leave the rest blank

10. click download, click install button on the mobile config screen, once, done, restart your iPhone.

11. check whether you done it right:

a. goto Settings/General/Network, tethering should be there
b. launch Messages app, you should have a small camera on the left of your message entry field.

Simple, right?