Sunday, May 29, 2011

Numbers for iPad

I think I've underestimate the potential of what can be done on Numbers. It is absolutely amazing, and excellent in many areas compare to conventional spreadsheet apps like Microsoft Excel.

I agree that it lacks of enterprise features such as pulling data directly from data warehouse like Excel or even Open Office. But Number outshines all these conventional spreadsheet apps, which has not been much changed since the day of Lotus 123 and Multiplan.

But for me, I can always get live data by other means and feed it to Numbers, and let Numbers does the rest, including presentation which is an overkill for Excel.

When you start to dig further onto Numbers, you'll know that it is not just another spreadsheet, but spreadsheet with a new life.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rescuing top 10 best paid CEO?

Why should the govt lend RM6.5billion to an utility company that is guaranteed with handsome profit but run into financial trouble?

If the company is not guaranteed good profit, why should it pays its CEO perks amounting to RM5 million per annum?

If the CEO is doing a good job how can the company landed in troubled water?

If the govt lend the massive amount with no repayment schedules and interest announced, does it means the money may not pay back, with or without interest?

If it is a must do action, should the govt, the biggest creditor, dictate that the current CEO should be booted from his position for not doing his work?

What is the benefit for people outside Selangor with this sum of money lend out to a company operates only in Selangor?

Is this a notional interest to rescue the company or is it a state interest?

If it is not national interest but state interest why not let the Selangor govt deal with the matter instead of federal govt messing up everything yet big amount of money need to lens out to a single commercial entity?

If it is neither national or state interest, then on what ground should the federal govt pump in this amount of money when it keeps complaining that it can no longer sustain if subsidy not removed?

Tell us, will u?

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Petrol hike deferred

Is this a good news?

We were told many times that the hike is inevitable else the country will eventually bankrupt due to heavy subsidy and high international crude oil price.

Prominent economists are echoing the same tune and urge the government to withdraw petrol subsidy.

We were bombarded with the above since 2008 that we can no longer sustain if current subsidy continues.

And most of us somehow accept it as fact of life, even grumbling privately, we know the day is near.

Now the govt deferred decision on subsidy restructuring aka price hike, what does it really mean?

Does it mean that Malaysia found a sustainable new source of income that allows the govt to continue subsidizing petrol that it once claimed no longer affordable?

Or does it means that the govt did not paint the right picture all these while that in fact the govt can afford the subsidy, just that it wants to test how far we can stay afloat;

Or does it simply means that in order to win the upcoming election, the govt simply defer for the ruling regime's benefit?

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Monday, May 23, 2011

iPad with Apple Wireless Keyboard

I must confess that I cannot resist not using the wireless keyboard with iPad, it is so easy, so fast, and I feel at home with familiar key distance and location, it is identical across all Apple products, same keyboard layout, same size.

Copy, paste, select all, undo etc, all can be done with keyboard shortcuts as usual.

It is also very efficient when typing in Chinese, at least for me. I
am using PinYin, and it allows the entire sentence to form before putting it to my message.

Word processing apps like Pages works well. But for some reason, Numbers, spreadsheet app from Apple, does not seems to work as expected.
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

JQuery UI autocomplete with POST

jQuery UI is awesome, but some of the features are not as flexible as the framework itself, for example, I would prefer all http requests to use POST instead of GET, and I would prefer all data to be transferred using JSON instead of other data format.

jQuery's autocomplete is one of the widget that will work only with simple string or array, and by default it uses GET.

Below is my solution to autocomplete with POST, and accepting JSON response from the server:

I have added field as the search field, and filter as the filter to limit search range to the function and it is working well.

The JSON format returned is [{"name":"Kuala Lumpur"},{"name":"Kuala Tembeling"}] using PHP's json_encode function.

function autoComplete(node, model,field,filter){

var url="/test/"+model+"/autocomplete";


source: function(request, response){

var inData=[];





"dataType": 'json',

"data": inData,



"url": url,

"success": function( data ) {

response( $.map( data, function( item ) {

return {










Friday, May 6, 2011

2 bullshits do not make a smart asshole

First, they announced the shadow cabinet with 16 shadow ministers, and the real cabinet is only with 9 ministers and 11 ministries.

What they are telling us is that they are keen on getting everyone on board to please these everyone, at our expense.

They should either mirror the existing ministry portfolios, or revamp to make it efficient than increasing the portfolios, for example, why not all land related matters taken care by one, instead of 2 or 3 ministers?

This is the first bullshit.

Second, they said that they have never been consulted, and the shadow cabinet must reflect racial composition.

I laughed to the floor as this statement came from a party leader whose leader claimed anak melayu anak saya, anak cina anak saya, anak India anak saya etc.

What do you mean by racial composition? Do you mean we are supporting a carbon copy of the Barisan Nasional? If so, why not we just vote BN and outcome is expected than voting you guys and see you guys playing music chair and uttering racial statements, worse, we cannot predict the outcome if we vote u in.

What say u, PR?

Another bullshit

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Goodwill from DiGi, sort of!!

I thought I have finally closed the DiGi chapter after moved on to Celcom since March, well it seems the story still continue.

First, there was a surprise bill in the month of April saying that my DiGi account still have an outstanding amount of RM38.69 as stated here

Then I received a reply from DiGi(mail header is printed to show that this is not a mock up):

ok, so far so good, I really thought that the book is closed.

Yesterday evening, I received the following SMS:

Need not to ask, it is sent from debt collector as the phone numbers are not DiGi's. Upon receiving this SMS, I called both numbers but no one is picking up the phone, yes no one. At first I thought I received SMS from hell, indeed it is hell for me.

I then called DiGi to find out what is going on, and was told that my account still having outstanding of RM38.69, and it is now in the hand of debt collector.

I told DiGi pointblank that they can proceed with legal action and summon me to court, and I shall defend my rights from being exploited, extorted, and sodomized (I learned this word from mainstream media, back in 1998).

What DiGi has done is a bad on me, they somehow find their way to keep humiliating their ex-client who left them, sort of punishment and indirectly telling me that:

LOOK! This is the price you pay for forcing us to let you go!

Oh! Boy! It was DiGi, not me, who defaulted our business agreement, here :

It wasn't me, it was them. They screwed up, then they try to screw me, but got screwed, now they trying harder to harass me, and they are going to get bigger screw this time, I swear.

Now I know, these phone numbers belongs to debt collector. Then I told DiGi that I have already been ensured by DiGi that the amount is waived in "goodwill", if so, where this RM38.69 surfaced and haunt me again? DiGi cannot answer, but promised that they will check with the person who sent me the mail stating waiver.

I am just wondering how DiGi can waste their shareholders' money in this case, when the account supposed to closed with no outstanding has not been treated accordingly since April 2011 as per the above email.

I suspect that many DiGi customers may be in similar situation, and most people may just resort to settle the amount, after all, what is RM38.69?

But I am not going to let DiGi go now, it has made a relatively happy night into 13 Elms Street that I am going to have bad dream tonight, with their debt collector's "blessing" in disguise.

So tell me DiGi, what are you going to do next? How would you expect me to trust you yet again for your "goodwill" turned horror and extortion?

This is really hopeless and I now know why DiGi profit soared.