Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am disturbed by reactions of "reform" or opposition supporters, when RPK appeared on TV3 telling that he did not believe that Rosmah was at crime scene when Altantuya was blown up.

Many of these "intellects" expressed their disappointments and anger on RPK, said that RPK has turncoat.

Many unfounded accusations that RPK reached agreement with Najib therefore appeared in TV3 shortly before the Sarawak State Election.

It is sad that these people, who may have been influenced by RPK seeking for justice, has released their anger on him without second thought.

And these are the very same people claiming that mainstream media is nothin but lies yet they get themselves believing what appeared on mainstream media. I am just wondering where their conscious is?

I am not defending RPK, whom I need not defend, but judging from emotional and sentimental postings from these "intellects" who claimed themselves been working towards a just world, their actions are beyond my imagination.

This reminds me that supporters of both sides of the fence are as emotional as they can be, and this is no good if we are working towards a better tomorrow.

Why not calm yourself down, give yourself a chance to go through the timeline of RPK, then make sensible conclusion?

This country cannot carry on with blinds trying to lead, neither this country will move forward with emotional steams, we need facts, foundation, and objective foresight to ensure success. Else what different dies it make whether PR or BN in power with their supporters like this?

Wisdom is all we need to determine the course, not anger nor emotion

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

1Malaysia email, the business proposal

Read the Malaysian Insider's article on the 1Malaysia email saga:

In short, the govt agencies using the service to deliver message will have to pay RM0.50 per message per email address.

Ok, let's do a hard calculation:

Assuming that there are 5 main govt agencies subscribed to the service,

1. EPF: now can give you monthly statement;

2. Income tax: now can give you monthly statement too;

3. Police: to tell you whether you got summons, monthly intervals;

4. RTD: to tell you whether you got summons, monthly intervals;

5. PM's deprtment: now can greet you every month with 1Malaysia newsletter and updates;

And we assumed that eventually 28million population will be on board (well, if you think you can escape, you're wrong. The govt can simply pass an bill on this requiring everyone to have an 1Malaysia email address, just like your MyKad).

Let's see how's the figures blown up:

RM0.50 X 5 agencies X 1 mail per month X 12 months

Is RM840million per year!

Assuming that the govt implicating to all banks, telcos, utility companies that they have to use this to communicate with their customers (very possible given utility companies are govt linked, telcos are either govt linked or heavily related to mainstream politicians, banks? Bank Negara can issue a directive, end of story)

Assuming that 1 bank, 1 telco, 1 water & 1 electricity company per head, we'll now have to pay:

RM0.50 X 9 X 1 mail per month X 12 months:

Gosh! It is RM1.5billion business!

Who said Malaysian got no brian?

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Continuing with DiGi Saga....

I thought I am out from DiGi's nightmare end February after wrestling with DiGi over poor voice service quality, and ending, though not completely satisfied, still better than stuck with DiGi for the next 18 months.

To know more about what's happening between DiGi and me, just click on the label DiGi at the end of this post.

Today, 2nd April 2011, I received a bill from DiGi with a bill amount of RM38.69 (as above).

Wait.... I recalled my 2nd last conversation with the Head of customer service is with the conclusion that DiGi will waive all charges. My argument was that DiGi terminated its service to me, right on the Chinese New Year eve, and lied to me that they have send out a replacement SIM of which they suspected that my existing SIM is having problem.

I am not going to repeat the whole story here, but I have stated my point:

1. DiGi abandoned me as their customer, not I initiated the termination.

2. DiGi's extremely slow response to settle the case, from the day I demanded them to resume their service which was terminated unlawfully, until the day I officially departed from DiGi, it took them a good 18 days just to get the case done.

3. I have mentioned many times that DiGi crawling response and action force me to continue using their service. I have been trying to contact them via emails and calling the customer service hoping to get the issue over before the next billing cycle, which I will be liable for new charges.

18 days to get the case closed is too expensive for both DiGi and me. I was stuck with no other choice but using a voice service that is almost guaranteed not reachable by incoming calls ( what's the point of having a phone when all you can do is Interneting?)

The promise that they have made to me that all charges will be waived, after all the mess, is again proven is nothing but blatant lies.

It is sad to see a supposedly customer oriented, mass consumer service provider does not even bother to honor their words.

Yes, I left a message with the customer service after contacted them on this matter, and yet they need to refer to their billing department which will probably responding in 2 days.

The message read: Please send me a demand letter indicating that DiGi will proceed with legal action against me to recover the "outstanding" amount of RM38.69, and I will choose to be in court.

I will not answer any calls from DiGi but I wanted black and white or email should they need to tell me their story. Want to explain to me why i need to pay for the amount? OK, why not see you in court, then you can tell not only me but the whole world what has transpired and how you swallowed your promise for no apparent reason.