Monday, August 31, 2009


It seems we have plenty of events surrounding the Merdeka Day this year.

First, we have a toll of 71 fatal H1N1 cases. This is a national threat that the Government has failed to contain and prevent it from spreading. And I bet it will spread like wild fire come rainy season.

Second, the Cattle head demonstration in Shah Alam. This is clearly an instigation by certain quarters hoping to divide the people of different faiths going against each other. And the explanation by the Police not able to stop the demonstration on time is laughable as there are only 50 took part.

There's no arrest as of this time, even with proof on video circulating around the Internet, and no one is responsible for. YB Khalid Samad has in his blog detailing what transpires. Where is the Police when you need them most?

Stern action against participants of candle light vigils across the country, and Police is able to find who and who even after events.

But the cattle head?? No one is responsible, and no one to be found, and no one is guilty.

Yes, the Malaysia society is matured enough not to be influenced by the cattle head, as oppose to certain quarters trying to stir it up.

Third. Teoh Beng Hock was alleged by MACC that he have RM112 kick back. So MACC's theory is TBH accepted the kick back of RM112, and grilled by MACC whole night long, and decided to kill himself.

WTF! Why not the Balinese Palace King go kill himself having RM24 million palace after being questioned by MACC? Is there different treatment between the Balinese Palace King and Teoh Beng Hock?

I wonder if MACC officers ever passed their Maths? RM24 Million they just let go, RM112 they nailed until TBH died.

MCA the fourth? Sorry, there's no fourth place, MCA is irrelevant and they can continue fighting like their BN counterpart PPP forever.. It will not change the fact that MCA is powerless and toothless, and sad to say, win no respect from the community it claimed to represent.









Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They don't understand

I bet none of them understand, and know the reason why they have been losing in every by-elections here in West Malaysia.

They don't understand why they have been trying very hard to tell the world that the other side is dirty, corrupted, and no administrative experience.

They have been trying very hard to tell us that the other side is corrupt to the core starting from none other than the Black-eye self proclaimed hero of whom they made him a hero back in 1998.

They have been trying very hard to tell us that everyone, yes, everyone on the other side is corrupted thus you have the entire media, administrative, and enforcement resources are chasing after a RM2,400 case, which is damn serious when compare to RM24 million Balinese Palace.

They have been trying very hard to silence everyone by either making someone disappear, or stop everyone from mentioning that someone's name, which according to them
Is illegal and utterly seditious, and it is a serious national threat.

They have been trying very hard to convince us that all those who died are of their own will and have nothing to do with them.

They have been trying very hard to differenciate between races, by telling different stories to different ethnic groups that the other side is evil for us.

They have been trying very hard to tell us that they are caretaker for us, God sent, and angels that come to this earth to save us from being spoilt by the other side.

They have been trying to say and do as they have been doing for the past years to stay on, by smearing the other side that they are simply the only one trustful.

But they have failed to understand that we want them out even if they are angel and the other side is evil.

They failed to understand that it is their own doing and saying pushing us to the other side, even what they have done and say may be right to some extent.

They have failed!

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So this is the netbook

Samsung N310 netbook wife have just bought from Low Yat.

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Monday, August 24, 2009


One may be wondering what the Prime Minister has in his mind, when the 2 BN heavy weights forging each other in a dog fight over the alleged RM10million 'political donation'.

Why is he keeping quiet on this and let the 2 continue to fight during the Pematang Pasir By-election?

Under normal circumstances, No. 1 should act and interfere to ensure that the dog fight does not affect the by-election result. This is clearly something unusual.

Does he wanting the Transport Minister to go? Or does he wanting to get rid of the Chair of BN Backbenchers' Club? Or both? Or this is a smoke screen to divert our attention?

If it is the later, what he has in mind now?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do you think your vote count?

I am not trying to undermine anyone, anyone who are eligible to vote for their future, yes, voting for their future, not who to form the Government.

In reality, do you think you can ever, with a vote in your hand, decide your future yourself?

We witnessed political frogs jumping from one side to another. Yes, you may argue that you voted for them in person, not their political party. But why on earth these frogs not contesting without party association in the first place to make their intention clear?

You may say they were marginalised, hence they have to leave their party to support another.

If they ever been marginalised, this means they are not fit for the job, which requires fine political and diplomatic skills. Thus, they failed, period.

One question: Do you vote because they are who they are, or just recognise them by the political party they associated? The answer is quite clear, I believe.

So, when the frogs jumping around, can you still say that your vote makes the difference?

Your vote, is probably the lowest in the priority list of any frogs or would-be-frogs, be it jumping from left to right, or right to left. In the mind of frogs, you are merely someone who they would just wanted to fish your vote once every 5 years, and you will be forgotten once the election is over.

So, do you think that you are able to make the change? No! Only the frogs are making the changes, for whatever reason known only to themselves, they switch side faster than the blink of your eyes, and they will tell you all they have done before jumping was wrong and nothing but wrong, and what they are doing now is correct.

But all wrong not inclusive of your vote to them, since they think they earned with their sweat and blood.

So frogs are jumping, you votes go nowhere. And you tell me you are voting for your future?


Friday, August 21, 2009

It's all about money

We witnessed the death of Teoh Beng Hock, within the vicinity of the Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission over the investigation of alleged mis-appropriation of public fund involved RM2,400 and abuse of power.

We witnessed the dog fight between the Transport Minister and the Chair of BN Backbenchers' Club over the alleged RM10 million donation.

We also witnessed the Balinese Palace unvealed with an estimated cost of RM24 million belongs to the then Menteri Besar of Selangor.

There are many other hot and sizzling political news, all related to money.

It seems Malaysia is a rich state that millions and billions. If you notice, the big bills never take away someone's life except for a mere RM2,400 that one life gone into ashes.

Is this safe to say that if you play politics, play with big money. Dealing with tokens and you will probably landed on the road of no return.

And rest assured, Malaysia still having great potential for big monies, nothing will happen, only if you play big.

Have you ever see big player perished? No! Only the small players or non players got the punishment.

So my theory is right: play it big, if you play politics. Don't be petty.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The 100 million ringgit man

There was a popular TV series starring Lee Majors, the ex-husband of one of the Charlie's Angel, Farrah Fawcett.

If you are old enough like me, you probably watched the series "6 Million Dollar Man", a story about a US crime buster who is transformed to a cyber org
with incredible power.

Why is this "6 Million Dollar Man" coming to the picture today?

Well, today, the President of the Malaysia Chinese Association, Ong Tee Kiat, revealed that there are evil forces from within and outside the party, gathered some RM 100 million to organize an EGM forcing him to step down.

This makes me think Ong is in fact the 100 million Ringgit Man.

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The bride wore black

Read the above from The Malaysian Insider.

Like it or not, Teoh Beng Hock died while in MACC's custody, 16th July 2009. A month later, a woman he promised to marry, married him in black.

If MACC officials are still human being, and still believe in God, they should confess to Mdm Soh, the wife of Teoh, on Teoh's death while in their custody at least.

No matter what MACC said, Teoh died there at their place. Really hope Teoh will always be there watching them, forever...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Story of Along

Have a good weekend!

Self inflicted black eye, suicide, now falling down by himself

The 3 incidents above have many in common:

1. Of the 2 injuried and 1 died, all of them are either member of the oppositions, or someone the authority fear most;

2. All 3 injuried or killed while in authority's custody;

3. All 3 are either alleged on corruption or abuse of power, besides other charges;

4. All 3 were denied access to their respective lawyer;

5. All incidents were officially announced as a self act and none of the officers involved;

Mr Authority, can you please change your script? We are all fed-up with the same play rolling over and over again.

Can you give us something new? We'll give you our vote if you screen a better play next time.

Or why not just shoot them down and claimed they intended to refuse arrest, will it be a better idea since dead body will go tell too much later.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Dog fight

The heat is on!!

Two Barisan Nasional lawmakers, one of them a Federal Minister, and the other, the Chair of Barisan Nasional Backbencher's Club, are fighting and revealing the ugly side of one another.

The Chair claimed he "donated" a sum of RM10million to the Federal Minister, who is also the President of Malaysia Chinese Association, one of the component party of the ruling regime. The Chair also revealed that the Federal Minister has been traveling with private jet owned by the Chair's company, without paying.

Meanwhile, the Federal Minister accused the Chair taking revenge on the Port Klang Free Zone scandal, claimed that he decided to make public the Review report by PriceWaterhouse Cooper, implicating that the Chair's company, which is the turn key contractor of the nearly failed project, is in the wrong.

What I am interested to know is:

Why should the Federal Minister, who is a president of a political party, seeking donation from someone from another political party?

Also, the Federal Minister admitted that he travelled using the Chair's company's private jet, but stressed that it is for official duty, and the company in question has not bill the Minister for service rendered. Question here: why should the Minister of Transport need to travel by private jet, whereas Aviation department, which has a couple of planes, is under his ministry?

I am not keen to know whether who is lying in this case, certainly someone is, or both are.

I am keen to know how many of such cases, i.e. flow of money from one hand to another, from the rich businessmen to politicians, without record.

How many cases of such, and how much is involved?

And what are we doing? Sit tight and watch the soap opera? Or are we going to do something to make sure this does not involve eventually the State's money?

Is the convenience provided to the Minister an exchange of something else? More contracts to be awarded or to cover up something that cannot be revealed?

What is the stand of the Prime Minister? Is he letting the issue going on, which involves one of his cabinet minister? Is he acknowledged before the Chair retaliate? Or is he siding the Minister?

And if he is, of any one of the above, what is the reason behind? Power play?

Gosh! This country is really sick. The politicians doesn't even care of the people, and keeps making this kind of 'joke' that really hurt people like us who have been taxed left right centre, front and back too.

iPhone headphone jack problem solved

My iPhone 3G recently giving problem when putting on headphone, microphone and headphone control button not functioning, whilst I can still hear from the headphone.

Initially I thought it is headphone that's giving problem, and already made up my mind to buy a new pair.

Then I asked my wife to test the same headphone on her iPhone 3GS, everything works fine. Headphone is as good.

Now the problem is more worrying as it may be my iPhone 3G is having problem instead.

After some googling, I have decided to take a good look inside the headphone jack, it looks dirty, seems collecting dust, and possibly blocking the connectivity from headphone mic/control to the iPhone 3G.

Thus, I took a small screwdriver, carefully dig as much dirt as possible out from the jack. You will not believe that there are such an amount of dust stuck inside the jack!

Dirt accumulated inside my iPhone 3G headphone jack is probably due to humidity take makes the dirt harden, and stick onto the contact, where mic and control rely on.

After removing those dirt, the headphone mic and control work as before.

Google save my day, and my money too, I must confess.


The headphone works for a day, and mic gone again. I decided to use a high power vacuum cleaner to first blow the headphone hole, then vacuum for about 1 minute.

The purpose of blowing is to blow dirt which sticked inside the hole, even they cannot come out, atleast they been blow off from the wall of the hole.

Then I vacuum the hole to make sure that all that dropped off from the blow earlier are vacuumed out.

And the headphone mic works again. See if it can last longer.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Green Damn, child porn, internet censorship

Last Thursday, our caring Minister of Information announced that study is underway to find ways to prevent pornography, especially child porn.

He further described that the move is essential since the Internet has been aggressively used as a medium for such content.

The Prime Minister quickly denied that there's such a plan to impose Internet censorship, as this goes against the Bills of Guarantee crafted in the Communication and Miltimedia Act.

However, both denied that the censorship is geared towards silencing the political descents from using Internet as a medium of communication.

Today, the Information minister said that the decision of the Cabinet meeting scrapped the proposal, but called for a cross ministrial body to monitor seditious messages posted on the Internet and to suggest actions to be taken to anyone posting seditious remarks online.

Someone is clearly lying, or that the intention of having some form of internet censorship is actually to silence so called seditious remarks instead of child porn, or pornography in general.

Why can't they just make their point that it is so called seditious remarks and those who posted the remarks are the actual target of the proposal or study or whatever that the ministry of information initiated?

Why use an excuse of blocking child porn from the Internet as a reason to legitimate their intention, hence, at the same time conviniencely tagging along to block remarks unwanted by the Government?

I praise the effort to curb child porn, so that our fellow Malaysian won't get caught overseas with loads of child porn pictures in their notebook (I need not remind you who got caught, right?). I too feel that such information is easily accessible from the Internet unlike our teen days where we have to go round making friend with book store sellers to win their trust in order to get a copy of outdated Playboy, mind you, is Playboy, not Hustler or other hard core stuff, not to mention child porn. (I must confess I am not child porn fan, in fact I hate child porn)

It is now easier to get hard core, or whatever core DVDs on the street, especially when you dine in any of the footcourt in town, I bet that someone will come and tell you they have "good show" for sale at cheap RM5 whereas back to those days a copy of outdated Playboy costs a whopping RM48 and stock is limited.

What I am illustrating here is that our society is already flooded with porn materials, censoring the Internet will not curb the problem but the old cock still think of the olden day tactic where by banning access to such material, it will not appear in front of us.

What the authority should do is to get rid of those DVDs on the street. Statistics shows that Malaysia Internet penetration rate is less than 25% and a large majority suffered from slow Internet access speed that makes downloading such materials from the Internet a painful task for most Internet users.

Then why the Government wanted to spend it's time and effort, with possibly expensive bills, to take care of far less 25% of our population whereas DVDs can just be obtained virtually anywhere with no pain to download for ages with our slow Internet connection?

Now we know the answer. Child porn is not of their concern, it is so called seditious remarks (definition of seditious can be as wide as if you complain you cannot shit today you probably implicating that the government did not provide proper food in the market, or they just make toilet too hard for you to release, which can be seditious in nature) that the government is interested in.

Thus, I learned another lesson: there's always a hidden agenda for any politician when they speak or do, Government officials are no different.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taiwan needs your help!!!!

Urgent request from friends in Taiwan that Typhoon has buried 600 lives.

Communication broke down, difficulty of reaching the affected areas, there are many stranded in these areas and they need your help.

Do what you can, whatever, PLEASE!

Contact the Taiwan representative office near you, here, and find out from them how you can lend your helping hand.

雄市苓雅區四維三路2號 (高雄市政府中庭)
捐贈屏東縣政府以及南部其他縣市救助水患災區使用 )

請撥打 0980-537516 或 (06)511-5692

地點:千禧公園旁 東市大連路69號

高雄市政府消息( 8/9 17:30 )




需要四大類物資:**礦泉水乾糧、易開 罐罐頭、純鹽巴藥品(消毒雙氧水、碘酒、OK蹦、萬用繃帶)**等。



Attack is the best strategy to defend

Recent political development shows that UMNO is no longer sitting like a dunggu waiting for its opponents to shoot.

It is clear that UMNO has changed its strategy, from defensive, to offensive, utilizing all resources it can have to stir up opponents back yard, be it formal investigation, media propaganda, black mailing via anonymous blogs, you name it.

It is also clear that the current UMNO president is not waiting for wind of change, he is making the wind to change.

On the other hand, Pakatan Rakyat seems to be on the defensive move.

It is clear, and it is very clear, who will be the winner. The winner takes all, in ONE piece, and the losers will be losing their pants off in no time.

Please stop being naive that TBH or other cases like PKFZ, Balkis, Balinese Palace, will make any difference to the outcome. The big boss just need to ignore all these, and bulldoze his way thru. When it is settled, like Perak, it's settled. You can cry, shout, show your anger, take legal action, but who cares?

When a kid got his sweets in hand, do you think he will ever want to give you back?

With this, do you think that your vote can still make the difference? Do you think that the day will come where you will be exercising your rights to pick who to manage your country?

I dunno, really dunno. Perhaps I am very negative these days..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Updating iPhone 3G to 3.01

I have recently downgraded from iPhone 3.1 beta 2 firmware back to 3.0 with the guide provided as in my earlier post here.

When Apple announced the release of 3.01, I downloaded but not installing, fear that I will lost my tethering using Celcom 3G.

For your information, Maxis is the authorised Apple Carrier in Malaysia, and my carrier, Celcom is not.

What happened was in 3.1 beta 2 firmware, Apple imposed key signing to IPCC (Carrier bundle definition) which effectively stop unauthorised modification to the IPCC. Since Celcom is not an authorised carrier, there's no IPCC made for Celcom. I have customised one, managed to install, but failed.

That's the reason why I fallback to 3.0.

After fallback to 3.0, my baseband firmware remains 05.10.01, which is essentially the 3.1 beta 2 baseband version.

Thus, to update to 3.01, I have a slightly different scenario than most others who just update from 3.0 to 3.01, as their baseband firmware is 04.26.08.

So I really dunno whether update will screw up my iPhone 3G. I decided to give it a try, as a return of favour to @SpaceFlightO who has been generously lending his helping hand during my downgrade process.

@SpaceFlightO is having the same situation like me, and he is yet to test if his method still work for 3.1 Beta 2 -> 3.0 -> 3.01 where baseband is the latest version.

I did an update to 3.01, after all the waiting, iTunes complaints that my iPhone 3G turned to recovery mode, that I will need to do a complete restore.

I did a restore, then use the method @SpaceFlightO written in his post here, and iPhone 3G comes back.

After verifying with Apple on activation, my iPhone 3G comes back.

Instead of copying content from the backup set, I treat my iPhone as a new phone and sync all info back again.

What I lost are usernames and passwords that I have set for applications installed on my iPhone, means I will have to manually set again. Also SMS content is gone (of which I have done a backup via iTunes before I did the firmware update/restore, I still have a copy on my MacBook).

In short, I managed to update to 3.01 with baseband firmware from 3.1 beta 2, and I got my tethering back for my non Apple carrier - CELCOM.

Updated to 3.01, with baseband 05.10.01, using default carrier bundle which disables MMS and tethering by default.

After installing the customized IPCC bundle for Celcom 3G, tethering comes back.