Saturday, January 7, 2012

This is our country

This is a beutiful country, with everything upside down.

Someone aka Lynas failed to build a plant at home for whatever reason, then they come here to tell us they are giving us heaven on earth.

Someone who wanted to transform this country's democracy for his own version of "better democracy" ended with water cannon and tear gas somehow sneak into hospital to help cleaning up car park wall and chase away mosquito;

Someone who claimed adhere to the laws now say someone will temporary be PM until his gang bend the laws to get him out of jail and become PM;

Someone who shouted, fight, rally to end corruption, only if corruption practice by BN not themselves;

Someone who defend freedom of speech til his death only if The speech is what they wanted to hear;

Someone who in the first place disgrace himself allowing his face be hang on a flag post until a brave soul took it down, ended up with criminal charge of humiliating that someone;

Someone who claimed never overspend because all spending are within budget that have forgotten the budgeted figures are real figure plus a couple of zeros at the back;

Someone who claimed his boys are all well behave that whoever injured themselves are self inflicted;

So this is our country, our beautiful country.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

So you think you are saving Anwar, or you just wanted to save yourself?

it is a pity if you who forge for better Malaysia see that no one other than Anwar will make your dream come true.

Isn't this what UMNO wanted? The more you depend on Anwar, the more UMNO wanted him at all cost.

By doing so, you think you save Anwar therefore save you, but you have not realize, you have in fact getting Anwar killed because of you, and killing your dream for doing so.

If you move past Anwar, you will save him, and save yourself.

For UMNO have no prime target to hit, and you are all over.

You are the one who make the history, don't hide behind Anwar making him a visible target for UMNO to do all they can on him, even if he is willing.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

first day of 2012

Two incidents happened in the first day of 2012, first: student protesting AUKU in front of UPSI; second: RPK's latest interview on NST.

Don't get me wrong, I do not change my mind, neither do I abandon my belief forging for better Malaysia.

I am reading comments from all over the cyberspace, here's what I get:

Almost everyone criticizing the Police for its excessive force trying to disperse students in protest.

As usual, immediately in my mind that the Police has over-reacted in this case, and I think I need to express my concern, thus, I called the Tanjung Malim Police Station to tell the officer that I am not happy with the way police handle the students.

Yes, the officer told me their version of the story, but I keep insisting there must be a better way to resort the matter instead of using force.

OK, you probably think this is over. Not yet. I then searched for videos of the incident, watch carefully, and I noticed that the Police is giving the protesters 15 minutes to disperse. During the time, some students climbing the main gate, and the fence of UPSI, I can hear clearly that these students shouting to people inside the UPSI compound, asking them to open the gate, and call them "anjing" (dogs).

Hey! I told myself, isn't the student protesting AUKU? What is the significant of climbing the fence and gate? What is the significant of UPSI staff being called "dogs" and required to open their door for the students?

My stand is clear. The students want a revolution, please declare, I have no problem. If the students wanted a protest and building pressure from public sympathy, then why have to act as if they are just like UMNO's tugs?

As for RPK. Many accused, even claimed that RPK turncoat, traitor, whatever. One PKR member even threaten to expose RPK daughter's illicit photos.

Have RPK done anything wrong expressing his view? You may disagree with him, just like I disagree with him that Malaysia cannot have Tahrir Square because Chinese are afraid. If so, why not debate the issue of your disagreement instead of resorting to threatening or smearing him?

Isn't all of you "Freedom Fighters" claimed you are better than UMNO in one way or another? But why do you need to resort to UMNO's tactics of smearing/threatening, or whatever tactics that you accused your enemy did to you on RPK?

Why can't you be like Haris Ibrahim, state your point, it is done, case closed.

I would probably get killed by you people if you know what I've told Anwar in Jun 2008.

I told him: Datuk Seri, in my opinion you better die in jail, then the country will tear UMNO down.

Yes, exact words, so I am too, turncoat, traitor, whatever.....

What a pity!