Thursday, February 24, 2011

iPhone now available at Celcom?

Just received a new carrier updates from Apple for my iPhone 4, and I am using Celcom.

The carrier bundle version changed from generic carrier 9.1 to Celcom 9.1

Dig further, under settings/phone

It shows the following:

Well, I think iPhone makes its way to Celcom!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Probably my last letter to DiGi

I am now switching off my main number, will solely rely on WIFI via MiFi powered by either Maxis or U Mobile, means that I am kicking myself off from DiGi Network, since they refused to let me go by incurring charges that is out of my knowledge.

But do remember this:

It is DiGi who denied my access to its network since 1 Feb 2011 and subsequently reinstate while waiting for their process to officially getting me out of DiGi.

Should I not receive any email from DiGi confirming successful port out by the time I reached KL by noon, and cross confirmation from Celcom that I have ported in, then please DiGi, keep my main number, I will ask Celcom to give me a new number and will announce to the world why I was forced to depart with an identity that I have been for the past 7 years.

Until now, no one can give me an exact amount to pay, which I will certainly pay with strong protest. If no amount is given, means I will be forever stuck with DiGi.

DiGi may do anything they wish, I dont hack care anymore. Should I inform you that I am having a new number, then you know that DiGi really love my old number too much that they cannot afford to let the number off their site.

for any of you wanted to know more, here you are:


From: Chin Yau Chia

Subject: Re: * DIG00269SVBZ *

Date: February 22, 2011 12:50:17 AM GMT+08:00


Mr Ravi,

As per our last tele conversation 18 Feb 2011 19:51, that you informed me that everything is done and i shall proceed with porting out.

I was concerned on the unbilled amount that was indicated when I called your call centre earlier. And I told you if need be, I will pay with protest since I cannot be held responsible for undue delay on DiGi's part to clear the path for my porting out.

I have asked several time during the conversation on the exact amount payable since billing cycle is ended 16 Feb 2011. You were not able to give exact figure claiming that the figure not shown up in billed amount.

I have then asked will this cause problem with the porting out, and you said it is taken care off.

No one keeps me updated with the billed amount since then.

Come Monday 21 Feb 2011 20:25, I received 2 smses, one from DiGi denied my port out, and one from Celcom saying that you refused my port out.

I called Celcom and was told that I have exceeded my credit limit and was barred from transferring out until I settle with DiGi in full.

I was shocked as this is not the outcome I was expecting and requesting Celcom to resubmit the port in, and they have done so.

I then called DiGi to find out what's happening, only to know that my account shows an unpaid balance of RM512 plus.

This is to me an insult as I have your prior verbal confirmation above and the actual outcome to be otherwise.

Second call to your centre and they told me that you did a RM400 reverse on my account and current balance should be RM112 plus.

I asked what exactly happening and he told me that you will get back to me Tuesday to sort it out.

I asked if I need to pay, how much exactly I'll need to pay online on the spot to get the porting out done on Monday itself, the date which I have mentioned both on my email to your generic email address and verbally during our last conversation.

Mr saiful told me it was not possible to proceed with porting out on the spot as it was after office hour.

I was not happy with the explanation since I contacted you on the number shown in your SMS which rejected my port out on Monday 20:33 and it is not my fault to delay reporting to you the reject status.

As of this mail, it is already passed 00:00 and it is now Tuesday.

Means DiGi is, in my opinion causing me hardship and undue stress by not proceeding the promised port out time frame.

I wonder what more can I say and this case shall be brought up to attention of your higher management for sure and authority for the benefit of the general public that DiGi has failed to keep up with your words, let alone the pain of going thru the hard time with you since Sept 2010.

As a paying consumer, I believe I have given reasonable time for DiGi to sort things out since December 2010 and what I having from you are disappointment and humiliation, first with high missed calls/dropped calls, followed by unlawful barring my access to your network during
chinese new year eve until 3rd or 4th day of the new year, where I was isolated from the world.

Lastly, humiliation before my choice of carrier Celcom that I have not pay the outstanding which exceeded given limit.

I reserved my rights on any action I deemed fit against you for all these "services" that I have "enjoy" thus far.

From now on, I need no further voice communication from DiGi as it has proven highly unreliable. You should communicate with me solely on email.

Lastly, if you think I should not port out from DiGi for whatever reason, I am willing to give up this number which have been my primary contact for the past 7 years.

I will explain to all my contacts what exactly happening and why I need to change to another number.


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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bye-bye Digi

Went to Celcom to initiate my porting process. It was fast, in 10 minutes, everything is done. Now I just need to wait for Celcom to tell me when can I put in their SIM.

Digi called in the evening, told me that they will ensure smooth porting, for this, I appreciate even with all the odds with them.

But wait, they told me that I will need to pay my bill for 17 Jan 2011 to 16 Feb 2011 and any usage after 16 Feb.

They said they have tried very hard to get their various depts to release me since I am having 2 year contract. They said their got their other depts to agree on the waiver of RM400 early termination penalty.

And I told them:

The early penalty cannot apply to me since DIGI denied my access to their network without me defaulting payment or broke their rules. It is a very clear that DIGI was trying to either force me out of their network or forcing me to accept their proposal of SIM replacement without providing plan B that I have insisted.

It is obvious that DiGi seems to boot me out than having my SIM replaced as I have never receive any SIM replacement posted via Pos Malaysia's ordinary mail on 1st Feb 2011 morning as they claimed. Since it was posted via ordinary mail, there's no record on the hand of the forwarder hence it is as good as not done.

By deducing the above facts, I came to a conclusion that DiGi has unlawfully terminated service rendered. In such circumstances, I should not be held liable for the early termination penalty, since it is not originated by my end nor I agreed that the service to be withdrawn.

In such situation, there should be no early termination penalty on me, and DiGi shall compensate for their wrongdoing instead.

Thus, if the penalty does not exist, how can DiGi put in such that the waiver is out of their generosity?

Then come the call charges. My line was unlawfully denied access, after many strong protests telling DiGi that i have no other avenue but to get out of DiGi, and demanded the line be back to normal until the porting out is successful. DIGi then reactivate my line and the process kicked off. This means that from 1 Feb 2011 I have been booted out from DiGi and waiting for them to complete whatever necessary to port me out. My usage is regular as I called those who missed call me, plus my normally low SMS and outgoing calls.

I lost patience during the overdue long time for them to settle everything and I have decided that I should not be liable for their delay, the responsibilty lies on DiGi and not me.

I agreed to pay pro rated fees from 17 Jan 2011 to 1 Feb 2011 evening when the line was cut. Any charges after this period is solely DiGi's responsibilty as I was waiting for them to do what needs to be done.

Instead of asking for a Chinese New Year back, this is too insignificant financially as way to compensate for time and patience lost. I think I am fair to them and they still wanted me to pay is kind of insane to me.

Even if I am forced to pay to have a clean record, I told them I will pay with protest.

It is not the amount of money to be paid, what is RM44 vs RM88, a RM44 savings? It is not even enough for my cats and dogs for a day! I am doing this because I strongly feel that the rights of consumers should be protected, even if it is just a symbolic victory. Service providers cannot have the impression that they are big thus they can bully customer like us first with technical jargon that ordinally people can never understand but to accept their claim (the argument of iPhone being inferior than nokia, which I have prove them wrong).

Nor they can twisted their words in their favor like they waived the early termination penalty which does not even exist legally.

Finally they should be at least jointly responsible for their inability to render services as stipulated or at a acceptable service level, instead of first telling their customer that the customer made a bad choice buying iPhone (sold by them, with no indication in any material nor verbal advise that iPhone is inferior compare to nokia before one signs up, this is against the Trade Description Act where the vendor mislead consumer into believing that their product is usable but later claimed not when problem arised).

DiGi would have done it better in this case and would not be tangling into the mess should they first admit that there may be problem at their end and work towards solving instead of pointing finger to everyone else.

Probably I am one of the lucky one with this result this far. If I choose to keep quiet, I will have to suffer for the rest of 2 years.

So this is worth the effort, and I strongly believe that the big guys are more afraid of you if they know mistake is from them and not you.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our indon Neighbour

A team of Immigration enforcement raided my area just a while ago.

They seems to know which house has illegal immigrants and the raid is pretty smooth.

Our indon Neighbour, was unfortunately taken away. Another family with kids was also taken away.

I know them, in fact I know all of them. They are peaceful and friendly, and they are reasonable unlike some snobbish local, need not to mention most of these snobbish bunch are the same race as me.

Probably the only offense they have is illegally entered our country,

And they came here to fight for their survival, jobs that our elite grads refused to dirty their hands are picked up by them.

Many have wrong perception that these are criminals and I dare to say out loud that I have been mixing around with guards and policemen in my area, that most crime are committed by locals who refused to work, but expecting comfortable life.

I am just wondering why our law is in such where good but illegal immigrants are punished, but not those who actually committed crime by refusing to work but trying to find an easy way out?

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Monday, February 7, 2011

There's heaven in me

There's heaven in me when I see needed cats and dogs came forward for food and I am able to keep them filled.

It's really wonderful that peace of mind and joy of life shines, when you see them welcoming you not just because of your food, but joy of seeing you knowing that someone care of them are coming.

There's heaven in me and I wish you find your heaven within yourself

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

DiGi, Chronicle of events leading to Self Destruction

Dear DiGi,

I am wondering whether you are serious in your business, that my problem remain unsolved, and with new surprises coming from you every now and then making me feel that you are either the great entertainer or I am just too small a customer that you don't even bother to look at.

First, let me stress a point:

I am not asking for your attention as your attention is the last on earth that I will ever expect. I am asking you to provide a decent voice service as stipulated in your contract either implied or expressed, that both parties entered the contract with seller provide its service and buyer pay according to contractual rate/price. This is the basis of Law of contract, I doubt you ever understand.

Let me start with what transpired during these great Chinese New Year season and how you have made my CNY a haunted dream instead of celebration.

2011 Jan 12

Ms Zatasha called and follow up with a mail that she will escalate my case to relevant channels and requesting me to be patient waiting for the outcome.

2011 Jan 21

I follow up with a mail to Ms. Zatasha that I am still experiencing missed calls and still waiting for her reply.

2011 Jan 22

Ms Tinesh replied my mail promised that relevant personnel will contact me pertaining to my problem.

2011 Jan 27

I follow up with email asking what is happening.

2011 Jan 28

Mr. Ravindran called and offered SIM replacement. I told him that I will only agree with SIM replacement if DiGi proposes plan B, i.e. if the replacement SIM still having the same issue, then what should DiGi and I do next.

Mr. Ravi keep insisting that my SIM failed, to solve my problem, I need to get the SIM replaced. I told him that I do not want to waste more time with DiGi rounding the bush, I just want a plan B in case plan A, i.e. SIM replacement failed.

Mr. Ravi finally agreed that he need to discuss with relevant parties, and will come back to me as soon as possible.

2011 Feb 01 noon

I tried to reach Mr. Ravi from Customer Service number 016-221-1800 to follow up on my case. According to Call Center staff, they are not able to pass my line to Mr. Ravi since he is at another department. After wrestling with the call attendant, I spoke to Mr. Phang, presumably a team leader or supervisor. Mr. Phang promised to sort this out with Mr. Ravi and get Mr. Ravi to contact me again.

2011 Feb 01 late afternoon

My SIM failed to register to DiGi network, registration was denied, both incoming and outgoing calls are barred. In short, DiGi terminated my account.

I was kind of panic, I called DiGi call center after I can get whole of another phone, and I assumed that my current SIM is faulty. When I checked with the call attendant on my account status, and network status, replied all positive, means account is good, line is active.

I then asked if I can get emergency replacement of SIM during CNY and any of DiGi center is open during the festive season. Replied yes, some centers are open for business.

The call attendant then asked for my alternate number in order for Mr Ravi to return my call. I did mention my case is handled by Mr Ravi. A 019 number was given, and I was expecting a call from DiGi the next day.

2011 Feb 02 9:42AM

Mr. Ravi sent an email that he has sent out the replacement SIM on 2011 Feb 01, I did not aware of the mail until I reached home mid night.

2011 Feb 02 5:02PM & 2011 Feb 02 1:04AM

I run several SIM diagnostic tests to find out whether my current SIM is really at fault or otherwise. I have concluded that the current SIM was barred by DiGi and it is not faulty.

2011 Feb 03 1:34AM

I replied Mr. Ravi's mail questioning why he sent out the replacement SIM without my prior consent.

2011 Feb 03 1:53AM

I emailed Mr. Ravi asking for date and time of which the replacement SIM was sent.

2011 Feb 03 11:04AM

Mr. Ravi replied via mail that replacement SIM was sent 2011 Feb 01 but no time given.

2011 Feb 03 8:38PM

A strongly worded mail was sent to Mr. Ravi on DiGi's fatal decision to send replacement SIM during festive season when postal service is not available, and humiliation and frustration that I faced when others suspecting that I may not settle my bill thus my line was cut.

2011 Feb 04 afternoon

Mr. Ravi called and insisted that I have accepted the replacement SIM offer. I told him point blank that I have never agreed on replacement SIM unless plan B is proposed by DiGi.

I asked what is the time replacement SIM was despatched for delivery. He finally told me that it was delivered on 2011 Feb 02 (the correct date quoted should be 2011 Feb 01, typo error) morning. He added that this is the resolution of his internal discussion with his peer that they believe it is the best option for me.

I protested by telling him that I was not even consulted, nor I have agreed on replacement SIM. I asked why he proceed with deactivation of my current SIM without my knowledge, he admitted that my current SIM is deactivated with assumption that I can use the replacement SIM when I received.

I asked him when will Pos Malaysia deliver the replacement SIM to my door step, and should I be carrying my phone with a dead SIM that I cannot use as a phone?

He said that it was unfortunate that the incident falls on festive season and I would be receiving the replacement SIM by coming Monday or Tuesday, i.e. almost a week of communication blackout.

He added that DiGi will consider waiving ONE month charge as compensation. I told him point blank that RM88 cannot buy a CNY back for me.

I have demanded him to re-activate my current SIM, and the SIM was activated about an hour after the phone call.

2011 Feb 04 afternoon

I called the call center again, spoken to call attendant Ms. Esther, to record my frustration. Further, I have asked Ms. Esther to record properly the following:

DiGi, as the seller of pronounced services, failed to deliver its commitment towards the buyer, i.e. ME on the expected service level, and unlawful termination of service rendered to me without prior warning nor due to unsettled payments.

I hereby demanded the contract to be terminated as per DiGi's will, and DiGi shall not charge me any early termination fee, and I shall not be liable to return the iPhone 4 purchased under this contract as I have performed my duty as a contractual party and duly paid the price of iPhone 4.

Lastly, I demanded DiGi to return my mobile number which I have ported to DiGi from Celcom to another carrier of my choice without delay, and all cost is to be borne by DiGi.

DiGi should not instruct any of its employee who are not able to make the above decision to contact me and discuss about the process above, it is a waste of time, effort, money, and brain cell talking to people whom the world is to be blamed but DiGi.

I think I have made the case very clear, DiGi, Over to you.