Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A pleasent surprise!

I went to KWSP today and saw this. A man was busy decorating the KWSP office to make the Christmas felt.

It is indeed a pleasent surprise!

Kudos to KWSP management and it's staff making this possible.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Tell us why should we vote for you, Pakatan

Many of us who worked hard to convince our surrounding friends to vote for Pakatan Rakyat in the 12th GE, managed to deny Barisan Nasional's 2/3 majority for the first time.

We were expecting that Pakatan Rakyat will continue its struggle for the benefit of the people, ie to improve itself and prepare to take over the government, and put a full stop to rampent corruptions, abuse of power, among others, restored the local government elections which has been raped by BN after the May 13 incident.

It has been months, if not years, for Pakatan to try uniting themselves. Political struggle within and outside Pakatan raise the doubt whether Pakatan can eventaully make it.

During the months, we see troubles brewing within Pakatan itself: inconsistent policies in the Pakatan lead states; cross fire within Pakatan for something laughable; and worse, continue to deny the rights of the people to elect their very own local government representatives.

Many Pakatan leaders, from time to time have been giving excuses not to have local government elections for reasons which I doubt themselves will ever convinced.

Some said it is expensive to conduct yet another level of elections; some said it is unconsistutional to conduct suche elections as it is against the Laws; some claimed only Elections Commission is empowered to conduct elections hence the state government is not in the position to do so.

Thus, Pakatan resorted to Barisan's conventional practice: appointing politicians from
Their own parties according to quota instead.

Pakatan failed to realise that the country is urgently needing local governments answerable to the people, not their political master, as the first step to ensure that no one can take advantage of this as a gift to their supporters.

People wanted someone, or a team of someone they elected, answerable to the people, to carry out duty for the people.

If Pakatan insisted that they cannot restore the local government elections, due to whatever reason, they will have to think hard enough how to win the hearts of people who have voted for them for what they have promised.

There may be circumstances beyond our knowledge that local government elections is not easy to implement as 1 2 3. Understood, and point taken. But what is Pakatan's plan and road map towards achieving the goal?

Pakatan, think twice, think hard. Even if you are confident that by registering more voters will be at your advantage but can you ensure that these new voters will vote you in the coming election? Will those who have entursted you earlier continue to vote you regardless?

Build your ground firmly, do it right. You cannot afford to fail, you don't have time, neither the people will patiently wait for you to grow up like a man. Barisan Nasional will certainly not waiting for you too.

Stop accusing everything that Barisan is doing, focus on your foundation, or you'll be washed away sooner then you can ever expect.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Translated: the story of Ah Chung

A friend dropped in this copy of translation. He said he did this to help spreading the message. This is an Interview, originally in Chinese, of a man, Ah Chung, who has been walking the talk for Teoh Beng Hock, whom have been thrown (as most believed) from 14th floor of MACC's office.

It is not a grammatically perfect piece, neither do I write perfect English. It is the sincerity and effort of wanting to do something for TBH in the quest demanding for Justice that makes me posted this, with minimal editing.

Read on.....

I wish Teoh Beng Hock was dead on the 14th floor of Plaza Mazalam.


Only dead people aren't scared of falling from a tall building.


Some forget. Some choose to remain silent. Some prefer to speak... but only through their vote. However for some, action must be taken and this bloody debt must be claimed now.


Those words almost made me cry. But the person who said it already had tears in his eyes.


I went through 2 hours of the city traffic to meet Ah Zhung, but he said “Who is Ah Zhung?”. Most think he is crazy. But since Teoh Beng Hock's death, Ah Zhung has gained massive popularity.


He is not a rich man, but fighting for Teoh Beng Hock's justice requires a full time effort. So he left his job.


On the Saturday morning that Teoh Beng Hock's grave was dug up for a second postmortem, Ah Zhung was at the 'front-seat'. While holding a black and white photo of Teoh Beng Hock in his left hand, his right fist was clenched, pointing up to the sky. According to him, Teoh Beng Hock's body was found lying like this.

棺木上了灵车他也驾着20多年的老摩托追灵车,结果半路撞洞摔到一扑一碌。好彩後面光明記者的車子來得及煞車 ,要不然22號各報的頭條除了趙明福,恐怕還會有他。所以他一直笑著跟我說,好彩光明的記者救了他。

As he trails the hearse, his 20 year old bike hit a pothole and fell. Fortunately the car behind him managed to stop in time, otherwise he would have been on the headline of Guang Ming Daily. The driver of the car was a reporter for this daily newspaper.


After 2 hours in the hands of a mechanic, he was back on his bike, RM45.00 poorer. RM45.00 is half the total amount of his monthly food expenses.

His wounds are still bleeding as he head straight to the hospital, but he wasn't there to seek treatment.


Dr. Porntip was scheduled to arrive the next morning. She is Ah Zhung's newfound idol. However in the hours before her arrival, Ah Zhung decided it is up to him to stay on guard. More so as everyone around him fell asleep at about 7 in the morning.


In the morning, someone bought him McDonald's fry chicken. Every piece of chicken was chewed to the bone. He said, it was the most delicious meal he's had in the past 7 years.


His bone is almost visible through the wound on his wrist. He said this one bled the most, but the rest are nothing.


His hand was still swollen. I can feel the pain just by looking at it. But to him it was just another scratch. According to him, his doctor had an instant headache the moment he saw him. His doctor has never seen anyone more scared of pain.


The deepest wound was on his shoulder. But I didn't want him to show it to me because every time he takes off his clothes, the wound would rip open again.


His shirt was full of patches. But when I asked him why he doesn't change, he said he had no choice. Red colour symbolises the bloody justice that Teoh Beng Hock and his family has yet to be served.


Turns out, that was his only red shirt.


After many washes, the bloodstain remains. “Even Better!” he said, “This represents the vengeance for Teoh Beng Hock. I’ll patch it and wear it again”


I said to him “Ah Zhung, even your pocket is full of patches!”


Ah Zhung was only too happy to reply “No lah, it was torn when I was dragged by 'them'. I'm not ashamed of it. The people, who have wronged, should be ashamed. Not me.”


I brought him to Sushi King for a meal. He ate a lot of rice but with not much else, with every small chunk of fish, a few mouthfuls of rice follow. I sat quietly as he eats. He ate 4 bowls of rice that night.


(My boss told earlier that he will foot the bill, thus, it is not me who were paying for the dinner, thank you boss)

自己作剪报和讨公道的工具。一张赵明福的海报折来折去随身带,已经差不多破烂, 不过他还拿来当宝。 原因是它的正面是趙明福,可是它的背面是蘇淑慧。他用自己的方式,把陰陽相隔的兩個人重新連結在一起。

Ah Zhung never had much on him. But a collage of newspaper cuttings and photographs was amongst his precious keep. On one side, it's a black and white portrait of Teoh Beng Hock, on the other side, his wife. It looked worn with a few patches of tapes keeping it together, but to him, this is his own special way to reunite Teoh Beng Hock and his wife. One in heaven and the other on earth.


As time passes by , some anger starts to fade. For most people, this tragedy has turned to a distant memory. But Ah Zhung insists that justice has to be served. And all he has is his persistent self as a reminder to the whole world.

"冷漠的社会有份杀死赵明福。"他一直这样跟我说。因為當我們對錯誤選擇明哲保身,就是姑息養奸。 就是幫兇。面对他,我羞愧得吃不下,拼命喝茶喝得胃抽筋。一個天天扒白飯的人,一個已經51歲的老年人,依然堅持黑的就是黑的,永遠不可能變成白的,為什麼?

“A cold society has a hand in killing Teoh Beng Hock”, Ah Zhung kept saying. When we choose to ignore a crime that's happening in front of us, we are allowing and encouraging for it to happen. That makes us an accomplice.

Listening to him makes me feel sick to my stomach. I lost my appetite. Drinking tea alone got my stomach cramped. A 51-year-old man, who could only afford plain white rice for meals, still insists that black is black and can never be white. Why?


As I started writing this article on my phone, I started thinking, maybe Ah Zhung wasn't crazy afterall. Maybe he is the last sane being in this crazy world.


Tonight, in the memory of Teoh Beng Hock.

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Location:Jalan 7a/2,Rawang,Malaysia

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bukit Antarabangsa Landslide report declassified

Malaysian Insider reported the following

Cabinet declassifies Bukit Antarabangsa landslide report


KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 5 — The Federal Cabinet has agreed to declassify the report on Bukit Antarabangsa landslide that killed five almost exactly a year ago, Works Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said tonight.

He said the cabinet made the decision after the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) applied to make it public.

“We have decided to make the report public to safeguard the interest and wellbeing of the residents in the area,” Shaziman told reporters in Gemencheh.

Just wonder if it is for the benefit of the residents, why not do it as soon as when the report is ready?

The Barisan Nasional federal government had earlier warned Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim that he might have broke secrecy laws when releasing a report on the Dec 6 landslide.

The report had said a burst water pipe had triggered the landslide in the waterlogged leafy suburb, destroying 14 houses and causing millions in damages

“It is also my hope that the MPAJ will take remedial measures to ensure such an incident does not recur especially in the current rainy season,” Shaziman added.

The MPAJ had written to Shaziman on Nov 25 asking that the report be made public as the document was then still classified under the Official Secrets Act 1972 after Khalid backpedalled on making it public.

Shaziman said the Cabinet’s decision had nothing to do with the findings being uploaded onto the internet.

“We are merely following the set procedures. The report was made for the MPAJ and we could not make it public without their knowledge.”So, when they wrote to me asking that the findings be made public, I agreed after consulting members of the Cabinet...that is the procedure,” he said.

Oh! Yes! the declassification process needs 10 days. Even it is of public interest, not just residents of the affected area. Mr Minister, where is your KPI??

Hitting out at the Pakatan Rakyat state government, Shaziman said the federal government did not make hasty decisions like the Selangor government.

“We have nothing to hide...as long as the procedures are followed, we will make the information available to the people.

Mr Minister, if the Present Selangor Government is BN, will you say the same? Why should minister brought in politics, when he is representing the ministry, not his party on this matter??

“It is also my hope that the Selangor government would from Monday work on the proposals set in the report which include cleaning the drains and strengthening the slopes in the affected area... don’t just keep the report and do nothing about it,” he added.

Shaziman said his officers had lodged a police report on Wednesday over the leak, adding it occured only after the Public Works Department handed over the report to MPAJ.

Council president Datuk Mohammad Yacob said once the report was declassified, copies would be made available to the public at a cost of RM80 each.

Why should the Government, be it Federal, State, or local council charge for the report? Can RM80 make you rich? If you cannot afford to give away, let it be on the Internet for interested party to download la, why still want to charge??

iPhone quick tips: photo orientation

Quite often, when taking pictures using iPhone, in ladscape, it saved as portrait.

This happened especially when trying to capture image from a table, where iPhone is positioned with camera facing down.

The solution: before taking picture, position iPhone upright, turn the camera on, then turn the iPhone to landscape, point to your object, and shoot.

It's simple, just need a little training. You need not using other tools or go back to your desktop to rotate photos you took from iPhone no more.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Long lost Simon & Garfunkel

It's The Concert in Central Park, DVD!!

I found this, kind of unprepared when I was shopping around at USJ Summit, where Popular book store is having clearance sales.

It was like sending me back to 1981/2 where I was still very young (many probably hard to imaging how I look like with dark, shining, hair).

This album is in fact one of the first English album that, when I started listening to English songs.

The album was the collection of my uncles. I was staying with my grand ma then, and like to flip thru my uncles' books, magazines, and of course, albums.

Frankly, I know no English at that time, even I was already form 5. It is kind of normal for Chinese educated student, proud of fluent in Chinese/Mandarin but English and Bahasa.

It was Simon and Garfunkel, along with Don McLean (American Pie, Vincent, etc), Bob Dylan (Blowing in the Wind, The Time They are a Changin' etc), Joan Baez (Amazing Grace, Donna Donna, etc), thought me English, and learn to appreciate non-mother tongue language.

I remember it was so difficult for me to understand what they are singing, trying to sing the way they are. I was literally learning every single pronunciation by heart, every single word, every line, and every song was repeated over and over until I get them right.

It wasn;t just songs that I learned, but every single spoken word during the Concert, like

"What a night! God! I thought it might be somewhat crowded but we seem to have filled the place." etc.

They have influence not only my perspective on languages, but message in their songs is still influencing the way I look at things.

It is glad to have them both again, this time on DVD. I've ripped the DVD to my iTunes and iPhone, so I can listen everywhere I go, it is just like seeing a long lost friend, not one, but two.

I am sure to sleep well tonight with their songs, sure, I will.

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长大后,大人说我们要 Bersih, Cekap, Amanah。




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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Found 2 puppies 2 days ago, it was raining.

Fido was the first being rescued from the monsoon drain.

Rido was the next one, about 3 hour later when the rain got heavy. I picked him from the drain.

Hugo was the last, he was outside of my gate when I found him

All three playing in our garden. Tiny as they can be, and all of them are male.

The 2 was hiding underneath monsoon drain near my house.

I believe that some irresponsible person throw them out from their house, why? Cause I heard puppies' noise when passing by their house, and now no more.

Tonight, another 1 came near my house. Hungry.

I brought him in and give some food, together with the earlier 2, there are now 3 in my house.

We have already 3 dogs, a couple of cats. Adding these puppies, am afraid that we are not able to take care of them.

Is anyone interested in adopting puppies, please comment with your contacts. I will contact you and post it without your personal information.

Will post their pictures a while later.

Thanks in advance.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sorry but you cannot be the Prime Minister

Many trying all sorts to climb themselves to the peak, lies, tricks, back stabbing, and whatever even beyond your imagination.

Before the official formation of Pakatan Rakyat, Anwar is seen assuming the leading role for Pakatan Rakyat.

When the news of Zaid Ibrahim been named as the leading role for Pakatan when filing for registration, question raised within and outside Pakatan of why it is Zaid and not the others, especially Anwar.

The are PKR legislators quickly countered that Zaid is merely for registration purpose while Anwar still lead.

When Zaid Ibrahim suggested Tok Guru Nik Aziz to be the Chair, DAP protested in their usual way, and proposed Lim Kit Siang instead.

See, these people are trying to grab power and influence even before the dream of being the host in Putrajaya realized.

What different does it make compare to UMNO when it comes to power grab?

I insisted that Anwar is innocent but can Anwar put off every other responsibilities just to focus on his cases, instead of grabbing everything he can in his hand?

The opposed noise from DAP on Tok Guru Nik Aziz merely suggest that DAP leaders are worried about their grisp on voters supporting them.

For PAS, it is simple, Kit Siang cannot be the PR taiko because he is a non Muslim.

All these don't see themselves as one family.

When you are in such situation, what will you, as a voter, will do?

I will rather go vote for BN for the first time in my life come next election, and sink Pakatan than to regret later if Pakatan ever be at the peak of Putrajaya.

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Angel in disguise

Since the death of Teoh Beng Hock (TBH), many cried fouled wanted justice to prevail.

Yes, many, including me, who don't believe that Teoh is suicided as some may claimed, expressed our feeling in one way or another.

But there are others who chose to express their feeling in a consistent manner, of whom many see them as mad.

In reality, everyone has to take care of themselves, their families, and how many of us really look into matter like TBH's tragedy seriously?

He may be insane, but he is an Angel for Teoh.

Chung, a person who have no relationship, never know Teoh before the tragedy, stood up consistently for Teoh.

He is not someone who have money and time to spare for matter like this. He is not someone who wanted to steal limelight from the media to get himself famous.

He is just an ordinary man who struggle for his daily food on table.

Most laughed at Chung for what he is doing, most see him as either extremist, or fool, depending on which side you are looking from.

But these people do not understand, these people including me:

What Chung has done is what we wanted to, but was unable due to our so called conscious mind.

When are we willing to sacrifice a little for our future, than wanting others to sacrifice for us?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

An adv found on the wall in KLCC

Guess what is in the advertisement?

Doesn't ETIHAD realized that promoting such as featured in the advertisement may cause unrest in this Holy Land?

Where are you Hassan Ali? Why not campaign on this instead?

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Friday, November 20, 2009







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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Free Internet coverage? Hello TM, where are U?

Before going to bed, as usual, wondering thru my favourate sites, and Electronista is one of them.

It says today that a British town with 186,000 residents are getting free WiFi up to 20Mbps, and it costs the company which runs the service around USD1.68million.

This means, for each resident, the company or the town council is paying USD9 for up to 20Mbps internet access -- FOR FREE!!!!

We on the other side of the globe, have to pay our internet access everywhere we go. Streamyx at home (no other ISP in my area), 3G when moving around.

And total monthly bill for both of us, my wife and myself, is approximately RM300 just for 24/7 connectivity at a mere 1Mbps speed. Yes, 3G and HSDPA gives up to 3.6Mbps and 7.2Mbps respectively for both Celcom and Maxis, but we are getting around 1Mbps, more at night, and less during the day.

If TM and other ISPs were to charge at USD9 per month and provide up to 20Mbps for each of us, we will be the happiest being on earth, if the day ever come.

I am just wondering, why the others can do all these magic, even in country where cost is high, comparatively, according to our beloved government.

But this explain how much we have be exploited by telcos with government backing by means of legislations.

I wonder if I ever have the know how and I would like to do the same as what the Brits are, will MCMC granted me a license for no charge?

Dream.... Dream.... Dream is what we can do now.

While others are increasing using the Internet as productive tools, our care taker still think that it has to be controlled with tight laws and restrict the players.

While others are slowly doing away from working in the office, we are still stuck with traffic jam crawling to work and back home.

While others are enjoying rich content over the internet with high speed Internet, we are still crawling with 1Mbps, and TM shouted 4Mbps IN SELECTED AREAS ONLY!

While others are capable of building infrastructure to power the town at USD1.68million, our government is pouring billions to so-called fiber highway God know when it comes and where it will be, and how much we will have to pay.

Government, isn't it time to learn from the little town in Britain? KL City hall: where the hell is your high speed wifi for the whole of KL??

Better save some breathe that vomit blood talking to these bunch of rocks (rocks never listen, right?)

Go sleep!!

Read this from Electronista:

Swindon Borough Council is planning on offering free Wi-Fi to the entire population of its town by April of next year, says a Tuesday report. The UK town's 186,000 residents will not have to pay any connection charges or subscription fees for the service, due to be called Signal. The project will cost the equivalent of about $1.68 million and is run by newly formed Digital City UK Ltd, 35 percent of which is owned by Swindon's city council....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I also want to be government supplier

Read this piece from Malaysiakini and makes me feel that the lucky supplier is laughing his way to the bank.

Touch screen PC! The government is so generous to let all MPs, 222 of them, to experience the Touch sensation!

But wait..... Do you really need keyboard and mouse for a touch screen device? Or do the government understand what touch screen is all about?

Ok. Now the best part:

80GB hard drive costs RM320!

Holly shit! You can get a 500GB hard drive in Low Yat Plaza at as low as RM160.

If I am the supplier, I can supply 500GB hard drive for RM320 and still make 100% profit from street price.

So whoever approved the purchase, let me be your supplier and I can share with you 1/2 the profit!

Translated by yours truly:

Minister in the Prime Minister's department, in charge of Parliamentary Affair, Nazri, in his written reply stating that the new touch screen computers recently installed costs RM11,916 per unit.


He was answering question raised by MP Fong Poh Kuan, saying that the original cost of each touch screen PC is RM11,233, excluding other accessories such as keyboard.


"a keyboard, mouse, and keyboard tray cost the Government RM320, an 80GB hard drive costs RM363, thus a complete unit of touch screen PC is RM11,916."


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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well, the 3 papaya trees in my house,

Those who have tasted, this are the trees. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is not our fault

It's easier to say "This has nothing to do with us." than to admit that the government is at fault.

Yes, the collapsed bridge took away 3 lives has nothing to do with the government but it is the fault of the developer.

Yes, who is asking the 3 for the 1Malaysia camping event? The government is not organising these events.

Yes, the parents should be blamed that they allowing their kids even without knowing where they actually going. Or the teachers should be blamed for not telling the truth to parents on such event.

But who initiated the 1Malaysia camping event nationwide?

Who funded the construction of such camping sites?

Who approved the 1Malaysia Camping idea?


From The Malaysian Insider

Muhyiddin admits Kampar bridge construction flawed

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11 - Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin (picture) admitted in Parliament today that the recent collapse of the hanging bridge in Kampar, Perak, which claimed the lives of three children, may have been caused by its flawed construction.

In his ministerial winding-up speech text on the 2010 Budget, Muhyiddin said the early findings of the Works Ministry’s probe into the tragedy indicated that the bridge’s structure was unstable.

He also revealed that the blueprint or plan of the bridge construction was incomplete, pointing towards negligence on the part of the developer.

“My ministry will provide the detailed report and is expected to be released the latest by the end of November,” said Muhyiddin.

Perak Pakatan Rakyat leaders had recently alleged the bridge was built without the necessary approval from the Land Office and Kampar Municipal Council.

The bridge was part of the general design of the 1 Malaysia Camp in Kampar. The 1 Malaysia camps have been set up throughout the country as part of the government’s efforts to promote the concept coined by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

The deputy prime minister said further that he has already instructed his officers to step up safety measures for the students to prevent similar incident from recurring.

On the accusation by PR leaders that the teachers of the students had failed to fulfill standard operating procedures (SOP), Muhyiddin denied and defended them, saying his probe had shown otherwise.

The opposition claimed that their investigation had shown that the teachers were not present to monitor the pupils when they were on the bridge, and negligence could have been one of the factors behind the tragedy.

“Our investigation showed that the teachers met with the SOP set by the ministry.when the tragedy occurred, the teachers did their best to save the pupils,” said Muhyiddin in his text speech.

Time constraint had disallowed the deputy prime minister to read out his reply to queries by opposition MPs on the matter. He said they will be given the written reply soon.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You are damn lucky, drivers!

I said you are damn lucky! Why? Well, if you are driving and paying tolls, then you are lucky!

The government has been surpressing annual toll increase for the past 2 years, to make sure that you ae not affected. What the toll operators have in return is compensation based on projected annual traffic.

What does it means? It means the toll operators tells the government that their projected traffic using their highways are so and so, and the government duly pay the compensation without asking.

But what is the benefit for drivers? Well, you don't need to come out from your already squeezed money from your pocket, the government takes from you at one go and pay accordingly. So you you still pay the same toll rates, the toll operators still make their money with their projections instead of real traffic, and the government is happy that toll rates not affecting you by paying toll operators on behalf.

This is a WIN WIN WIN situation.

However, there are more in the recent budget, makes it even better for drivers who pay tolls.

Just to refresh your memory: the govebrment is expected to collect RM500million per annum from credit card holders, and on the othe hand: the government is paying the toll operators compensation approximately at RM400million for fiscal year 2010. (for details, please Google, don't you know there's something called Google that will find anything for you?)

If you are driver who pay tolls and have a credit card, you will be taxed RM50 per annum.

Consider if your monthly toll payment is RM200 and government allows to increase by 10%, you'll need to pay RM20 extra per month, which is RM240 per annum.

And you just pay RM50 for your credit card service tax and all settled. You need not suffer the lost of RM190 in addition if the toll hike by 10% and there's no credit card service tax.

"what if I have more than 1 card?" Well, the maths is simple, take RM240 divide by RM50, means if you have 5 cards, you'll then be paying more.

Conclusion: if you are toll users and have less than 5 cards and your average toll is not more than RM200 per annum, you make!

But if you are either have more cards or pay less tolls, then God bless you!

"I don't use tolled highway, but I have some cards, then?" some may ask.

Then you are settling bills on behalf of others who pay tolls, MORON!

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Annual event at the East Coast

It is not the Monson Cup, it is not the bycycle race, it is not F1, it is the annual flood hitting East Coast every year.

The most affected states, Kelantan and Trengganu, has been badly hit by Monson flood evey end of year.

The two states are the wealthiest in terms of petroleum production, however, the 2 states are the poorest in West Malaysia.

The Federal government is surviving with a total of 46% contribution from petroleum products via the State owned Petronas. Without petroleum output from the 2 states, the federal government will be running at higher deficit than what we have for the past 10 years.

But what Malaysian do to thank the 2 states, of which has been contributing far more than other states in West Malaysia combined?


The state of Kelantan is governed by PAS, an opposition party at the federal level for the past 14 years. It is perfectly understandable from the federal ruling regime point of view since Kelantan people chosen their rival to rule the state, hence there should be no effort to stop the flood from happening.

But what about Trengganu? Trengganu is governed by none other than Barisan Nasional, and the Menteri Besar is from UMNO, the most influencial component party within the ruling regime.

There were money spent to build the Islam Hadari Park in Trengganu; the were million spent to build a crystal mosque in Trengganu; there were Monson Cup which spent millions each year; there were million ringgit stadium in Trengganu which collapsed within a year after it is built.

But there's not enough to spend on irrigation, channeling excessive rain brought in by North-east Monson every year.

Should all these be re-prioritized, the 2 states may not need to suffer losses in life and wealth of helpless residents.

The question is: why this has been happening for the past 52 years after indepedent and nothing can be done while millions and billions go to projects bringing no direct benefits to the state resudents?

Is there a master plan to prevent this from happening? I doubt.

Some 3,000 years ago, in ancient China, Emperor Yu(大禹) spent years to solve floods from threatening lives of his people.

Why Emperor Yu can do something and we, 3,000 years later, with advanced science and technology, the annual Monson flood remain unsolvable?

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Saturday, November 7, 2009









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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

TBH, why not allowing Dr Pornthip to conduct the second autopsy?

The question of legitimacy of Dr Pornthip under the Medical Act 1971, which prohibits her from conducting the second autopsy, is expected, but disappointed.

I am not questioning about the decision of the Coroner, however, by admitting her to be a witness by the Court has implied that the Court recognizes her as a Forensic expert. If such, why should her not allowed to conduct the autopsy?

If the Court accepted her testimony, and subsequently allowing the second autopsy to be conducted, why not her?

The function of judiciary system is to uphold justice, upholding justice even the Court may need to make exemption if the current laws prohibits such action.

Laws are made by men to apply under most circumstances but here we witnessed the inefficiency of domestic forensic experts as raised by Dr Pornthip in her testimonial.

It is the confident level we are talking about, and justice to be served and seen instead of just served.

It is indeed sad but not surprising, but we shall all be reminded that without seeing justice served, our road to make this country a better place to live is still far, long, and obstacles ahead.

Malaysian Insider

Wednesday November 4, 2009

Coroner allows Teoh exhumation for fresh autopsy


By Debra Chong

SHAH ALAM, Nov 4 — The coroner’s court investigating Teoh Beng Hock’s mysterious death has allowed the exhumation of his body for a second autopsy to be attended by renowned Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand.

Dr Pornthip had earlier testified that the probable cause of Teoh’s death on July 16 was 80 per cent homicide and only 20 per cent suicide, contrary to testimony from local pathologists who had conducted the first post-mortem.

The DAP political aide was found dead at the 5th-floor roof outside the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) office in Plaza Masalam, hours after he was questioned in an on-going probe into alleged abuse of state funds by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmakers.

Teoh’s family lawyer, Gobind Singh Deo, had presented the case for the exhumation during a hearing today and all present had agreed.

But MACC’s legal affairs director, Datuk Abdul Razak Musa, objected to Dr Pornthip carrying out the post-mortem.

“Dr Pornthip is not qualified under Malaysian laws,” he told the coroner’s court today.

The director-general of Thailand’s Central Institute of Forensic Science had graduated from Mahidol University, which is not among the 250 universities listed in the Medical Act 1971 as recognised by the federal government, he noted.

However, he did not object to her being present at the second autopsy.

Abdul Razak later told reporters that the MACC would hire its own independent medical expert to “audit” the findings.

The details of the exhumation and autopsy — where, when and the name of the medical officer who will carry it out — will be determined on Nov 9, said magistrate Azmil Munthapa Abas who is sitting as the coroner.

Speaking to reporters later, Gobind said the coroner’s order was a “compromise” because the Teohs failed to get their choice pathologist to perform the second autopsy.

He noted that the process to register the Thai forensic expert as a medical officer recognised under Malaysian law was complicated.

“Time is not on our side,” Gobind said.

Dr Pornthip had said a second autopsy must be carried out within six months of burial, or the natural decomposition of the body would affect findings, the lawyer noted.

“We’re now in the fifth month,” Gobind told reporters.

He also said the family still has prerogative to choose the medical officer who will perform the examination with Dr Pornthip present.

“At this point, we have no names yet,” he said.

Gobind also indicated that the second autopsy is likely to be held at the Serdang Hospital because it is the closest to where Teoh is buried at the Nirvana Memorial Garden in Semenyih.

He explained that the autopsy must be held immediately after the exhumation, as the body must be returned to its grave as soon as possible.

“The second post-mortem is to be carried out pursuant to the order by the coroner in the midst of an inquest.

“As such, it is safe to say that the second post-mortem is done at the behest of the magistrate who is the coroner,” the lawyer said, and noted that the cost will be borne by the federal government.

He added that Dr Pornthip has indicated she will be free to take part in the post-mortem on Nov 14.

She is due to attend a conference in Kuala Lumpur next week.

Teoh’s siblings, Meng Kee and Lee Lan, both attended today’s hearing and were disappointed Dr Pornthip would not be the main person conducting the post-mortem examination.

But they told reporters they would begin preparing for their brother’s body to be exhumed and will consult a fengshui expert for a suitable date to carry out a customary Chinese ceremony to honour the dead.

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中午 12点45分


纳吉今日在国会大厦召开记者会,受询及社团注册局的决定时,直指该决定“完全合法”(purely legal)。








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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


排排坐 吃果果
你一个 我一个

排排坐 吃果果
你一口 我一口

开特大 一起来
你一半 我一半

中委会 玩逼宫
你署理 我署理

开完会 来记招
你一个 我一个

昔战友 今死敌
你一刀 我一枪

左马华 右马华
你马华 我马华

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Criminal, as defined in the Oxford Dictionary:

a person who has committed a crime

Crime, among others, is:

an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecutedby the state and is punishable by law


an action or activity that, although not illegal, is considered to be evil, shameful, or wrong

It is clear, indeed very clear.

Criminals may be those who have acted with evil or wrong intention, whether the Laws is enforceable.

And who are those criminals?

Those are people who steal the State's wealth, and pretending to be the Guardian of the people

Those who have taken someone else life and openly claiming that the deceased suicided.

Those who have twisted and spin truth and preventing truth from seeing the lights.

Ask yourself, are you one of them..

Friday, October 23, 2009








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Wednesday, October 21, 2009







指 鹿 为 马


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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


















Monday, October 19, 2009













Ray Chang my friend, rest in peace

It was a shock when I received This SMS

I'm lyddie chang, with broken n painless heart that i ever had to inform u that Raymond/Ray Chang had left us on 17/10 11.00am. The feneral will b held at jln 229, section 51a pj.

in the middle of last night, from Ray's phone sent by his wife, that Ray passed away.

I did not know him well, neither he knows me well enough to be buddies.

But I am indebted to him for what he has done for me, when I was at the bottom of my life.

Ray gave an helping hand to me when I was lost, some 6 years back, after all attempts failed to revived my failed business. It was a costly lesson that hit me hard enough that I was almost written myself off.

Of course, Ray is not the only one, there are many who helped me to get through the situation, of which I do not think I can stand up again if without these people.

Ray is an unique case. Many who helped me know me for quite a while. But Ray got to know me through my ex-boss, decided to keep me in mind.

There's too little to pen down, but too much in my mind to thank a man, whom just because I need an helping hand, with no hesitation, even not knowing me well, and get his hand wet to pull me out from the mud.

Ray passed away on 17-10-2009, at the age of 45. I can still see his smile and hear his laugh, clearly, even we have not been meeting up for almost 2 years.

So long Ray...

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

















Saturday, October 10, 2009







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Sunday, September 20, 2009

All that JAZZ

So wife took her company assigned car back home last Wednesday. It's a black Honda Jazz 2009 automatic.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reputation? MACC?

I read the following from the Malaysian Insider just a while ago, and I can't stop but asking:

Do you have a reputation?

Give us BIG FISH and CROCODILES, and you have your reputation.

Original piece below (highlighted by myself):

MACC officers lodge police report to deny torturing suspect

SHAH ALAM, Sept 9 – Five Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers, including Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus, the witness in the inquest into the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock, lodged a report at the Shah Alam police headquarters here today.

Selangor MACC director Jaafar Mahad said the officers lodged the report at 4.30pm refuting the allegation that MACC officers’ had used force during interrogation.

“We are refuting the allegation that we tortured the suspect. The statement made during the inquest proceedings was ill intent and meant to mar the reputation of the MACC,” he told reporters after accompanying the officers to the police headquarters to lodge the report.

In the inquest proceedings earlier today, T. Sivanesan, a witness called by the lawyer representing Teoh’s family, Gobind Singh Deo, claimed that he was tortured by MACC officers during interrogation.

Teoh, 30, was found dead on the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam on July 16, after giving statement to the Selangor MACC, located on the 14th floor of the same building. – Bernama

Monday, September 7, 2009

Is easy to be the opposition

Malaysian Insider reported this:

Najib says easy to be the opposition

I would believe so full heartedly. Perhaps this is one of the few sincere and faithful words we have heard so far from a top man.

Look at Selangor, the former Menteri Besar aka the "King" of the Balinese Palace has been throwing out issues after issues trying to embarrassing the present state administration, igniting anger among the people, and the ex MB adding salt onto the wound hoping that the present State administration will fall.

In Penang, issues after issues aiming towards the State administration by inciting sentiment of enthic groups without even taking our beloved Premier's "One Malaysia" in their mind.

In Kedah, there is a race between the State administration and the BN opposition on which one is the defender of a particular race.

All these added up, I can really understand where the Premier is coming from.

Agreed that it is not easy to administrate a government.

But there's a question to the Premier:

Why not take a back seat in Perak instead?

Why not just dissolve the State Assembly? Knowing that Pakatan will capture the state is great victory? And leave them the mess created thus far?

Why not? Good idea? Mr Prime Minister?

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cow head vs menteri besar

The Menteri Besar of Selangor Tan Sri Khalid announced today that the relocation of the Hindu trmple, which sparked protests from the "residents" of section 23, Shah Alam, leading to the now infamous cow head demonstration recently, is suspended until a resolution is reached.

Khalid may be forced to make such a decision to ease the rising tension between races, but the solution to the issue doesn't seems to solve any problem.

The majority Muslim community in section 23 is said to oppose the relocation of the Hindu temple to their vicinity, and the style of protest, together with "co-operation" from the law enforcers, set a very bad precedence that will further errode understanding between faiths and races.

Khalid should have opted for a referendum, allowing the resident to speak from their votes, with a commonly acceprable regulations and terms.

However, he chose to bow to the pressure of cow head, of which most will start questioning about how he will defend the minority.

Of course those who ignited the cow head demonstration will laugh all the way, and the damage is done for inter-faith and inter-race relationship. More importantly for the cow head demonstrators, is to make Khalid, and the Pakatan Rakyat look very very bad.

If the new location is not suitable, the state government should not approve the relocation in the first place. If the relocation is suitable after careful studies, the state government should remain firm on their decision.

In any circumstances, Pakatan looks horrible in this issue, despite claims that UMNO is behind the cow head.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Finally, by-election at BN constituency in West Malaysia

Will the Election Commission, as it has done previously, denied by-election like the recent Kedah State Assembly person from BN/UMNO, and the three frogs in Perak.

It is interesting to see how voters in the constituency response to this by-election in Negeri Sembilan, where BN ruled with narrrowly simple majority.

Of course, I won't be surpise if there's no by-election at all, for whatever reason.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The memory lane

Location: Restoran Satellite

The old fridge was there when I first visited the place in the 80's. On top of the lighted fridge sits a mini compo with disc changer loaded with songs of the yester years. The boss is spotted on the left.

The same old place where chicken rice is prepared. Now with helpers, the boss only collect payments.

Same source, same look, same taste, since the 80's

This is the place where both my wife and myself like to dine once a while. Not a classy restaurant, but it helps us to recall those days, when we were young.

I was brought to this restaurant when I was studying in the TARC in the 80's. It was my seniors, brought me with their motorbikes, riding from Setapak all the way here just to eat the chicken rice.

When the Highland Tower collapsed, I volunteered to pack food for the reporters on the field. With no idea how many of them there, I packed 20 packs of chicken rice here, and sent all the way from PJ to Ulu Klang.

The same restaurant, run by the same boss since then, virtually unchanged both visual and taste of food, is my memory lane.

With oldies playing while eating, it broughte back to those days, those days when we were young.

It isn't about fantastic food, neither is it a cozy place, but the tables, chairs, food, fan, songs, and the unnamed boss of whom I know him for years, but converse only when calling him for bill, making us keep wanting to come back.

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Monday, August 31, 2009


It seems we have plenty of events surrounding the Merdeka Day this year.

First, we have a toll of 71 fatal H1N1 cases. This is a national threat that the Government has failed to contain and prevent it from spreading. And I bet it will spread like wild fire come rainy season.

Second, the Cattle head demonstration in Shah Alam. This is clearly an instigation by certain quarters hoping to divide the people of different faiths going against each other. And the explanation by the Police not able to stop the demonstration on time is laughable as there are only 50 took part.

There's no arrest as of this time, even with proof on video circulating around the Internet, and no one is responsible for. YB Khalid Samad has in his blog detailing what transpires. Where is the Police when you need them most?

Stern action against participants of candle light vigils across the country, and Police is able to find who and who even after events.

But the cattle head?? No one is responsible, and no one to be found, and no one is guilty.

Yes, the Malaysia society is matured enough not to be influenced by the cattle head, as oppose to certain quarters trying to stir it up.

Third. Teoh Beng Hock was alleged by MACC that he have RM112 kick back. So MACC's theory is TBH accepted the kick back of RM112, and grilled by MACC whole night long, and decided to kill himself.

WTF! Why not the Balinese Palace King go kill himself having RM24 million palace after being questioned by MACC? Is there different treatment between the Balinese Palace King and Teoh Beng Hock?

I wonder if MACC officers ever passed their Maths? RM24 Million they just let go, RM112 they nailed until TBH died.

MCA the fourth? Sorry, there's no fourth place, MCA is irrelevant and they can continue fighting like their BN counterpart PPP forever.. It will not change the fact that MCA is powerless and toothless, and sad to say, win no respect from the community it claimed to represent.









Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They don't understand

I bet none of them understand, and know the reason why they have been losing in every by-elections here in West Malaysia.

They don't understand why they have been trying very hard to tell the world that the other side is dirty, corrupted, and no administrative experience.

They have been trying very hard to tell us that the other side is corrupt to the core starting from none other than the Black-eye self proclaimed hero of whom they made him a hero back in 1998.

They have been trying very hard to tell us that everyone, yes, everyone on the other side is corrupted thus you have the entire media, administrative, and enforcement resources are chasing after a RM2,400 case, which is damn serious when compare to RM24 million Balinese Palace.

They have been trying very hard to silence everyone by either making someone disappear, or stop everyone from mentioning that someone's name, which according to them
Is illegal and utterly seditious, and it is a serious national threat.

They have been trying very hard to convince us that all those who died are of their own will and have nothing to do with them.

They have been trying very hard to differenciate between races, by telling different stories to different ethnic groups that the other side is evil for us.

They have been trying very hard to tell us that they are caretaker for us, God sent, and angels that come to this earth to save us from being spoilt by the other side.

They have been trying to say and do as they have been doing for the past years to stay on, by smearing the other side that they are simply the only one trustful.

But they have failed to understand that we want them out even if they are angel and the other side is evil.

They failed to understand that it is their own doing and saying pushing us to the other side, even what they have done and say may be right to some extent.

They have failed!

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So this is the netbook

Samsung N310 netbook wife have just bought from Low Yat.

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Monday, August 24, 2009


One may be wondering what the Prime Minister has in his mind, when the 2 BN heavy weights forging each other in a dog fight over the alleged RM10million 'political donation'.

Why is he keeping quiet on this and let the 2 continue to fight during the Pematang Pasir By-election?

Under normal circumstances, No. 1 should act and interfere to ensure that the dog fight does not affect the by-election result. This is clearly something unusual.

Does he wanting the Transport Minister to go? Or does he wanting to get rid of the Chair of BN Backbenchers' Club? Or both? Or this is a smoke screen to divert our attention?

If it is the later, what he has in mind now?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do you think your vote count?

I am not trying to undermine anyone, anyone who are eligible to vote for their future, yes, voting for their future, not who to form the Government.

In reality, do you think you can ever, with a vote in your hand, decide your future yourself?

We witnessed political frogs jumping from one side to another. Yes, you may argue that you voted for them in person, not their political party. But why on earth these frogs not contesting without party association in the first place to make their intention clear?

You may say they were marginalised, hence they have to leave their party to support another.

If they ever been marginalised, this means they are not fit for the job, which requires fine political and diplomatic skills. Thus, they failed, period.

One question: Do you vote because they are who they are, or just recognise them by the political party they associated? The answer is quite clear, I believe.

So, when the frogs jumping around, can you still say that your vote makes the difference?

Your vote, is probably the lowest in the priority list of any frogs or would-be-frogs, be it jumping from left to right, or right to left. In the mind of frogs, you are merely someone who they would just wanted to fish your vote once every 5 years, and you will be forgotten once the election is over.

So, do you think that you are able to make the change? No! Only the frogs are making the changes, for whatever reason known only to themselves, they switch side faster than the blink of your eyes, and they will tell you all they have done before jumping was wrong and nothing but wrong, and what they are doing now is correct.

But all wrong not inclusive of your vote to them, since they think they earned with their sweat and blood.

So frogs are jumping, you votes go nowhere. And you tell me you are voting for your future?


Friday, August 21, 2009

It's all about money

We witnessed the death of Teoh Beng Hock, within the vicinity of the Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission over the investigation of alleged mis-appropriation of public fund involved RM2,400 and abuse of power.

We witnessed the dog fight between the Transport Minister and the Chair of BN Backbenchers' Club over the alleged RM10 million donation.

We also witnessed the Balinese Palace unvealed with an estimated cost of RM24 million belongs to the then Menteri Besar of Selangor.

There are many other hot and sizzling political news, all related to money.

It seems Malaysia is a rich state that millions and billions. If you notice, the big bills never take away someone's life except for a mere RM2,400 that one life gone into ashes.

Is this safe to say that if you play politics, play with big money. Dealing with tokens and you will probably landed on the road of no return.

And rest assured, Malaysia still having great potential for big monies, nothing will happen, only if you play big.

Have you ever see big player perished? No! Only the small players or non players got the punishment.

So my theory is right: play it big, if you play politics. Don't be petty.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The 100 million ringgit man

There was a popular TV series starring Lee Majors, the ex-husband of one of the Charlie's Angel, Farrah Fawcett.

If you are old enough like me, you probably watched the series "6 Million Dollar Man", a story about a US crime buster who is transformed to a cyber org
with incredible power.

Why is this "6 Million Dollar Man" coming to the picture today?

Well, today, the President of the Malaysia Chinese Association, Ong Tee Kiat, revealed that there are evil forces from within and outside the party, gathered some RM 100 million to organize an EGM forcing him to step down.

This makes me think Ong is in fact the 100 million Ringgit Man.

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The bride wore black

Read the above from The Malaysian Insider.

Like it or not, Teoh Beng Hock died while in MACC's custody, 16th July 2009. A month later, a woman he promised to marry, married him in black.

If MACC officials are still human being, and still believe in God, they should confess to Mdm Soh, the wife of Teoh, on Teoh's death while in their custody at least.

No matter what MACC said, Teoh died there at their place. Really hope Teoh will always be there watching them, forever...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Story of Along

Have a good weekend!

Self inflicted black eye, suicide, now falling down by himself

The 3 incidents above have many in common:

1. Of the 2 injuried and 1 died, all of them are either member of the oppositions, or someone the authority fear most;

2. All 3 injuried or killed while in authority's custody;

3. All 3 are either alleged on corruption or abuse of power, besides other charges;

4. All 3 were denied access to their respective lawyer;

5. All incidents were officially announced as a self act and none of the officers involved;

Mr Authority, can you please change your script? We are all fed-up with the same play rolling over and over again.

Can you give us something new? We'll give you our vote if you screen a better play next time.

Or why not just shoot them down and claimed they intended to refuse arrest, will it be a better idea since dead body will go tell too much later.

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