Sunday, April 27, 2008

Apology, this time from Hishamuddin Tun Hssein

Remember this?

Well, Khairy (the darker one) said Hisham's act is one of the factor BN not "winning comfortably", in another word, BN lost.

What Khairy failed to address is that he is one of the factor BN not "winning" as well!

Let's talk about the apology, we will deal with Khairy later.

Hisham said if his act in the UMNO Youth Assembly offended non-Malay, he is willing to apologize.

A dozen of so-called BN component party youth leaders, Chinese "leaders", analysts, etc praised Hisham for admitting his wrong doing in the past, and urge everyone to forgive Hisham and look forward.

Hisham's statement, as published in all media, has never apologize for his act. He merely said that if his act offended non-Malay, he is willing to apologize.

The same statement will serve him well in the upcoming UMNO general election, where he can always claim that he is willing to apologize, but none feel offended, thus, no apology, and he is still the Hero of the Malay.

I feel very sad on what's going on here, reading how MCA Youth Chief Liaw claimed that MCA Youth forged and finally get Hisham to apologize. And since Hisham has done so, we should move forward.

How to move forward if Hisham only intended to apologize but not done so?

You teach me!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Finally, a new monitor from HP!

Met Josephine and another gentleman (sorry, I was not paying attention, but he has been helpful) in HP service center yesterday. Josephine apologized for any incovinient caused. I gladly accepted.

It is not about me creating problem for HP, it is HP created problem for me, be it mis-communication as Josephine termed it, or otherwise. To me, the damage is done, and it has to be rectified before moving forward. One will only move forward if it takes responsibility whatever happened.

There's a few points I would like to stretch:

1. I noticed in most of these cases, i.e. customer service stuff, especially tough ones like mine, management almost always trusted in full internal reports, despite the fact that something may not be as described, or somehow missed.

Why I said that internal reports do not reflect the true scenario. It falls into the possibilities of:

1. report writer genuinely recorded by mistake; and/or
2. report may not be as extensive as it is always summary of the incident; and/or
3. in a panic situation, report writer tends to omit points which is negative to the organization he/she works for; and/or
4. Someone just have the tenancy of writing report they wish regardless of what's exactly happening.

I have been reading reports, attending meetings all these while. there's always false facts and info embedding into those reports, unless you want to dig, in which most managers will choose not to, else the truth will not be revealed.

try asking someone to write report concerning the current company culture, and employee's relationship within the organization he/she is working. I bet that you will get all sorts of funny stuff which you will never expect, and most of these are 95% truth +5% wrong info which is enough to lead you to wrong decision making.

In the industrial age, where manufacturer dictate the terms, conditions, types of products, etc. I mean manufacturer or brand owner leads where consumer is heading.

In the modern world, with sources of information readily accessible, consumer dictates the type of service they deserve.

Thus, you may see a shift of customer service philosophy, shifting from brand oriented, to customer oriented.

Most will argue with me that isn't all major brands are customer friendly, thus, consumer goes for their products and services instead of the others.

Give an example of telco call centre. everyone should have the following experience:

When your home streamyx (ADSL) down, you checked if the modem is working, by looking at the lights on the modem, you will normally check if your wireless router if working. To the extend, if you face this problem frequently, you will probably turn off and on the devices again.

So when you call TELEKOM (telco/ISP), you are pretty sure that you have to seek for help, else why you waste time calling?

But, typical call centre will ask you to select menu which you are not sure which one to pick. In the case of TELEKOM call centre, when you call 100, you may select the data line instead of internet, which both seems the same to layman.

After you get them, they will ask you the same old steps as you would have done before calling them, and they insisted that you have to do it again to filter some extreme possibilities.

Will this help? A good call consultant will ask have you perform the steps, if yes, then he proceed with checking other possibilities. But in our telco case, they insist you to do it all again as if they can see what's going on.

It is perfectly logical to turn of and on the modem, so they are able to detect if you are connected, but doing a direct connection seems a little outdated these days, how many of us still using ONE LINE per PC? Aren't we all share connections within our house where we may have more than one device connecting to our home network? If your cables are nicely kept and tidy, when streamyx down, and they insist that you must connect direct, you will have to dismantle cables just to connect direc to the modem from your PC.

Does this help? I doubt.

Further, in the case of HP, I cannot find the option for monitor, there's no monitor, and I bravely chose imaging products (display is imaging as far as I am concern), and of course hit the wall. Monitor is burried in Desktop PC category (how on earth I know that I have to choose Desktop PC category for monitor complaint??).

This reflects how naive is the call center interface designer, or is HP following its own business structure, conviniently assumed that consumer knows how the classfication is done.

Another point to make is that in call center operation, the trend is towards pro-active customer care, instead of passive customer care.

When customer call the call center, means he/she needs assistance. A good call center will always get the right answer for a given issue. In the event call center is not operating around the clock, it is perfectly possible, given today's call center system capable of reminding call consultant to follow up calls by ways of recording caller's complaint when caller is not attended for whatever reason.

Pro-active call center is cost saving to the organization, given the fact that the brand value is enhanced by enriched customer experience, and will lead to multiplying effect in terms of branding, and eventually converting to future sales.

Passive call center, on the other hand, tends to dilute brand value, and leads to multiplying negative effect, which will eventually translated to higher costs in terms of time taken to solve a given issue, and will reflect in future revenue, either due to higher cost of support as mentioned, or higher cost of branding to repair damages, or simply poorer sales performance.

I am always believing that no one will seek help for nothing. Caller always has a reason to call, whether the reason is irrelevant or otherwise, to the caller, it is something he/she needs assistance.

Getting issue solved at any cost is cheaper than allowing matter to drag or exploded to unmanagable scale. Managing user expectation and be honest to the customer are the key success in call center and customer service industry.

I also annoyed when I have to repeatedly mentioned my identity, and yet call consultant still insist on case reference to proceed.

The nightmare is of course caller needs to repeat the issue, and worst, the case history is not recorded properly as expected. This leads to ability of call consultant to translate verbal conversation to written words, and yet maintain the essense of the given conversation.

In most cases, I would prefer to write, than to talk, as most of the time, call consultant tends to missed important facts.

I have repeatedly mentioned that the monitor needs to completely turned off, including the mains, for at least 5 hours, and turn on again, the problem will appear.

In electronics, there's something called dry-joint or cold-joint, where a soldered spot seems soldered properly, but due to excessive flux applied, or air bubble, or simply insufficient solder applied, it will then leads to soldered point not in contact with intended part(s). Only when the soldered point get expanded, or lead of the component gets expanded due to heat, it then touches, and electricity flow.

The only part in the monitor which will get heated up where the rest of other modules gets no power supply is very likely to be the transformer of power supply.

So, burn-in test was carried out, but not turning it off for hours, and try turning on back.

So I see communication break down.

to be continue...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Look like new, work like new, but it's not new, HP!

I received a fax from HP, signed by Josephine Wong, Alliance Manager for HP Consumer & Service Support, Imaging & Printing Group, stating that:
  1. HP offered professional HP on-site engineer to inspect my faulty monitor, and I rejected
Answer from my previous posting:

"16 Apr, someone called, told me that they will like to send the replacement monitor to my house, and to collect the faulty one, with condition that the faulty monitor should not have scratches. Agreed, but I cannot agree with them wanting to visit me the same day they called, I have prior arrangement up to 2 weeks in advance, and most of them are scheduled meetings that I need to attend, or else, I will have to reschedule meetings, which is unfair to other attendees. I had meeting at Mid Valley office 1200MYT, and UBN office 1700MYT. I will not be able to call off for such a short notice just to wait for the monitor to be replaced. My wife is packed the same day.

Then I asked if I can make appointment on 17 Apr, since I will be at UOA II office at 4pm, They said they will have to call me to confirm on the same day, i.e. 17 April."

Seriously, I am still awake now as I came home late when I have scheduled work and meetings in town. I reached home typically around 12 midnight, and need to rush for some house keeping stuff, and able to sit down and go thru my work around 3am.

Thus I told him I will be sure free at 3am. He must be thinking that I am a jerk, but it is real for the past 20+ years.

Furthermore, I have repeatedly said that the faulty monitor needs atleast 5 hours with mains switch off, and turn on again, then problem surfaced. What's the point of engineer who can only spend a short time in my house to be able to detect the problem?

2. HP offered a timely pick-up and delivery to inspect my faulty monitor, which I again rejected
This was after considering the timing of pick-up and delivery where we have then to wait for HP boys when both of us is having tight schedule daily.

So, still making us wait? No way.

Josephine further claimed that as a gesture of goodwill, HP is offering a brand new monitor.

I was told the replacement monitor a new one, and was assured over the phone, in their email, and when I pointed out that I cannot accept a refurbished as new replacement unit, then it was then my fault and not theirs, HP has done everything in accordance to their best practices to ensure customer satisfaction AND I AM A JERK SHOUTING NONESENSE.

If you were in my shoe Josephine, after listening to assurance from your manufacturer that the replacement unit is a brand new unit fresh from factory (of course they omitted the fact that it is a refurbishing factory, not manufacturing factory) that brought in from Singapore as urgent delivery to address my complaint, that HP does not even have time to dress the "new" monitor properly, thus, hand-written serial number, etc cropping up, but it is BRAND NEW, and COMPLETELY NEW that HP dares to give an assurance letter that the monitor is as claimed!

and the truth is:



Before going further on the letter, HP claimed warranty of my faulty monitor which carries serial number CND7142CPT, expired.

I checked HP support site, read below:

warranty is valid. wh they said not??

TO be Continue...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It looks like new, it works like new, but it is not NEW, HP!

Called toll free, got reply from Suen. Still waiting for fax. Was suppose to fax to Jalan Ipoh Office yesterday or this morning. No Fax.

Given house fax, waited, still no fax.

What Now? Press Conference.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where are you heading, HP?

Suen of HP returned call after I tried calling toll free. I wanted to know what is the status, whether the letter is ready.

She said the letter is to be issued from the HP office, and claimed that they will fax the draft copy for me to go thru before issuing the formal letter. She said they should be faxing anytime now. I told her that I am not station in one office, I have a few offices that I will be traveling, thus, if they missed today, I will not be getting the fax on time.

Come to think about it, why should they seek my approval for the letter. Isn't it easy to draft a simple apology letter and have it put together with the monitor I am going to exchange tomorrow, and if I am satisfy with the content, I am asking for apology, need no explanation, then we do a swap and done.

Why should this be complicated for HP?

Suen told me that HP office may want to courier the original letter to my house. Why not I pick up together with the monitor? Why the letter has to come to my house where I then have to wait for courier to deliver? Why HP wants to spend unnecessarily?

It is a simple unhappy customer with defective product seeking for replacement, and the whole thing become so messy that HP is making mistake over and over again. As my wife was saying, if HP can only provide a refurbish unit, they should then seek for our agreement and offer perhaps compensation as we bought a new unit at street price without discount.

In any circumstances, they should not lie. I don't expect HP to do miracle as Apple did to me, swapping my powerbook G3 after 3 year when proven design and manufacturing defect on the motherboard, for a brand new powerbook G4 current model complete in a box back late 2006. And numerous battery recall programs that Apple send in notebook battery at no cost to me.

At least HP should tell me the truth.

This reminds me of a series of warranty claims that we made throughout these years:

Compaq Armada M300
She was using Compaq Armada M300 as her first notebook, and like it very much. Compaq service is speedy when we did one warranty claim within its 3 year life span. There were no question asked on the warranty claim for keyboard, they just snap in a new keyboard and done.

NEC Versa S60
After Armada, she bought NEC Versa for RM6k, right after 3 year warranty, motherboard died. Replacement motherboard cost RM5k+, we did not want to proceed.

ATEC notebook
Since branded product cannot give me assurance that the parts is reasonably priced, she went for ATEC, a Thai brand OEM from the same manufacturer as Twinhead. A few months after using the notebook, keyboard key problem. (she is heavily on keyboard, unlike me), we called ATEC service centre, got the keyboard replaced within 1 hour. No question asked.

I have been long time Mac user, first notebook is the Powerbook G3, which I mentioned that Apple replaced the whole unit after 3 years admitting it is their design defects.

Within a month after getting the new notebook, backlit gone after suffered a knock.

Call Apple, have the whole LCD panel changed within hours, no question asked.

So I bought another G4, as my appreciation to Apple.

Now I am using Macbook on the move..

Why HP behave otherwise? Am I too demanding? I am trying to get things right, and they have srewed it up. I am trying to make it simple, they have complicate the matter.

Where is HP heading to? Just want to be box mover and sacrify service quality?


Monday, April 21, 2008


18 April 2008

I received an email which Suen promised to send as below, interestingly, Apple Mail see the mail as Junk:
The first paragraph of the mail says: ...As per-conversation, I will be sending you a formal letter regarding the new monitor which you have just received..

HP still think that consumer like us are naive and easily believe that a big name like HP issue an assurance letter validate HP's claim is nothing but the truth. I would have wait for the formal
letter and give HP a hard one back.

This is what I found on the "NEW" replacement monitor:

1. A clear and obvious scratch across the base of the "NEW" monitor.

2. Both VGA and DVI connector on the "NEW" monitor look like this:

3. Serial number is handwritten. A "NEW" monitor with hand-written serial number, this probably the HP way of managing their inventory! 4. However, the monitor claimed itself as another serial number, obviously the original serial number is erased, and the new serial number is CND0000001 - the first manufactured monitor!! Read on, the on screen information claimed the backlit is used 244 hours! HP QA needs 10 around-the-clock days to ensure its quality. Serious! But the QA has nothing to do with me, from the day I managed to talk to HP until 17 April 2008 is only 4 days

5. I found a warranty sticker at the side of the monitor, printed "ChungCo Technology Sdn Bhd" marked the date as 01 08, which is Jan 2008. What it means?

ChungCo Technology Sdn Bhd is an OEM manufacturer in Shah Alam, and also a refurbish contractor for well-known brands like HP.

I know for sure this is not a new unit, and ChungCo Technology Sdn Bhd in Shah Alam CANNOT be the manufacturer of this particular unit of "NEW" monitor since it is produced in Shen Zhen, China (read the fine print on the last line).

19 April 2008

Suen called after receiving 2 mails urging her to call me at 1130MYT on Sat. I asked her for a new unit or refund, she responded that HP management decided to give me a brand new unit, and will be delivered to my house by HP engineers to ensure everything is alright. If the brand new unit is still having problem, HP will refund in full to rest the case.

I told her:

First, I have asked for either a new replacement unit, or refund. Throughout my negotiation with Jay, we have reached the agreement to replace a new unit rather than refund, which is win-win for both sides.

Second, I have told her that the replacement unit given to me is a refurbished unit over the phone, with visible scratches and obvious signs that the replacement unit is not a new unit, and I paid for a new unit which is faulty. Thus it is unfair for HP to give me a refurbished, treating that as a new one.

Third, why not cut it short and close the case by giving me a new replacement unit and call it a day?

Suen said if I cannot agree with the current "NEW" replacement unit, she needs time to ensure that HP is preparing a new replacement unit. Should I not satisfied after receiving the unit, HP commits that they will do a full refund.

This is not my way of getting things done. I asked for replacement or refund, then we agreed on replacement. When the replacement is found to be a refurbished unit. HP now offer new boxed unit as replacement, and should I not satisfied with the new replacement unit, they will refund.

HP forgoten that:

1. HP screwed me up first
2. HP agreed on replacement wiith new unit.

I will never accept a refund, and HP will have to service me as their customer whenever I need.


I will consult with my legal aids whether I should file and demand for public apology.

If HP a good company, then the management should apologize for all these, and HP needs to admit that they have cheated me, framing me, and trying to talk me over to accept a solution which is unfair to its customer.

the HP brand is now black listed for me, and no goodwill for what HP has done to me, and I believe there are silent majority just accepting HP's dictation as their faith.

Friday, April 18, 2008

What's going on, HP?

We bought a new HP W2207 LCD monitor on 25th March 2008 for my Wife Bobo, as her current NEC monitor seems to have problem and started to flicker.

It was like a celebration when we first put up the monitor at home, connecting to her Acer mini desktop. The screen real estate is eye popping when doing work, she can see more within a screen than the conventional 17 and 15 inch NEC monitors that we had.

Of course, she is happy.

Nightmare came the next day
She woke me up the next morning, said that she cannot turn on the monitor. Struggling up from my bed, went down to her office (she use a room down stairs as her office, where she can see greens from our front garden, I prefer to work anywhere with my Macbook, thus I resist having an office at home), I looked at the monitor, then told her "Well, I guess you did not turn on the mains, let me turn it on." Before she answered, I checked the power source, it is turned on, but the power button supposed to be lighted is dimmed, no light, i.e. no power from the power source.

Then I recycled the mains a few times, no luck, and I left the mains turned on and proceed to kitchen to grab a drink.

Before I walked back to her room, she shouted that the monitor is working, then she asked what I have done on the monitor, I told her that I just turned on the mains. She puzzled, since she did the same, no display, that's the reason she woke me up.

Thus I went on testing if I can repeat the problem, and everytime I power cycled the monitor from the mains, it works as it is supposed to be.

I laughed at her, after so many years using computers, she is still not able to differentiate between problem and false alarm.

Come 26th March night, after we came back from KL.

She turned on her Acer, and the new HP of course, she screamed, as if she seen something unwanted. I was in the car porch, dashed to her office, she starred at me, asked if I have touched any of her equipment, why her Acer starts but nothing on screen.

Then I noticed the power button is dimmed, asked her whether she turned on the mains for the monitor. She look at me as if I am cracking a joke.

I looked at the mains, it was on, I then suspect is the cable. Changed the power cable, still the same, monitor no power. Then I suspect may be the wall socket problem, then I plugged the mains cable to the other power socket in the office, no luck.

Got angry, removed, the USB, Audio, and VGA cable from the monitor, tried, failed again, nothing happen, power button not lighted.

I mumbled, shit! don't tell me the earlier thunder storm screwed up the monitor. I asked if she turned off the mains before leaving home, she said yes.

No choice, I forgot to turn off the mains when I left her office to charge my Macbook, 30 min later, she shouted that the display came back.

Holy shit! I said, it must be the Fegshui or position of the monitor which crash with elements in her office.

27 March 2008

She forgot to turn off the monitor mains the night before when she went to bed, and nothing happen on 27th. She was using it the whole day, no complain.
28 March 2008, we went out to town, as usual, turned off all power in the house as it is raining season. When we came back, tried turning on the monitor, shit again. This time she waited for 30 min (need to find other things to do at home for 30 min before she can proceed with whatever on her Acer).

29 - 10 April. She left the monitor on 24 hours, while I was trying to call the HP service centre, always got the message that the operating hour from 9 to 5.30pm. I called on my way back from KL, usually after 10pm, of course, can only speak to the air. Also tried the 1-800 number, but there's no Monitor category, which one to choose? I have chosen a few, but always got it wrong and HP asked my to call again try to select the appropriate selection.

11 Apr, she left to Sarawak for a 2 day visit. I tried the monitor with my Macbook, using miniDVI to VGA adaptor, same problem.

Went out to get DVI cable, suspected that the VGA cable or adaptor on both Acer and Macbook is not working, or VGA on monitor is not working.

Connected DVI on both Acer and Monitor, doesn't work. Connected to both Mac and Monitor with DVI, doesn't work.

and still, Magically, the monitor came to life after about 30 min.

She came back on 13, and she decided to give a try again calling HP.

She called noon, on 14, got someone, passed the line to me. We were told to call the toll free.

I called the toll free, got someone finally, no name mentioned, or I did not get it, after explaining the problem and demanded for a replacement or refund, he promised to call back within 1/2 hour since he needs to refer to his superior, fair. waited for 45 minutes, no call. nothing.

I got mad, call toll free again, spoken to Jay. Jay is helpful. I repeated the same story, he promised to get back to me within 5 to 10 minutes.

I got him calling back, told me that I need to fax in the proof of purchase. I did, with a note to recap our discussion and outcome, i.e. I expect a replacement unit.

Jay told me that since faxes are delivered on batches to them, it will probably reach him the next day since it was already 1800MYT when I spoke to him. Noted.

15 Apr, when woke up, a voice mail from Jay mentioned that he received the fax, and routing my request to on-site engineers, and they will call me to arrange on-site replacement.

16 Apr, someone called, told me that they will like to send the replacement monitor to my house, and to collect the faulty one, with condition that the faulty monitor should not have scratches. Agreed, but I cannot agree with them wanting to visit me the same day they called, I have prior arrangement up to 2 weeks in advance, and most of them are scheduled meetings that I need to attend, or else, I will have to reschedule meetings, which is unfair to other attendees. I had meeting at Mid Valley office 1200MYT, and UBN office 1700MYT. I will not be able to call off for such a short notice just to wait for the monitor to be replaced. My wife is packed the same day.

Then I asked if I can make appointment on 17 Apr, since I will be at UOA II office at 4pm, They said they will have to call me to confirm on the same day, i.e. 17 April.

On our way to town, Bobo called toll free for me, I was driving, she spoke to a gentleman, but again, was asking her to repeat the case. She went mad!! Somehow, I asked her to inform the guy to call me instead as I have some time from 1100MYT to 1200MYT.

The guy called, I told him that the best to do is for me to send in, so I can control my timing, and not have to wait for engineer to visit on site. After lengthly talk, he told me it is all set. Someone will call me to confirm my time of arrival at HP Tower on 17 Apr.

A lady, Ayu, called, we confirmed at 1400MYT, 17 Apr.

17 Apr, was stuck in a conference before I went out. Managed to inform Ayu that I will be 1 hour late, i.e. will be reaching the Service Center at 1500MYT instead of 1400MYT.

I reached Service centre before 1500MYT, went in, look for the counter as arranged by Ayu, got the monitor exchanged. I carried the whole box, and HP gave me the replacement in normal wrapper, instead of a proper wrapper as my faulty unit.

Never mind, I asked the lady Wani, who attended to me, whether the replacement unit is a new unit. SHe said yes. Then I request for testing before signing document, tested myself as the test area engineer is engaged with other customers.

I briefly tested power on/off, works. no problem

I told Wani the unit seems ok, I can now sign the document. Again I asked if the unit is a new one, she answered "Yes" again.

Signed, packing the replacement into my box, noticed that the front panel plastic protector is not there, I returned the faulty unit with the protecter in place, out from the box, we did not remove it.

I paused, but I was rushing to UOA II, did not come to my mind that something is not right. Then I noticed the serial number is a handwritten sticker, overlayed on where serial number suppose to be, covered up the old number.

No time to think is there anything wrong. Have it packed, and leave.

On my way to UOA II, I cannot figure out that why must the front protector sheet missing as it does not distort the display, for the purpose of QA and other testings. Bobo use the faulty monitor with the sheet on, with no problem.

Thus, I suspected that this may be a refurbished/reconditioned/or cannibalized unit. Added with handwritten serial number sticker, and no proper anti static plastic wrapper.

from HP Tower to UOA II, keep try calling Ayu, phone engaged. Called toll free, engaged, or somehow line just dropped.

Managed to get Ayu, told her I suspect the monitor is not a new unit, she told me that she was told the monitor is a new unit. she said she will check, and get back to me.

I tried calling Ayu after about 30 minutes, afraid that UOA II cell signal sometime can be bad.

She called, referred to Ikmar, who should be in the better position to explain.

Ikmar failed to explain. I told Ikmar that I can go to HP service centre again around 1730MYT and am expecting a proper new unit there, if he can make necessary arrangement.

Call Ikmar again, he said still pending approval from Singapore office, and I asked what happened, he said he called the person in charge in Singapore, but he is not in his office, and there’s no other way to reach him.

I then asked him the name of the PIC, Marcus is his answer.

I asked why it is so difficult to obtain approval or getting attention from higher level. It clearly shows that either the guy Marcus is not doing his work, thus cannot be contacted, or simply ignore since it is a replacement claim.

I cannot imagine organization like HP have such manager, who cannot be contacted when they are not in their office. Aren’t they work anywhere, everywhere? Something is very wrong!!!

somehow, time goes, nothing happen, I was like a mad dog calling toll free, service centre, ayu, and the HP general office line.

Was spoken to a person by the name of Jackie, referred to by telephonist of HP general number, took down my complaint. claimed she will get back to me. Nothing happened.

Call toll free again, spoken to Dodz. Helpful but not able to solve the problem.

Dodz then refer to Suen, his superior. Suen told me:

1. HP technical team has conducted 1st level test, the faulty monitor has no problem at all. I told her that the monitor needs to turn off and cool down for hours before you can repeat the problem. and I challenged her that if refer to my case history, I have repeatedly said that the monitor needs to turn off completely for few hours before the problem shows up.

I sent the fauly monitor at 1500, Suen told me at around 1830. it is merely 3 1/2 hour in total. minus off the testing time and handling time from front counter to the technician, it is 3 hours. and I believe the report is done within the 3 hours, of course you will not get to see the problem.

2, I was complaining that HP is giving me a "refurbished" (I cannot proof at that point, it was merely guts feeling) unit. Suen insisted, and assured with HP's name that the monitor is brand new, she claimed it is buffer stock, thus without proper packaging. I told her that I feel uncomfortable that the serial number is handwritten and stick on to the old serial number, she said it is for the service centre to recognize that the replacement is indeed for the faulty unit. I questioned why HP needs to do this, since they can have it sticked somewhere else, not covering the old number.

Suen went on to assure me that the unit flown in from Singapore upon urgent request, it is definitely a new unit despite my suspicion.

I told her toll free guy mentioned that the faulty unit manufacturing warranty expired, thus I believe that there should not be in production for this particular model W2207, and it has been superseded by W2207h.

She said she will further confirm, keep assuring that the unit is brand new.

I mentioned that all monitors, when getting out from manufacturing facility, should have a plastic sheet stick on the panel, to protect the screen from being scratched accidentally during transportation. The faulty unit that I sent in is with the sheet intact, as it does not obstruct the display. If the sheet is not there, there's only ONE explanation, i.e. the monitor is pre-owned. Even technician who test the replacement unit prior to our exchange should know well that nothing should be removed from the panel, not to mention tearing off the sheet.

I also questioned that the plastic wrapper used to wrap the monitor differ from the original factory packaging, which should be anti static bag instead of normal plastic bag. I have the factory supplied wrapper in my box, at one glance the two are different.

I told her that I was expecting a new unit as replacement, and I have doubt on the unit given to me. Why should we pay for the price of a new monitor, use for 2 weeks, and be replaced with a refurbished unit due to manufacturing defects?

Suen keep insisting that her superior and management assured that the replacement monitor is a brand new unit, however, since it is HP's buffer stock, it does not come with standard packaging.

I told her I cannot accept her explanation, and told her that we have been wasting time for all these, and HP is not sincere to admit they are at fault.

Prior to that, I was toying around the idea of having HP to issue a letter stating that the monitor is new, brand new, and not refurbished or otherwise. I have suggested to Dodz, the guy before Suen.

Suen stressed that the management agreed to assure in writing as I have suggested, but I told her that I have no way to proof that the monitor is not new, since HP controls the entire process of authentication, they can easily claim the unit to be a new one, or claim anything they wish, I cannot proof them wrong, thus, the letter is useless in my hand.

Back to the serial number. I asked if a handwritten serial number is consider valid, isn't I just offer to other W2207 users, if their warranty expired, that I would just stick a handwritten serial number of mine, and send to service centre to claim warranty, which HP cannot deny my claim. Isn't this out of the mind?

Suen further persuaded that she would suggest to the management to extend my warranty as a gesture of goodwill. I told her that I get what I paid for, nothing more, nothing less. Get me a new replacement at the point I am suppose to, i.e. 17 April by 1900 (I was scheduled to leave town), else it shows HP is treating their customer bad, and I do not trust HP anymore for anything.

Suen said it was too late that the service center closed, there's no way I can get another unit by 17 Apr if I do not accept the given unit.

I told her I am of no choice but to take the replacement back first. HP failed me, and screwed up badly.

Suen did mention that my faulty unit is undergoing stress tests, that if the faulty unit is found to be no problem, HP will deliver it back to me and claim the replacement unit since I am not comfortable.

I asked her, judging from the preliminary test results from HP service centre that the faulty unit is in perfect condition where they have failed to even refer to my case history that I have repeatedly mentioned the problem comes ONLY after the monitor's main power is turned off for more than 5 hours, or better, 24 hours before you can repeat the issue. If tests carried out WITHOUT even referring to our complaints and description, how would I be able to rely on they judgement that the faulty unit is trouble-free.

Even if the faulty unit is trouble-free, will it work in our environment. There’s still a slim chance that it will fail back my home, what will be the next step then.

Suen offered engineer to visit my home, bring together the faulty unit and a brand new unit, and if the faulty unit is working after engineer help me to install, then I will keep the faulty unit, else they will immediately replace with the brand new unit.

I told her, from my complaint, the problem will not come within short period, it will exhibit problem ONLY after several hours that the mains of the faulty unit is turned off, and when power on again, it will fail to work.

Then what’s the point of the engineer to visit me, give me the faulty unit, why not just a brand new unit, and we close the case?

I repeatedly told her that I am not interested in taking advantage from anyone, including HP. I am asking for the same model, am not interested in other models. Give me what I am paying for, at the time agreed, case closed.

Now the case is turning ugly, and I will pursue further, this time HP is going to pay for the mistake they made for not being honest to their customer.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


A Quiet Revolution









这是个Free World!














The Internet is as free and wild as you can ever imagine!


The Integrated Mobile era is coming, are you ready?




苹果的iPhone和谷歌的Android开放手机平台联盟逼使手机营运商不得不正视用户的需求,手机生产商、手机软体和内容供应商的创意。iPhone 和 Android 翻转了手机业的生态,在一定的程度上重新设定了游戏规则。iPhone和Android对电脑的依赖减至最底,用户基本上不需要依赖电脑,这与Windows Mobile的概念大有分别。