Saturday, December 27, 2008

Idiotic announcement of the year!

Well, its countdown time, 2008 is leaving us, and 2009 is waiting at the corner.

We have a great 2008, when we denied 2/3 majority against Barisan Nasional, the ruling regime which has been ruling this land since independence.

Well, this is the Great thing we have achieved, but we have, among others, idiots who speak with their pea-sized brain.

Here are some to recall your memory, in case you have forgotten:

1. "I will not dissolve the Parliament, atleast not for the immediate future." -- and the next day, parliament dissolved!

2. "The Government will not increase the pump price, atleast not for the immediate future." -- and the pump price increased a whopping RM0.78, from RM1.92 per litter to RM2.70 per litter, ON THE NEXT DAY!

3. "We need to reduce the petrol price little by little even the international market price dropped sharply, coz we cannot afford to let the pump operators incurred great losses if the price goes down accordingly." -- Well, when the petrol price went up, no one seems to speak on behalf of the consumer, I mean no one from the Cabinet. But the Consumer Affair Minister is protecting the pump retailers from incurring losses, what happen when the pump operators made huge profit when the price hike skyrocket??

4. "The Government need to start somewhere to slowly withdrawn petrol subsidy, and this is the best time as the Government no longer capable of handling the subsidy judging from the current international market price of USD145 per barrel, and the market price will not come down as petrol reserve is diminishing." -- The mushroomed mouth never talk about petrol price nowadays -- friend, there's no longer subsidy, the Government is in fact subsidize by the people, which you named it as TAX!

5. "When the petrol prices going downwards, retailers and traders should adjust their prices downwards as well." -- My FOOT!! TNB tariff goes up from 10%, water wanted to increase its tariff by 37% in year 2009 if the Selangor state Government is not handling the water reserves management to SYABAS. Who want to reduce selling prices??

6. "Malaysia will never be affected by the financial tsunami, or rather, the impact is going to be very minimal." -- As an export oriented country, the 16th US trade partners, is not going to be affected by the crisis, guess the DUMPHEAD mistakenly think that
EXPORT means buying from US, thus we just stop buying la, nothing will happen to us then!!

7. "The Bukit Antarabangsa tragedy is clearly not due to human negligence." -- The person taking care of the portfolio made such comment when first appeared at the tragic site 4 days after the incident implied that no one, or only GOD is to be blamed!

8. "We can foresee short of electricity supply to Klang Valley by year 2009 if the Rawang relay stations cannot be upgraded as planned."

A week later, the same man announced "We foresee a drop in demand on electricity next year. And we were forced to buy the power generated by JIMAH plant commencing next year that will increase our reserve electricity to 45% (which means wasted!!)"

When asked to buy from IPP, gave all sort of excuse, and want to hike the tariff for all of us to pay for the wastage. On another hand, wanted to force Rawang and the State to give way so that the original upgrade plan can be carried out. What logic and I wonder which school is he graduated from??

9. "The reporter needs protection according to Police Intelligence that her life is threaten, thus the Police detained her under ISA (Internal Security Act)" -- This is an eye-opener for all on earth that a Law designed to combat CPM (Communist Party of Malaya) is also an adult protection act.

With such statements from our beloved "leaders", you can ever imagine how well this country will be in year 2009.

The list goes on, add youself.... Have fun!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

I don't understand the logic behind all these!

We were told during the Budget 2009 that about 40% of Federal Government's spending comes from Petroleum and Petroleum related products.

We observed that the Crude Petroleum Oil went down from the estimated figure in Budget 2009 at USD125 to USD36 as of 24th Dec 2008.

This means a sharp decrease of 71%, which affects income of Federal Government to support its operation for year 2009.

Thus, the Federal Government is short of 28.4% to finance its activities as budgeted.

Based on the estimates, if the Government is subsidizing RM0.30 per litter on Petrol, at the point Budget 2009 was announced, the total subsidy for Petrol used in Malaysia is RM7billion for year 2009 as originally estimated.

Now the subsidy no longer there, the Federal Government instead taking this "savings" and pump it back to the economy under the name "stimulus package".

But if the subsidy is eliminated due to drop in petrol prices, what will it affect the spending part of the Federal Government where 40% of its operations comes from petrol money?

We are talking about RM43.7billion short here under Federal estimated spending for year 2009, where the total spending is estimated at RM154billion for the year 2009.

Yes, the Government saved the RM7billion, and "generously" putting back to the economy (in actual fact, the RM7billion should not be there at all if the subsidy scheme still carry on). Means the Government is in fact, taking available cash from all of us, and put it to its nicely dressed "stimulus package" by means of re-distributing the wealth supposedly in our pocket.

Thus, the RM7billion actually does not exist. However, even it does exist from the point of savings in terms of subsidy, it is totally wipe off if you look at short of RM43.7billion next year.

How would you pour RM7billion when you are short of RM43.7billion??

How will the Federal Government finance this??

Ask your MPs, especially those who supported the RM7billion "stimulus" package, where is the money coming from when the total estimated income shrink by 28.4%, even if deficit is 1.2% higher then the original estimate of 3.6%, i.e. 4.8% now, it still does not make up the figures.

Unless I am wrong. Can someone tell me how I go wrong?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

CPO Khalid - reaction from around the internet/blogs

Was doing a quick google to see if he is a popular figure, here are some of the results:

And a post from RPK:

I met YB Khalid and Tuan Guru Nik Aziz last night

I was there, where the Ceramah took place.

I wanted to first, see Tuan Guru in person. Tuan Guru is one of the person I admire not because he is Menteri Besar of Kelantan, not because he is the Spiritual Leader of PAS, but as a person who practice Islam and truly reflect what Islam is all about - fairness to all.

Perhaps many may say that Tuan Guru sometime made controversial statements that fear non-muslim. To me, if Tuan Guru speaks from his heart, his caring for people who he believe Islam, will be the solution to all problems. Put yourself in his perspective, and you would probably do the same if you care of the humankind.

I was there not only wanted to listen to him, but also to pray for his health. Knowing he is rushing all his way from Kelantan to Bandar Tasik Puteri, the long journey may be too taxing for an elderly person. I wish he is in good health.

Another person I would like to meet there is YB Khalid. I have been following his blog nearly everyday, and last night, I see him in person, speak to the crowd.

It was raining right before the ceramah started, downpour in fact. But rain stops 10 minutes before the event scheduled time, i.e. 9:00pm. What a blessing from the Almighty that allows the ceramah to go on, although with slight delay.

The banner of the Ceramah featured Pakatan Rakyat, i.e. PAS, PKR, and DAP. I met a lot of PAS people, some PKR, but I did not spot any DAP guys. I am wondering, what happen to DAP? Shouldn't they be here to show their support? Maybe I was wrong that they did come but I really don't see anyone identifiable.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tok Guru Nik Aziz coming to Rawang

Dengan izin Allah SWT, gabungan PAS cawangan Bandar Tasik Puteri, Lembah Hijau, Blok 29 dan Park Avenue akan menganjurkan satu program ceramah dan perlancaran buku oleh Tuan Guru Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz bin Nik Mat pada 20 Disember 2008 di Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Maklumat program tersebut adalah seperti berikut:

Tarikh: 20 Disember 2008/22 Zulhijjah 1429 (Sabtu)
Masa: 9:00 malam – 12:00 tghmalam
Tempat: Padang Bolasepak Blok 7 Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang
Hubungi: Nazri Abu Kassim (012-2118993) atau Zulkifli Sulong (019-3824134)

Tuan Guru Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz bin Nik Mat
(Musyidul Am PAS/Menteri Besar Kelantan Darulna’im)
YB Hj Khalid bin Abd Samad
(Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam)
Tn Hj Mohamad bin Abdul Rahman

Direction from PLUS Rawang Toll:

Rawang Toll
1.Head north
0.3 km
2.Exit left onto Jalan Batu Arang
5.0 km
3.Turn left at Jalan Tasik Puteri
6.1 km
4.Slight left at Jalan Puteri
0.3 km
5.Turn right at Jalan Puteri 7
0.6 km
6.Turn left at Jalan 7/1
0.1 km

Destination coordinate: 3.282021,101.475863

Pick up from YB Khalid's blog.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Who run the state of Selangor?

Well, we have an outspoken Police Chief claiming that the police took action after vigil participants finished their National Anthem.

We have the Police Chief insisted that the Menteri Besar of Selangor to be guarded by police officers, regardless of whether MB likes it or not.

We have the Police Chief stopping ordinary people from cycling in Rawang, claiming that the activity is illegal and there's no police permit issued for the cycling activity.

Soon, we may see one day our dear "friend" may just come forward and tell you that you cannot breath as breathing is against the Police Act, under a section to be tabled in the Parliament (sure to pass right?)

I think he will probably be promoted when IGP step down/resign/retire/sack (pick the appropriate word when time come).


Do something if you can...

....There are many out there who have contributed to the cause of making this a better Malaysia. Many are faceless and nameless Malaysians who work quietly and aggressively behind the scenes in the effort to bring changes to Malaysia. One such family is, today, in need of help themselves.

This particular family is now going through their own crisis. Nevertheless, in spite of their predicament, they are still very much in the thick and thin of the struggle. But health problems, and financial problems brought on by their medical predicament, have brought hard times upon them. And it is time that fellow Malaysians rally to their side and assist in any small way that we can to help this family out of their predicament.......

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where have all your money gone - Jalan Duta Court Complex electricity bill

I read this from Malaysiakini a while ago:

full text here

RM5 mil to light up court complex
Beh Lih Yi | Dec 11, 08 7:31pm
The government forked out more than RM5 million since May 2007 for the electricity bill for the new Jalan Duta Court Complex, revealed de facto law minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz.

He said this in a parliamentary written reply to Karpal Singh (DAP-Bukit Gelugor) who asked whether the government was aware that the lights at the complex were on throughout the night.

nazri abdul aziz"For your information, the total electricity cost at the court complex since its setting up (in May 2007) up till July 2008 amounts to RM5,668,596," said the minister.

"However, not all lights are switched on at night. They are on for security purposes," he added......
This means, for the past 14 months, the Jalan Duta Court Complex is burning RM5million on electricity alone. Let us drill down to see how many houses we can power instead:

Assuming that an average household is using RM150 per month electricity. For my house, our bill is averagely around RM60-80, thus, Rm150 may be on the higher side.

The average monthly electricity bill for the Jalan Duta Court Complex is RM357,143.

So if we use the same amount to power the ordinary people's houses instead, with the amount of money spent, we can practically power a small township of around 2,380 houses with the assumption that average electricity bill per household is RM150 per month.

My question is: How big is the court complex, and why such a huge utility bill?

What about other government buildings??

Mind you, the figure revealed is before TNB hike 10% on its tariff.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The 15th Anniversary of Highland Tower Tragedy

15 years ago, I was there, at the scene, briefly after the Tower collapsed. I volunteered to be there bring food supply to media friends, i.e. reporters and photographers.

For those who were killed, rest in peace.

And for those who are in power, they still make the same mistake after lives been taken away.

May the Almighty punish those who escaped from the human law.

What the F is this dumbhead minister talking?

Do you know this man? He is the minister who commented the Bukit Antarabangsa tragedy:

"There is no clear evidence to show that the landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa was a result of human negligence", he pontificated after a visit to the landslide area where 4 people were killed and 1 still missing. "

I really have no idea why we have such minister who can comment in such, without proper evidence to support his claim, and worse, he was missing for 4 days, and made his appearance 4 days after the tragedy, and yet, making the above remarks.

I wonder if he speaks from his ass or his mouth!

Another dumbhead minister!! He deserves the following, just replace the word "fruit" with his name!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ai Yo! ValueCap!

We were told that the Government guaranteed the RM5billion from EPF to ValueCap, for the later to invest in undervalued stocks in Bursa Malaysia.

Very Good!

Here comes the question:

  1. EPF announced recently a sharp drop on its investment income as much as 60% compared to last year. If EPF as a cautious player in Bursa suffered in Bursa, can ValueCap does better? If ValueCap can do better, why not resolve the entire EPF investment team and outsource the investment business to ValueCap?
  2. If ValueCap is good, why it is not making money?
  3. If ValueCap failed in its attempt to harvest from "undervalued but quality" stocks, i.e. if RM5billion gone with the wind, the Government is going to pay EPF the loan amount. Isn't Government fund from the Rakyat? Isn't this like Mr. A loaned RM5 to Mr B asking B to buy some good stuff. B failed and lost the RM5. B need not replay A, but A will replay himself from left pocket to right pocket, and see, you still have RM5 in hand. What a magic!
  4. What if ValueCap really make money from Bursa, will ValueCap repay with its profit, and keep a percentage as management fee, or swallow everything, and the Government still fork up RM5billion to pay back EPF?

If money does not belong to ValueCap, and if it fails, ValueCap will not be in the position to recover the lost sum. We will then see the Government & ValueCap both blame the other investors not lending a helping hand to boost Bursa. The show is then off, and what you can do? Bang your balls and hang yourself!

BTW, is there a vacancy in ValueCap? Office boy also can do la. I want to work there so I have insider information on what they want to push man. Don't blame me for being short sighted la, everyone like that ma. Rakyat's money, my foot!

Go sleep now. Will start a business in my dream call ValueGood. Make sure the UN is backing me up with unlimited fund!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What!? Change? Again??

Najib said yesterday that Malaysian should change their perspective on Malaysia crime rate as it is lower than in Hong Kong and Japan.

Not long ago, he said we should change our lifestyle after the prices of essential boomed sky high.

Well, as a Prime Minister in waiting, thank God he is still in the queue, he is giving advise as if we resist changes.

For ordinary people on the street, we have already adjusted our lifestyle, and be very positive on crime rate, even when we were robbed, stabbed, snatched, hit, bullied, killed (fill in the blank yourself, the list is too long to fit here), we are still living our lives, although it is a lot worse that we had when thru during the previous rounds of economic slowdown.

But, the man in the queue still want us to change.

We have downgraded our entertainment, from movie once a month to movie once a quarter, since going out for movie for two cost almost RM80 nowadays with toll, petrol, parking, tickets, food, you name it.

We have changed.

We have downgraded from eating imported Siam rice to the cheapest rice we can get in the market, i.e. 15% mixed local rice for the price of Siam rice about 1 year ago.

We have changed.

We have downgraded our sundry shopping from once a week to twice a month, and limit our spending not to exceed RM200 per shopping for sundry. RM200 a year ago can get almost double the present value.

Don't believe?

30 grade C eggs selling in Tesco a year ago before Hari Raya was RM4.80.

The price now is RM8.75

Yes, it is not double, but it is almost double!

1Kg chicken selling for RM4.99 a year ago, now selling RM6.99 as offer and normal price sometimes go up to RM7.90

Yes, it is not double, but it is almost there!

We have changed.

We were told that Malaysia wanted to be the forerunner providing high speed broadband for all, and we have patiently waiting for TM to increase their bandwidth on Streamyx. Year after year, and now we were told that the government need to spend billions to get TM to build fiber optic broadband services, yet no end product speed is specified whether we will be getting 20Mbps or 1Gbps fiber to home connection.

Meanwhile, for most other countries which has already high speed broadband, i.e. fiber to home in Japan and metropolitan areas in India, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, etc. They have been using 10Mbps or some even have 1Gbps to their home, and the fee is not as expensive as we think (just ask if TM can supply 1Gbps pipe to your house at what price, I bet they cannot do, or the price will kill you off!)

The bottom line is: Malaysia is expensive!! Living in Malaysia is expensive!!

With all the blessing from God that we have all the good mix from primary products to manufacturing, logistic, professional resources, yet we are expensive!

As a simple comparison. Take Taiwan as an example.

My wife went to Taiwan recently for her assignment. She said the food and cost of living even in Taipei is cheaper than in Kuala Lumpur.

A plate of fried oyster egg, enough for one person, is selling around NT30, which is approx RM3.30. The same in KL, smaller plate, far lesser oyster, less egg but with lots of flour, is selling minimum RM5.00.

Friend, this is almost double man!

Look at their average income, an average Taiwanese income is NT50,000, and average income for an average Malaysian is?? You have the answer.

Taiwan has no natural resources, Taiwan is constantly under Communist China's threat that they need to spend substantial portion of their national income on arms and weapons to deter China from invading them. Taiwan is an island isolated by sea, logistic is expensive as compare to Malaysia.

Why they can have cheaper cost of living yet higher income?

Even the then President Chen Shui Bian was found corrupted, and was accused that he messed up the economy, Taiwan still better than Malaysia.


We hear and see how the government wasted our money, from Eurocopter to Pempena, from Bakun to IPP. From BII to ValueCap.

Why not the Government change?

Why not Najib change?


Why not we change them all?