Friday, June 19, 2009

Mother in Law passed away

On 14th June, 2009, mother-in-law passed away, ended her struggle with cancer cells started some 3 years ago.

It is a long march for a person with the age of 70+, undergoing treatments that ordinary person can never imagine. She's still strong and unwilling to give way until the very last breath.

Mother-in-law went thru many ups and downs. Born in a rich family, highly educated. Fell in love with father-in-law that came from another rich family. She went against her family, insisted to marry the man she loves.

However, life isn't as smooth sailing as father-in-law's family deteriorating. Internal politics (grand father-in-law married 4 wives), and other factors landed her, a rich, young, and beautiful lady, to some 40 years of hard and difficult life journey.

She was a teacher, as family getting worst, she brought up the family again with her kids, started fruit retail business (actually fruit hawker), earning every single cents with sweats and blood.

I admire her for her determination to stay as fighter instead of allowing life to that its own course. She fights against the tide, brought up 6 kids, and witnessed all of them forming their families, before getting a eternal rest.

Of course she is not a saint, but her courage, her vision, and her thought sets an example.

I am not sad that she passed away. I told my wife the same. We should be glad that she is now free of burden, and completed her tasks that God has assigned to her, and returning back to where she came from.

It is too much to write about her. But too little to be able to illustrate.

In short, she left to start a new chapter of her life, and I wish her all the best.

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