Saturday, July 24, 2010

Apple gives me new casing with new keyboard, again

I have my MacBook casing changed again, yes, again.

I noticed a small crack on my right hand palm rest, below the trackpad about a month ago. I called Apple, and glad to know that I am still entitled for free replacement, even the notebook is almost 3 years old, and only covered by 1 year warranty.

I sent my Macbook for technical inspection 3 days ago, and got the case replaced today.

This is probably why I am sticking to Apple products no matter how. Interaction with Apple call centre, Apple technical staff is always pleasure to me unlike other BIG tech names, such as Acer, NEC, Samsung, HP.

Now my macbook is like a new one, and it was done in 40 minutes. You can never get this kind of service from any other vendor, trust me.

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