Monday, October 25, 2010

User experience vs User expectation

Tech companies tends to produce highly sophisticated devices, with all sorts of control one can ever imagine.

Yes, high tech, but, how's the user experience?

Many tech companies tilt towards listening to tech geeks, implementing functions only tech freak understands, and hope that the whole world will buy in.

Is this correct?

No! Most people, people like you and me, wanted something simple yet powerful. Something that will serve as claimed without complicated learning curve and procedures.

That's why powerful yet simple devices addressing one's need is often sellable than those designed and created by tech geeks.

Back to politics, it is the same.

When politicians talk about big plans, projects, future, and so fort, people on the street cares about whether policies will make them earn their living easier.

Who really cares about you wanted to protect the rights of certain quarters? Even the specific group of people that you strive to protect and uphold their rights would not care less about your mission. They care about their stomach, they care about money in their pocket.

Your can have bells and whistlers, but do you really addressed the needs?

I don't really care about who's in power, I care about how much money I have in my pocket.

So don't tell me how you strive to defend me, or my community, tell me how can you make my life easier, I will give you my vote.

Just like tech companies selling me products addressing my needs rather than asking me to struggle from trying to learn and master its products.

Back to the basics, please

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