Monday, September 7, 2009

Is easy to be the opposition

Malaysian Insider reported this:

Najib says easy to be the opposition

I would believe so full heartedly. Perhaps this is one of the few sincere and faithful words we have heard so far from a top man.

Look at Selangor, the former Menteri Besar aka the "King" of the Balinese Palace has been throwing out issues after issues trying to embarrassing the present state administration, igniting anger among the people, and the ex MB adding salt onto the wound hoping that the present State administration will fall.

In Penang, issues after issues aiming towards the State administration by inciting sentiment of enthic groups without even taking our beloved Premier's "One Malaysia" in their mind.

In Kedah, there is a race between the State administration and the BN opposition on which one is the defender of a particular race.

All these added up, I can really understand where the Premier is coming from.

Agreed that it is not easy to administrate a government.

But there's a question to the Premier:

Why not take a back seat in Perak instead?

Why not just dissolve the State Assembly? Knowing that Pakatan will capture the state is great victory? And leave them the mess created thus far?

Why not? Good idea? Mr Prime Minister?

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