Thursday, September 3, 2009

The memory lane

Location: Restoran Satellite

The old fridge was there when I first visited the place in the 80's. On top of the lighted fridge sits a mini compo with disc changer loaded with songs of the yester years. The boss is spotted on the left.

The same old place where chicken rice is prepared. Now with helpers, the boss only collect payments.

Same source, same look, same taste, since the 80's

This is the place where both my wife and myself like to dine once a while. Not a classy restaurant, but it helps us to recall those days, when we were young.

I was brought to this restaurant when I was studying in the TARC in the 80's. It was my seniors, brought me with their motorbikes, riding from Setapak all the way here just to eat the chicken rice.

When the Highland Tower collapsed, I volunteered to pack food for the reporters on the field. With no idea how many of them there, I packed 20 packs of chicken rice here, and sent all the way from PJ to Ulu Klang.

The same restaurant, run by the same boss since then, virtually unchanged both visual and taste of food, is my memory lane.

With oldies playing while eating, it broughte back to those days, those days when we were young.

It isn't about fantastic food, neither is it a cozy place, but the tables, chairs, food, fan, songs, and the unnamed boss of whom I know him for years, but converse only when calling him for bill, making us keep wanting to come back.

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