Monday, October 19, 2009

Ray Chang my friend, rest in peace

It was a shock when I received This SMS

I'm lyddie chang, with broken n painless heart that i ever had to inform u that Raymond/Ray Chang had left us on 17/10 11.00am. The feneral will b held at jln 229, section 51a pj.

in the middle of last night, from Ray's phone sent by his wife, that Ray passed away.

I did not know him well, neither he knows me well enough to be buddies.

But I am indebted to him for what he has done for me, when I was at the bottom of my life.

Ray gave an helping hand to me when I was lost, some 6 years back, after all attempts failed to revived my failed business. It was a costly lesson that hit me hard enough that I was almost written myself off.

Of course, Ray is not the only one, there are many who helped me to get through the situation, of which I do not think I can stand up again if without these people.

Ray is an unique case. Many who helped me know me for quite a while. But Ray got to know me through my ex-boss, decided to keep me in mind.

There's too little to pen down, but too much in my mind to thank a man, whom just because I need an helping hand, with no hesitation, even not knowing me well, and get his hand wet to pull me out from the mud.

Ray passed away on 17-10-2009, at the age of 45. I can still see his smile and hear his laugh, clearly, even we have not been meeting up for almost 2 years.

So long Ray...

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