Sunday, August 14, 2011

Since when the State becomes the killing machine?

Many died, with no or funny reason beyond normal means.

Many who did not even have a chance to defend themselves, died in the custody.

Before and after Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock, and Sarbaini, the list goes on.

Some said they are fated, some ignored, some prayed that they are not the affected.

But still some who insisted justice must prevail.

Even if All Mighty were to take away a life, there's always a reason and justification.

But now, the State has acted as if it is above all, that stupid excuses given for precious life lost.

Oh yes! You can blame it to the system, but please, tell me, which section of the System allows life lost for no reason?

Some said because Teoh is working for the Oppositions. Tell me, is Sarbaini works for the oppositions? No! Sarbaini works for none other than the Royal
Malaysia Custom.

Some said Kugan deserved it because he is a criminal. But wait, isn't it the jurisdiction of the courts and not the enforcement force to determine if one is criminal? Even if Kugan is a car thief, as claimed by the Police, is he deserved a death sentence with no legal proceeding from the enforcement and not judiciary ?

Think about it, think about if it happened to you. If you feel that I'm casting a curse so be it, but if it happened to you, I'm sorry, for we have not just doing enough to crush the killing machine.

I curse those who invoked in these killing and escaped or attempted to escape justice, one day you'll will have the same fate, and you would pay dearly for what you have done.

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