Thursday, August 25, 2011

Steve jobs and Apple

Although expected, but still shock when heard the news that Steve resigned as Apple CEO with immediate effect.

Many worry that Apple will never be the same in post Steve's era, I do not agree.

For the past years, Steve has implanted in Apple his design philosophy, it is a good corporate example how one can effectively mobilize everyone within the Apple eco system to think as one, be it the employees, the share holders, the suppliers, even the consumers.

Never in any corporate history that one CEO has far reaching influence as Steve, not even Bill Gates, that covers every aspect of the entire eco system.

Now Apple is moving forward without Steve, or Steve is already merged with Apple as one, regardless of whether he is physically capable of dealing with the day to day operation.

For me, Apple is Steve, and Steve is Apple, it can no longer be apart, no matter how.

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