Thursday, January 5, 2012

So you think you are saving Anwar, or you just wanted to save yourself?

it is a pity if you who forge for better Malaysia see that no one other than Anwar will make your dream come true.

Isn't this what UMNO wanted? The more you depend on Anwar, the more UMNO wanted him at all cost.

By doing so, you think you save Anwar therefore save you, but you have not realize, you have in fact getting Anwar killed because of you, and killing your dream for doing so.

If you move past Anwar, you will save him, and save yourself.

For UMNO have no prime target to hit, and you are all over.

You are the one who make the history, don't hide behind Anwar making him a visible target for UMNO to do all they can on him, even if he is willing.

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