Saturday, January 7, 2012

This is our country

This is a beutiful country, with everything upside down.

Someone aka Lynas failed to build a plant at home for whatever reason, then they come here to tell us they are giving us heaven on earth.

Someone who wanted to transform this country's democracy for his own version of "better democracy" ended with water cannon and tear gas somehow sneak into hospital to help cleaning up car park wall and chase away mosquito;

Someone who claimed adhere to the laws now say someone will temporary be PM until his gang bend the laws to get him out of jail and become PM;

Someone who shouted, fight, rally to end corruption, only if corruption practice by BN not themselves;

Someone who defend freedom of speech til his death only if The speech is what they wanted to hear;

Someone who in the first place disgrace himself allowing his face be hang on a flag post until a brave soul took it down, ended up with criminal charge of humiliating that someone;

Someone who claimed never overspend because all spending are within budget that have forgotten the budgeted figures are real figure plus a couple of zeros at the back;

Someone who claimed his boys are all well behave that whoever injured themselves are self inflicted;

So this is our country, our beautiful country.


  1. 这就是为什么我看到那么多的人盲目支持民联和崇拜民联的一些领袖就觉得很难过,这里的民智比我想象中的低, sorry to say this...

  2. 所以启迪民智,而不是追捧明星,才是我们应该持有的态度。