Sunday, March 4, 2012

If Lynas is sincere

if Lynas is sincere, it should relocate its corporate HQ to Malaysia, then operate the refinery in West Australia.

No infrastructure? You can always set up a plant near port Freemantle, so no need to ship rare earth ore to Kuantan to process.

No water? Hey! You mean Australia is so bad that there's no enough water supply in Freemantle?

No upstream industries? We can alway ship you whatever chemical that you can find in Kuantan, no issue, we can also sell you cheap, definitely cheaper in terms of weight as compare to the ore, hence shipping cost.

Tax break? Why not you apply in your home country then? I believe the Australian government, who wanted to control world rare earth supply, will be more than happy to do so.

350 jobs? You can always hire our brave souls who are willing to work for you, or you can create 350 jobs in Australia, your choice.

So bring your HQ here, put your refinery there, and we will trust you do good for us


  1. That Liow liar said Lynas will export back the waste back to Australia but Nazis said will send to the unpopulated area. So who to trust?

  2. You would have learned by now that you trust only yourself, right?

  3. IN BN no one can be trusted.That Nazis because of the votes can apologize to people for all the sins BN had done. but not forgetting that he was the DPM ! Vote ABU!

  4. Whether BN is trustworthy, I think this is separate issue. The fact remain that they failed to convince me why must Lynas be here