Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lynas is safe, just like Durex claimed their condom is safe

I have to agree that Lynas is safe, like Durex claimed their condom is safe.

But I cannot agree that rare earth ore from Australia, chemical used for the refinery process, and waste as the by product of the refinery process is safe.

Much like Durex cannot guarantee that their condom will never break.

For broken Durex condom, your damage is limited to accidental birth of your child.

For broken Lynas, it will claim thousands of habitants' life surrounding the area for thousands of years.

I would like to share the following documentary, "The Battle of Chernobyl" here.

Watch it carefully, especially comments from top Russian nuclear scientist to the then leader of Soviet Union, Gorbachev, claiming that the Chernobyl nuclear plant is 100% safe.

Does this ring your bell that some nuclear experts here claimed the same?

Yes, one may argue Lynas is not nuclear power plant. But Durex is neither nuclear power plant, and when it fails you, you had it.

Isn't it?

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