Monday, July 23, 2012


Say what you like, but she is angel for those who know her. Sabrina Yeap, founder of Furry Friends' Farm, passed away last week, left some 200 dogs, 150 cats behind.

Sabrina Yeap with Kuning

Perhaps her mission to this world is completed, and she returned to where she belongs. Though we are sad that she is no longer with us, but we believe that her spirit for not putting a life to sleep will spread wider.

We are not in control of deciding who should be on earth, likewise we have no rights to take away another life.

Furry Friends' Farm is still operating, Sabrina's successors pledged to continue. For those who want to lend an helping hand, Google Furry Friends' Farm, or find from Facebook, you will get their latest updates.

No matter what is your contribution, money, effort, food, clothes, etc., your effort is going to save someone of whom like you, citizen of this planet Earth.

Visit the farm, if you can, or spread the news.

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