Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birthday Card to RPK

Please be reminded that we are going to send this card to Puan Marina tomorrow (27 Sept 2008). We may not be able to include any message posted after 27 Sept 12pm.

To All Concerned Malaysian,

27th September is the birthday of the respectful Raja Petra who was recently been detained under Internal Security Act by the Barisan Government.
9月27日是深受我們敬愛的Raja Petra的生日。他最近被國陣政府以內安法令扣留了。

To show support to Raja Petra on his effort to uncover the truth, and his vision towards a united Malaysia, we plan to send him a birthday card, to be hand delivered to his wife, Puan Marina Lee Abdullah before his birthday.
為了對Raja Petra揭露真相,拆穿腐敗的努力表示支持,我們計劃為他送上一張生日卡。這張卡,我們打算在他的生日之前,通過其妻,即Puan Marina Lee Abdullah 轉交給他。

We urge you, a Malaysian, who appreciate his effort to sign this birthday card, show him that he is not alone behind the Kamunting Detention Camp.
我們呼吁您,馬來西亞人,簽署這張生日卡以對他付出的努力表示支持。以我們的實際行動,告訴被扣在霹雳太平甘文丁的Raja Petra在這條改革路上他並非孤軍作戰。

You may send in your message to me,, or, or leave a comment here
您可以將您的訊息寄給我,, or,或將您的留言貼到。

We will compile your message, and send it to Puan Marina before his birthday by hand.
我們將綜合所有的留言與訊息,在他的生日前轉交給 Puan Marina。

Let him know his effort is not wasted, Let him know you care about him, let him know he is not alone!


Chia Chin Yau
Lim Sou Bian

**Updated 25th Sept 2008
I have received responses in both emails and sms, and I have posted below. I need to withhold their names as they did not specifically tell me whether they wanted their names to be shown publicly.

Chia CY



Forgive me for my lousy Chinese translation, but I am trying as much as possible, as my little contribution.

I urge those who wish to send RPK message via this birthday card program to include their names. Don't you want to tell RPK who cares for him?

Many asked why we started this. In fact, both my wife and me was thinking of giving him a birthday surprise even before his detention. Since the situation changed, we think its better for us to do it publicly.

May justice prevailed.

I will try my best to edit some of his views, in voice recording we have recorded, and will be posted here as soon as I can.


Meanwhile, those who wish to send snail card to RPK themselves, by all means. his current address as follow:

YM Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin
Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan
34009 Kamuting

Flood the camp with greeting cards to RPK, and if you wish, to all behind that WALL and greet them Selamat Hari Raya. Tell them we did not abandon them! Tell them they deserve a trial in the open court and they deserve their rights to defend themselves.

** Updated 26th Sept 2008
Just loaded the card. Was told that musical card will probably not reaching detainees in the camp, or rather, nothing will reach them. But we will try, atleast we hope Marina will show RPK during he upcoming visit.


  1. RPK真英雄,我以最大的敬意向您致敬,我也祷告上天您即刻释放出来.

    RPK is real hero. This is my tribute to you, and I pray to God for your immediate release.

    Ng KH - name withheld

  2. Happy Bday to RPK, Malaysia proud of you.


    Lim CC and Family
    Kong MY,
    Lim XX,
    Lim XY (Name withheld)

  3. You're ours Malaysian Hero !
    Happy birthday to you!


    Best Regards,
    KHOR WH - (Name withheld)

  4. Happy Birth day and many returns of the day. Wish you will come out soon, because we badly need person like you to bring out truth into the lime light.


    V Ramu

  5. dear RPK:

    your are the hope of all malaysian, u can not tumbang, please take care of your self, we will wait until you come out from the ISA, and we promise will fight with you any time...........


    from: cheong sf - (name withheld)

  6. Happy Birthday


    Jimmy Loke

  7. Warmest Birthday Greetings to the bravest man in Malaysia, who keeps the flame of integrity and hope burning. Malaysia luv u.

    Patrick Tan

  8. Support raja petra.kill isa

    Yong SH - Name withheld

  9. Happy Birthday to RPK, my tribute to you and we malaysian of all races is real proud of you.

    In very truth he was, the noblest work of God -- an honest man (RPK). - Abraham Lincoln

    You will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated. - Maya Angelou

  10. Its my birthday too.We all suffer the same. Its just that I'm luckier that I'm with my immediate friends and family, while RPK is with new friends and family.

    Happy birthday for us!



    Mohd Fariduddin

  11. “YM, Through your website, your words have created some kind of “force” giving us a kind of hope and I would like to reinforce this back to you so that you are stronger than before. May your thoughts be tapped into the divine power so that you can achieve greater heights in your conquest for justice and well being for all mankind.
    You are well and happy. From: Hema”

    Pearly Wong

  12. Wishing you well and healthy, the spirit of justice will forever live.


    Frankie Ng HK

  13. Marina’s message from her first visit to Kamunting yesterday, to meet her husband RPK:

    “Her husband's greatest worry, she said, was that three months down the road, the public would have forgotten his existence…"He told me, 'Please tell them not to forget me'," Marina said...

    My reply:
    We/I will not forget you RPK. The campaigns to free you will continue and I`ll continue sending cards to you…for your birthday, for raya, deepavali, christmas, new year, even when there are no festivities…I hope to God, though, that you will be out before all those festivities…the biggest festivity, however, will be the celebration when you are released…but I`ll still keep sending you cards and greetings…We/I will not forget you…and just in case I get amnesia, I got your pic and the animated candle each time I start up my computer, to remind me…

    I`m sending cards everyday…if you don’t get them, then those f---kers are not passing them to you…

    YM. Raja Petra Kamarudin
    Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
    34009 Kamunting,

  14. RPK
    At my age (45+) , not many ppl in politic can command my respect.
    ( Not a single one in MCA )

    You are one of those rare gem that comes once in 50 years (after TAR).

    Full Name : Tan Swee Seng , P.Jaya

    ( You can publish my name ,thanks)

  15. To see you suffer so much and sacrifice for the sake of truth and justice has awaken my conviction about how evil this UMNO-bas***** led government is!

    I am not of the same religion as you but I am begining to pray to My Jehovah for your well being!

    May our LORD give you strength and power to overcome this difficult period! Happy B'day


  16. Happy Birthday RPK

    You had me in tears seeking justice for us, Malaysian. I wish you good health to go on and on!

    Eric Ng

  17. Happy Birthday, proud of you.


  18. Happy Birthday.
    I leave this message to show my support to you.

    Teng Phee chin

  19. we are behind you all the way. The truth will prevail. It's time.

    Ho Chee Meng

  20. RPK,

    Thanks for everything.
    Happy Birthday.

    Loh Yeen Teng

  21. Please let me know if there is any activity regarding ISA detainees.

    Gan Pei Nei

  22. Support you forever.

    Ho Sheao Yun

  23. Wishing you to be release soon. Take a good care of yourself. You will never be forgotten.

    A best wishes from Australis
    Wan Kok Keong

  24. I leave my name to show my support.

    Tan Teck Eng

  25. Raja Petra,

    u r splendiferous, keep it up!

    Hong Bee Choo, Sg. Buloh.

  26. He's truly malaysian!

    Tan Joo Siang

  27. Dear RPK, 

    Remember the first question posted to you in our first interview is :

    Why, why you do all these when you don’t need to?

    Now, many asked me why I do this? i.e. collecting signatures and messages for your birthday card to show support.


    I am no longer wanted to be a passive person waiting for others to forge and fight for me

    I am no longer wanted to just talk with SMS and in kopitiam.

    I am no longer wanted to hide my emotion

    After knowing why RPK hates what’s going on in our country.

    This is the time for us to say NO. When it's NOT RIGHT then it's NOT RIGHT. Doesn't means putting one in detain then you are right.

    "Someone got to do this." said RPK in my last interview.

    Now i am saying the same things,


    While RPK is still under detention, doesn't mean that we just sit and wait. There's much more v can do. And i think this is one of the best way to comfort him for this moment.

    My interview with RPK is posted here (sorry, MANDARIN ONLY la, but will try to post his sound recording also.)

    I am asking all of you, my beloved Malaysian to pass on the right message.

    (do not send sms telling people to stores food & prepare for 513 or u really deserved to kena ISA!!!)