Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brthday Card to RPK - Update

We were at the candlelight vigil against ISA last night. My wife collected most of the new signatures and messages to RPK during the event, from around 40 on 27th noon, up to 109 in total at night.

We made a mistake that we did not inform Marina we are sending the card at night after the vigil, however, we went to her house, and dropped in her mail box, and sms her that we have dropped a card carrying your wishes to RPK on his birthday.

She replied: Tqs dear will get card 2 him. Marina

Thank you guys for showing your support.

I met Haris Ibrahim, blogger of the People's Parliament, he told me to keep sending RPK cards, as the authority are giving RPK 10 cards per day. So guys, please keep sending him cards, any cards, just send, and keep sending.

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