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Exclusive Interview - RPK Part 1 (translated)

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RPK: Chinese, do not affraid

"I am a Malay, but I am not the enemy of non-Malay."

"I want to tell the Chinese, don't be afraid of UMNO's threat, that's why I accepted our interview."

RPK emphasized that there are millions of Malay in this country, majority of them are friends of the Chinese and Indian.

"Non-Malay voted for BN in the past because they are afraid of May 13. That's the reason why ruling parties go all out campaigning in full-page native language advertisement before General Elections. For example, MIC tells Indian if you voted for Oppositions, you be prepared to pay for it." Isn't all BN component parties doing the same?

"But they dare not tell the Malay to watch out if Malay voted for Oppositions! Instead, they organize project balik kampung, give RM200 per head to buy votes. Why not threaten the Malay? Because Malay do not don't buy the idea of May 13!" RPK said, even if not all, most Malay too longing for stability.

I am quiet. Was thinking of our 60 year old neighbour, Pak Haji, repetitively told me after the General Election, that if someone wants to kill you, please come to my home and let me protect you.

Also Ahmad, another neighbour of mine, whom his children speak Mandarin well.

"The Government thinks Chinese and Indian are both not thankful to the Government, this happened in 1969, and UMNO's solution to this is May 13."

"Now, as a Malay, through your magazine I announce to all Chinese friends, If UMNO were to create another May 13, We, the Melayu Pembangkang (Malay Oppositions) will come out. If they want to kill the Chinese, they will have to walk over our dead bodies. Because if there's no Chinese, we, majority of us earning our living without any form of government aids will not have tomorrow."

"How would you ensure the safety of Chinese?"

"I went to Kg Kerinchi, where 99% of them are Chinese, to speak, when I warned UMNO, if they ever dare to hurt any non-Malay, then us, the Melayu Pembangkang (Malay Oppositions) will fight until our last drop. Thousands of Malay there listened to my speech echoed my call. I think the spontaneous reaction reflects the truth."

RPK said, the Malays are ready, but they ain't want to slow down the refomasi progress if Chinese and Indian are slow in catching up.

He said, when UMNO demonstrated outside KOMTAR, Penang, protesting Guan Eng (Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang) who suggested to abolish NEP (New Economic Policy). There were about 500 so called UMNO elite, who look more like foreign workers and Mamak (Indian Muslim) demonstrated. However, right outside the venue, thousands of Malays are observing. These thousands are bloggers and Malayu Pembangkang (Malay Oppsitions), waiting there just in case the so called UMNO elite moves, they will then act and strike.

After the incident, the Malay Pembangkang and bloogers organised a protect on Nasi Kandar operators, badly hurt the Nasi Kandar business. Those operators, majority of them are Mamak (Indian Muslim) issued a statement clarified that they did not join the said demonstration but their business is jeopardized. "You see, we are not just talking, we are doing!"

"BN rules Malaysia, the Tai Ko (leader) of BN is UMNO, thus UMNO President is the Prime Minister. Who decides? On the surface, it seems to be our decision who voted for a party to be the majority. In actual fact, it is 193 UMNO divisions decide. Anyone wanted to be the Prime Minister just need to bag 100 Malay leaders (UMNO division chairmans), of course, with 120, it is much comfortable and safe."

Thus, he analyzed that the country's faith in actually within the reach of these 100+ people. Surprisingly, our 26 million citizens, accepted is as a norm, they complain when they were treated ufairly. "Is you that voted for MCA, Gerakan and MIC, and these parties willingly let go their political power to UMNO."

"I think the Chinese neglected this one fact, without your support, UMNO is nothing." During the 308 General Election, RPK observed some changes: Malay voted for Indian under Rocket (DAP) banner, Those Chinese who resisted PAS are calling Chinese to vote for oppositions. "When the 3 races crossed the bridge of racial divide, is when BN will fall."

"Did UMNO see Indian Hindraf supporters raising PAS flags shouted Allah U Akbar (God is Great!) in Chinese temple in Klang? Did UMNO see Chinese Fortune God in Kuala Kedah holding PKR flag in one hand, and PAS flag in the other hand? Did UMNO see Malays in Kg Bahru open their door letting Hindraf supporters to hide from Police's hunting?"

UMNO did not see these. Last November BERSIH rally, after the FRU (Federal Reserved Unit/Riot Police) shooting out tear gas, Malay drags Chinese and Indian away. Thus, it is the combined force of Malay, Chinese and Indian going against the corrupt. "for Indian, this is Makkal Sakhti; for Malay, this is Suara Rakyat." When translated to Mandarin, this is the 人民之声(People's voice)。

to be continued.....

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  1. Here's the Bahasa Malaysia version of the RPK Interview for your perusal, in honour of RPK

    Alihbahasa oleh; Johan Ray

    RPK; Kaum Cina, Jangan Takut

    “Saya orang Melayu, tetapi saya bukan musuh kepada orang bukan Melayu.”

    “ Saya mahu beritahu kepada orang Cina, jangan takut dengan gertak UMNO, sebab itu saya bersetuju menerima wawanncara ini.”

    RPK menekankan bahawa ada berjuta orang Melayu di Negara kita, kebanyakannya adalah rakan kepada orang Cina dan India.

    “Orang bukan Melayu mengundi BN di masa yang lepas kerana takut dengan Mei 13. Itulah sebabnya kenapa parti pemerintah berhempas pulas berkempen dalam muka penuh iklan dalam bahasa ibunda masing-masing sebelum Pilihanraya Umum. Misalannya MIC memberitahu orang India “jika kamu mengundi pembangkang kamu akan menerima padahnya.” Tidakkah semua parti komponen BN membuat perkara yang sama?

    “Tetapi mereka tidak berani memberi amaran yang sama kepada orang Melayu jika mengundi pembangkang! Bahkan mereka menganjurkan projek Balik Kampung dan memberi RM200 sekepala untuk membeli undi. Kenapa orang Melayu tidak diberi amaran? Sebab orang Melayu tidak termakan dakyah Mei 13.” RPK berkata, “Kalau pun tidak semuanya, kebanyakan orang Melayu juga mahukan Negara yang stabil.”

    Aku tergamam. Aku teringatkan jiran ku Pak Haji berumur 60 tahun yang sering mengingatkan aku selepas pilihanraya umum bahawa “jika ada sesaorang mahu membunuh kamu sila dating kerumah saya dan kami akan melindungi kamu.”

    Juga seorang lagi jiranku Ahmad, yang mana anak-anaknya fasih berbahasa Mandarin, menyatakan “ Kerajaan berpendapat bahawa orang Cina dan India tidak mengenang budi kepada Kerajaan. Ini berlaku pada tahun 1969 dan jawapan UMNO kepada keaddan ini ialah Mei 13.”

    “Sekarang, sebagai seorang Melayu, melalui majalah tuan, saya menyeru kepada semua rakan-rakan Cina, sekiranya UMNO mencipta Mei 13 sekali lagi, kami pembangkang Melayu akan keluar membela. Jika mereka mahu membunuh orang Cina mereka perlu melangkah mayat kita dahulu. Kerana jika tiada orang Cina, majoriti diantara kami yang menyara hidup tanpa bantuan Kerajaan tidak akan punya masa depan.”

    “ Bagaimana anda dapat memastikan keselamatan kami?”

    “Saya pernah pergi ke Kg. Kerinchi di mana terdapat 99% adalah orang Cina. Bila saya memberi amaran kepada UMNO jika mereka berani mencederakan mana-mana orang bukan Melayu, kami pembangkang Melayu akan membela mereka sehingga ketitsan darah terakhir. Ribuan orang Melayu yang mendengar ucapan saya di sana menyambut seruan saya. Saya rasa reaksi spontan mereka melambangkan kebenaran.”

    RPK berkata orang Melayu telah bersedia tapi mereka tidak mahu mengekang kemajuan reformasi jika orang Cina dan India lambat mencapainya.