Saturday, December 27, 2008

Idiotic announcement of the year!

Well, its countdown time, 2008 is leaving us, and 2009 is waiting at the corner.

We have a great 2008, when we denied 2/3 majority against Barisan Nasional, the ruling regime which has been ruling this land since independence.

Well, this is the Great thing we have achieved, but we have, among others, idiots who speak with their pea-sized brain.

Here are some to recall your memory, in case you have forgotten:

1. "I will not dissolve the Parliament, atleast not for the immediate future." -- and the next day, parliament dissolved!

2. "The Government will not increase the pump price, atleast not for the immediate future." -- and the pump price increased a whopping RM0.78, from RM1.92 per litter to RM2.70 per litter, ON THE NEXT DAY!

3. "We need to reduce the petrol price little by little even the international market price dropped sharply, coz we cannot afford to let the pump operators incurred great losses if the price goes down accordingly." -- Well, when the petrol price went up, no one seems to speak on behalf of the consumer, I mean no one from the Cabinet. But the Consumer Affair Minister is protecting the pump retailers from incurring losses, what happen when the pump operators made huge profit when the price hike skyrocket??

4. "The Government need to start somewhere to slowly withdrawn petrol subsidy, and this is the best time as the Government no longer capable of handling the subsidy judging from the current international market price of USD145 per barrel, and the market price will not come down as petrol reserve is diminishing." -- The mushroomed mouth never talk about petrol price nowadays -- friend, there's no longer subsidy, the Government is in fact subsidize by the people, which you named it as TAX!

5. "When the petrol prices going downwards, retailers and traders should adjust their prices downwards as well." -- My FOOT!! TNB tariff goes up from 10%, water wanted to increase its tariff by 37% in year 2009 if the Selangor state Government is not handling the water reserves management to SYABAS. Who want to reduce selling prices??

6. "Malaysia will never be affected by the financial tsunami, or rather, the impact is going to be very minimal." -- As an export oriented country, the 16th US trade partners, is not going to be affected by the crisis, guess the DUMPHEAD mistakenly think that
EXPORT means buying from US, thus we just stop buying la, nothing will happen to us then!!

7. "The Bukit Antarabangsa tragedy is clearly not due to human negligence." -- The person taking care of the portfolio made such comment when first appeared at the tragic site 4 days after the incident implied that no one, or only GOD is to be blamed!

8. "We can foresee short of electricity supply to Klang Valley by year 2009 if the Rawang relay stations cannot be upgraded as planned."

A week later, the same man announced "We foresee a drop in demand on electricity next year. And we were forced to buy the power generated by JIMAH plant commencing next year that will increase our reserve electricity to 45% (which means wasted!!)"

When asked to buy from IPP, gave all sort of excuse, and want to hike the tariff for all of us to pay for the wastage. On another hand, wanted to force Rawang and the State to give way so that the original upgrade plan can be carried out. What logic and I wonder which school is he graduated from??

9. "The reporter needs protection according to Police Intelligence that her life is threaten, thus the Police detained her under ISA (Internal Security Act)" -- This is an eye-opener for all on earth that a Law designed to combat CPM (Communist Party of Malaya) is also an adult protection act.

With such statements from our beloved "leaders", you can ever imagine how well this country will be in year 2009.

The list goes on, add youself.... Have fun!!!!

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