Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ai Yo! ValueCap!

We were told that the Government guaranteed the RM5billion from EPF to ValueCap, for the later to invest in undervalued stocks in Bursa Malaysia.

Very Good!

Here comes the question:

  1. EPF announced recently a sharp drop on its investment income as much as 60% compared to last year. If EPF as a cautious player in Bursa suffered in Bursa, can ValueCap does better? If ValueCap can do better, why not resolve the entire EPF investment team and outsource the investment business to ValueCap?
  2. If ValueCap is good, why it is not making money?
  3. If ValueCap failed in its attempt to harvest from "undervalued but quality" stocks, i.e. if RM5billion gone with the wind, the Government is going to pay EPF the loan amount. Isn't Government fund from the Rakyat? Isn't this like Mr. A loaned RM5 to Mr B asking B to buy some good stuff. B failed and lost the RM5. B need not replay A, but A will replay himself from left pocket to right pocket, and see, you still have RM5 in hand. What a magic!
  4. What if ValueCap really make money from Bursa, will ValueCap repay with its profit, and keep a percentage as management fee, or swallow everything, and the Government still fork up RM5billion to pay back EPF?

If money does not belong to ValueCap, and if it fails, ValueCap will not be in the position to recover the lost sum. We will then see the Government & ValueCap both blame the other investors not lending a helping hand to boost Bursa. The show is then off, and what you can do? Bang your balls and hang yourself!

BTW, is there a vacancy in ValueCap? Office boy also can do la. I want to work there so I have insider information on what they want to push man. Don't blame me for being short sighted la, everyone like that ma. Rakyat's money, my foot!

Go sleep now. Will start a business in my dream call ValueGood. Make sure the UN is backing me up with unlimited fund!!!

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