Monday, August 31, 2009


It seems we have plenty of events surrounding the Merdeka Day this year.

First, we have a toll of 71 fatal H1N1 cases. This is a national threat that the Government has failed to contain and prevent it from spreading. And I bet it will spread like wild fire come rainy season.

Second, the Cattle head demonstration in Shah Alam. This is clearly an instigation by certain quarters hoping to divide the people of different faiths going against each other. And the explanation by the Police not able to stop the demonstration on time is laughable as there are only 50 took part.

There's no arrest as of this time, even with proof on video circulating around the Internet, and no one is responsible for. YB Khalid Samad has in his blog detailing what transpires. Where is the Police when you need them most?

Stern action against participants of candle light vigils across the country, and Police is able to find who and who even after events.

But the cattle head?? No one is responsible, and no one to be found, and no one is guilty.

Yes, the Malaysia society is matured enough not to be influenced by the cattle head, as oppose to certain quarters trying to stir it up.

Third. Teoh Beng Hock was alleged by MACC that he have RM112 kick back. So MACC's theory is TBH accepted the kick back of RM112, and grilled by MACC whole night long, and decided to kill himself.

WTF! Why not the Balinese Palace King go kill himself having RM24 million palace after being questioned by MACC? Is there different treatment between the Balinese Palace King and Teoh Beng Hock?

I wonder if MACC officers ever passed their Maths? RM24 Million they just let go, RM112 they nailed until TBH died.

MCA the fourth? Sorry, there's no fourth place, MCA is irrelevant and they can continue fighting like their BN counterpart PPP forever.. It will not change the fact that MCA is powerless and toothless, and sad to say, win no respect from the community it claimed to represent.

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