Sunday, January 17, 2010

A country of two truth

Yesterday, the minister in the prime minister's department Nazri said that it is alright for Sabah and Sarawak to continue using the word "Allah" but not in West Malaysia.

I wonder if the minister speak up his mind, or try to please both sides, or as ignorrant as he used to be.

JAKIM issued a statement today wanted the word to be exclsive to Muslims regardless of whether in east or west Malaysia.

I can understand where JAKIM is coming from, but I cannot understand on what ground Nazri is making such confusing statement.

Is Nazri implying that east and west Malaysia should receive different treatments?

If so, is Nazri representing east and west Malaysia or just east or west Malaysia?

Najib seems letting all these contradicting statements to keep confusing everyone as opposed to his 1Malaysia slogan, and raise even more confusion among us than the issue itself.

What is the real
Motive to keep confusing people? Isn't we were asked to put away our differences, unite, and build a better tomorrow?

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