Saturday, January 9, 2010

In the name of the Father

It has been heated debate lately on the recent high court ruling about the name of the Father.

I was talking to my neighbour, a sincere muslim by practice, on this issue, and this is what he told me:

Ask those who denied your rights to mention the Father's name who made you to this world.

They probably said it is your father and mother brought you to this world.

Ask them further who made your parents to this world, and ultimately who brought the first human to this world.

It is stated clearly that all mankind are rooted from the same persons, Adam and Eve.

And who made them?

Father made them.

How should you then mention Father?

Ask them! Isn't their Father the same Father? Why should they differenciate Father between you and me?

Else, are they creating another Father for those who are not embracing the same religion as them?

So, how many Father do we all have?

Is this stated in the Holy books to differentiate one Father from another when there's only ONE AND ONLY?

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