Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Now we know where the missing F5E jet engines

Something must be wrong, very wrong indeed. Read the following from our respectable quote and quote, Mr AG:

Only Rank And File Involved In RMAF F-5E Jet Engines Theft - A-G

(Bernama) -- Only rank and file personnel and not senior military officers were involved in the theft of the two engines of F-5E jet fighters of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail said Monday.

This made me getting very angry, and worried. Should low ranking officers able to siphon the 2 jet engines, then the higher ranking officers probably convert our newly delivered submarines aka Mongolia bananas into a full-scaled TAMIYA model

He said the decision on whether to charge those involved in the incident would be made "in the very near future".

He also said that all efforts would be made by the government to recover as soon as possible the two missing engines, last traced to Uruguay.

Uruguay, the final destination or just another transit? With the efficiency of the Police Force combining with Armed forces' intelligence, of which was once claimed to be the best intelligence in the world, lost the trace in Uruguay?

I wonder how accurate is this piece of information uttered from our Mr AG.

Why should Uruguay wanted the engines? Uruguay Air Force does not have F5E, not even one!








T-41, SF.260, PC-7, B-58


C-130, C-212, EMB-120, UH-1, Bell 212, AS-365, U206, D50

Courtesy of Wikipedia

If not Uruguay, where have these two engines gone? Gone with the wind?

"We are now engaging into mutual legal assistance procedures with certain countries in trying to get those engines back," he told reporters.

If the engines are smuggled out from Malaysia, do you think it can be claimed back? Who are you my friend? How much more that we need to pay, and pay to who to get it back?

Abdul Gani said the police had completed their investigation into the missing engines, which revealed that they were sent to an address in Subang Jaya, Selangor, on Dec 30, 2007 and Jan 1 last year.

"The military realised the loss only on May 22, 2008 and, when they found out, they proceeded with the investigation and then on Aug 4, 2008, a police report was made.

"On May 4, 2008, a container carrying the engines was shipped abroad and we traced it to Argentina, and from Argentina, the engines were offloaded onto another ship to Uruguay," he said.

Time line, Mr AG. If you look carefully your explanation, it either revealed that our investigation officers are either NOT CAPABLE, or something else is wrong!

Reconstruction of the timeline

2007-10-31 - engines was boxed in container, to be delivered to RMAF Sungai Besi Airport (why the engines are taken out and sent to Sungai Besi for storage? Why cant it be sent to repair, or repair to be conducted immediately?)

2007-12-30/2008-01-01 - engines was shipped from RMAF Sungai Besi Airport, to an address in Subang Jaya, and stored there. (Who authorised the re-location? Why sent to Subang Jaya?)

2008-05-04 - engines was shipped out and transit in Argentina, then heading to Uruguay. (From 2007-10-31 until 2008-05-04, no one ever asked where the hell the engines' gone? The F5E is grounded for such a long time and no one bothered? Who is in charged of the F5E?)

2008-05-22 - the armed forces discovered that the engines lost, and initiate internal investigation. (the F5E grounded for 7 months and no one ever bother to find out what happened. Now someone discovered, and conducted internal investigation. What is the outcome of the investigation? Why not make it public? Who is incompetent? the one who investigate or the caretaker of the lost engines?)

2008-08-04 - RMAF lodged a police report. (why wait almost a year to lodge a police report? Why need to lodge a police report since this is the armed forces' matter and police should not have judiciary over military events. Then why lodge a police report? Why not announce at that point to the public if the armed forces and the Government wanted to act on it?)

Abdul Gani said Interpol was aware of the case, and added that he believed that the United States was also aware, based on the published reports.

If US is not aware of this, do you think that the Government will duly announced that that 2 jet fighter engines are GONE?

I would rather guess that US is "informing us" on the missing engines instead. Should we not make it public, we will have bigger problem.

Thus, we have this "EXPLOSIVE NEWS"

Asked about the buyer of the engines, Abdul Gani said he could not say anything about that because the investigation for their recovery was still going on.

This is the JOKE!

Said earlier that the Police has completed their investigation, a moment later, said the investment is ongoing, so which is the truth? Or these are all lies?

Asked how much the actual cost of an engine was, he said one should be realistic about it as the jets were bought in 1975.

Gosh! Mr. AG. You mentioned that it was bought in 1975, and we should be realistic about the actual cost.

Are you implying that we should just write it off as it is already 35 YEARS? Which means we should not say the loss is RM500 million per engine but should be RM0.00 since it has been used for the past 35 years?

Why not you, Mr AG, take into consideration of inflation to calculate how much we have paid in present value, for the value of RM500million per engine back in 1975?

I give you a hint: A glass of soya bean on the street was selling at RM0.10, and not it is RM1.20, 12 fold over the 35 years.

Thus, if we use this as the reference, RM500Million back in 1975 is equal to RM6billion NOW per engine, my dear Mr AG, did you learn maths in school??

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