Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our indon Neighbour

A team of Immigration enforcement raided my area just a while ago.

They seems to know which house has illegal immigrants and the raid is pretty smooth.

Our indon Neighbour, was unfortunately taken away. Another family with kids was also taken away.

I know them, in fact I know all of them. They are peaceful and friendly, and they are reasonable unlike some snobbish local, need not to mention most of these snobbish bunch are the same race as me.

Probably the only offense they have is illegally entered our country,

And they came here to fight for their survival, jobs that our elite grads refused to dirty their hands are picked up by them.

Many have wrong perception that these are criminals and I dare to say out loud that I have been mixing around with guards and policemen in my area, that most crime are committed by locals who refused to work, but expecting comfortable life.

I am just wondering why our law is in such where good but illegal immigrants are punished, but not those who actually committed crime by refusing to work but trying to find an easy way out?

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  1. Hi CY,

    It is nice to read your unbiased article about some race. Do share more articles with us.

  2. Anakbmy: there's only good and bad people, and good or bad is not determined by nationality or colour of their skin.

    I do have Burmese and bangla friends, I do understand how they feel trying to survive miles away from home.