Saturday, February 5, 2011

DiGi, Chronicle of events leading to Self Destruction

Dear DiGi,

I am wondering whether you are serious in your business, that my problem remain unsolved, and with new surprises coming from you every now and then making me feel that you are either the great entertainer or I am just too small a customer that you don't even bother to look at.

First, let me stress a point:

I am not asking for your attention as your attention is the last on earth that I will ever expect. I am asking you to provide a decent voice service as stipulated in your contract either implied or expressed, that both parties entered the contract with seller provide its service and buyer pay according to contractual rate/price. This is the basis of Law of contract, I doubt you ever understand.

Let me start with what transpired during these great Chinese New Year season and how you have made my CNY a haunted dream instead of celebration.

2011 Jan 12

Ms Zatasha called and follow up with a mail that she will escalate my case to relevant channels and requesting me to be patient waiting for the outcome.

2011 Jan 21

I follow up with a mail to Ms. Zatasha that I am still experiencing missed calls and still waiting for her reply.

2011 Jan 22

Ms Tinesh replied my mail promised that relevant personnel will contact me pertaining to my problem.

2011 Jan 27

I follow up with email asking what is happening.

2011 Jan 28

Mr. Ravindran called and offered SIM replacement. I told him that I will only agree with SIM replacement if DiGi proposes plan B, i.e. if the replacement SIM still having the same issue, then what should DiGi and I do next.

Mr. Ravi keep insisting that my SIM failed, to solve my problem, I need to get the SIM replaced. I told him that I do not want to waste more time with DiGi rounding the bush, I just want a plan B in case plan A, i.e. SIM replacement failed.

Mr. Ravi finally agreed that he need to discuss with relevant parties, and will come back to me as soon as possible.

2011 Feb 01 noon

I tried to reach Mr. Ravi from Customer Service number 016-221-1800 to follow up on my case. According to Call Center staff, they are not able to pass my line to Mr. Ravi since he is at another department. After wrestling with the call attendant, I spoke to Mr. Phang, presumably a team leader or supervisor. Mr. Phang promised to sort this out with Mr. Ravi and get Mr. Ravi to contact me again.

2011 Feb 01 late afternoon

My SIM failed to register to DiGi network, registration was denied, both incoming and outgoing calls are barred. In short, DiGi terminated my account.

I was kind of panic, I called DiGi call center after I can get whole of another phone, and I assumed that my current SIM is faulty. When I checked with the call attendant on my account status, and network status, replied all positive, means account is good, line is active.

I then asked if I can get emergency replacement of SIM during CNY and any of DiGi center is open during the festive season. Replied yes, some centers are open for business.

The call attendant then asked for my alternate number in order for Mr Ravi to return my call. I did mention my case is handled by Mr Ravi. A 019 number was given, and I was expecting a call from DiGi the next day.

2011 Feb 02 9:42AM

Mr. Ravi sent an email that he has sent out the replacement SIM on 2011 Feb 01, I did not aware of the mail until I reached home mid night.

2011 Feb 02 5:02PM & 2011 Feb 02 1:04AM

I run several SIM diagnostic tests to find out whether my current SIM is really at fault or otherwise. I have concluded that the current SIM was barred by DiGi and it is not faulty.

2011 Feb 03 1:34AM

I replied Mr. Ravi's mail questioning why he sent out the replacement SIM without my prior consent.

2011 Feb 03 1:53AM

I emailed Mr. Ravi asking for date and time of which the replacement SIM was sent.

2011 Feb 03 11:04AM

Mr. Ravi replied via mail that replacement SIM was sent 2011 Feb 01 but no time given.

2011 Feb 03 8:38PM

A strongly worded mail was sent to Mr. Ravi on DiGi's fatal decision to send replacement SIM during festive season when postal service is not available, and humiliation and frustration that I faced when others suspecting that I may not settle my bill thus my line was cut.

2011 Feb 04 afternoon

Mr. Ravi called and insisted that I have accepted the replacement SIM offer. I told him point blank that I have never agreed on replacement SIM unless plan B is proposed by DiGi.

I asked what is the time replacement SIM was despatched for delivery. He finally told me that it was delivered on 2011 Feb 02 (the correct date quoted should be 2011 Feb 01, typo error) morning. He added that this is the resolution of his internal discussion with his peer that they believe it is the best option for me.

I protested by telling him that I was not even consulted, nor I have agreed on replacement SIM. I asked why he proceed with deactivation of my current SIM without my knowledge, he admitted that my current SIM is deactivated with assumption that I can use the replacement SIM when I received.

I asked him when will Pos Malaysia deliver the replacement SIM to my door step, and should I be carrying my phone with a dead SIM that I cannot use as a phone?

He said that it was unfortunate that the incident falls on festive season and I would be receiving the replacement SIM by coming Monday or Tuesday, i.e. almost a week of communication blackout.

He added that DiGi will consider waiving ONE month charge as compensation. I told him point blank that RM88 cannot buy a CNY back for me.

I have demanded him to re-activate my current SIM, and the SIM was activated about an hour after the phone call.

2011 Feb 04 afternoon

I called the call center again, spoken to call attendant Ms. Esther, to record my frustration. Further, I have asked Ms. Esther to record properly the following:

DiGi, as the seller of pronounced services, failed to deliver its commitment towards the buyer, i.e. ME on the expected service level, and unlawful termination of service rendered to me without prior warning nor due to unsettled payments.

I hereby demanded the contract to be terminated as per DiGi's will, and DiGi shall not charge me any early termination fee, and I shall not be liable to return the iPhone 4 purchased under this contract as I have performed my duty as a contractual party and duly paid the price of iPhone 4.

Lastly, I demanded DiGi to return my mobile number which I have ported to DiGi from Celcom to another carrier of my choice without delay, and all cost is to be borne by DiGi.

DiGi should not instruct any of its employee who are not able to make the above decision to contact me and discuss about the process above, it is a waste of time, effort, money, and brain cell talking to people whom the world is to be blamed but DiGi.

I think I have made the case very clear, DiGi, Over to you.

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