Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am disturbed by reactions of "reform" or opposition supporters, when RPK appeared on TV3 telling that he did not believe that Rosmah was at crime scene when Altantuya was blown up.

Many of these "intellects" expressed their disappointments and anger on RPK, said that RPK has turncoat.

Many unfounded accusations that RPK reached agreement with Najib therefore appeared in TV3 shortly before the Sarawak State Election.

It is sad that these people, who may have been influenced by RPK seeking for justice, has released their anger on him without second thought.

And these are the very same people claiming that mainstream media is nothin but lies yet they get themselves believing what appeared on mainstream media. I am just wondering where their conscious is?

I am not defending RPK, whom I need not defend, but judging from emotional and sentimental postings from these "intellects" who claimed themselves been working towards a just world, their actions are beyond my imagination.

This reminds me that supporters of both sides of the fence are as emotional as they can be, and this is no good if we are working towards a better tomorrow.

Why not calm yourself down, give yourself a chance to go through the timeline of RPK, then make sensible conclusion?

This country cannot carry on with blinds trying to lead, neither this country will move forward with emotional steams, we need facts, foundation, and objective foresight to ensure success. Else what different dies it make whether PR or BN in power with their supporters like this?

Wisdom is all we need to determine the course, not anger nor emotion

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  1. Hi CY, I can't agree more for your article. I am also sadden by the people who judge a person by their emotion but not their wisdom. People prefer to listen to what they like to listen. But they would quickly jump to their own conclusion if things turn out not to their liking. It seems that there is still a long way for the rayak to grow up -- intellectually.

  2. Thus, popularity translates to : ability to fool sheep into believing what you said, nevermind if whatever you said don't make sense as sheep don't think, they just follow, within their own comfort zone.

    When sheep heard something out of their expectation, they get angry and your popularity goes down to hell, but they still think they are right.

    Oh Yes! sheep has its rights to figure out what is right from wrong, by referring to sources their have been condemning thus far.

    Sheep is nothing but sheep

  3. I wonder why ccliew and the team have stopped translating RPK's articles? Are they also sheeps?

  4. Sorry but I do not know exactly why. Maybe they are busy with other issues, maybe they are just too tired.

    Anyway, we shall appreciate their past effort, of course hope that they are not one of the sheep.