Thursday, April 21, 2011

1Malaysia email, the business proposal

Read the Malaysian Insider's article on the 1Malaysia email saga:

In short, the govt agencies using the service to deliver message will have to pay RM0.50 per message per email address.

Ok, let's do a hard calculation:

Assuming that there are 5 main govt agencies subscribed to the service,

1. EPF: now can give you monthly statement;

2. Income tax: now can give you monthly statement too;

3. Police: to tell you whether you got summons, monthly intervals;

4. RTD: to tell you whether you got summons, monthly intervals;

5. PM's deprtment: now can greet you every month with 1Malaysia newsletter and updates;

And we assumed that eventually 28million population will be on board (well, if you think you can escape, you're wrong. The govt can simply pass an bill on this requiring everyone to have an 1Malaysia email address, just like your MyKad).

Let's see how's the figures blown up:

RM0.50 X 5 agencies X 1 mail per month X 12 months

Is RM840million per year!

Assuming that the govt implicating to all banks, telcos, utility companies that they have to use this to communicate with their customers (very possible given utility companies are govt linked, telcos are either govt linked or heavily related to mainstream politicians, banks? Bank Negara can issue a directive, end of story)

Assuming that 1 bank, 1 telco, 1 water & 1 electricity company per head, we'll now have to pay:

RM0.50 X 9 X 1 mail per month X 12 months:

Gosh! It is RM1.5billion business!

Who said Malaysian got no brian?

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  1. maybe najib think that email is something like SMS. so charge RM0.50

  2. 18 above only have email account.....must deduct a little bit on your figure

  3. I am usin the basis of toll compensation calculation, ie based on expected traffic volume instead of real.

    If you read carefully the background of the email project, means it should achieve 100% adoption rate by 2015, we should have 30+ million at that point, after deducting below 18, 28 million is achievable.