Friday, February 3, 2012

Superman Prime Minister

Sometime I am just wondering, are we underpaying our honorable Prime Minister?

When we are not happy with something, we want to meet the Prime Minister, we want him to solve our problem. Whether the problem is as big as declaring war, or as small as no one clean up rubbish, the Prime Minister is the ONE person that worth our attention.

Saiful met the Prime Minister after being "Sodomized" instead of lodging a police report (it turns out Saiful is seeking advise from the Prime Minister, if you take whatever the Prime Minister said).

When contractors screwed up Selangor state government by not clearing up rubbish, the Prime Minister then said if BN win the state, the rubbish issue will go with PR.

What does all these mean? It means that the entire Malaysia government is run by the Prime Minister himself, and he is the only one seen working. All other ministers, deputy ministers, government officers are just for fun, Only the Prime minister is working.

From being advisor to Saiful, to flood problem in Sibu during the Sarawak state election, to rubbish issue, hawkers' issue in Selangor, he is the ONE who call the shots, he is the one who execute, and he is the one who actually do the dirty job.

Why not we suggest to the Prime Minister that he takes all salaries, perks, whatever benefits given to ministers down to cleaning workers in the entire Malaysia government?

We need only 1 Government employee, no extra.

Why not?

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  1. Support we must, for 1 Government employee, no extra.