Sunday, May 6, 2012


Sometime protest for the sake of protest brings you nowhere. For every protest, there must be consistency and determination. Protest must be result oriented, not just creating sparks, then let it die.

Yes, you care of something, and that something must be meaningful to you to some extent that you are willing to sacrify your time, and tell me, how much time do you have to go on with ever growin list of protests that you want to take part or care about?

Oh! Yes! I agree, you must voice out, but what is the priority? Where is the focus?

When the same everyone is rushing for every protests trying to create some wave often ended with ill effect.

What is important? I bet most of you cannot tell off hand what is really important. If you are not able to, how would you be able to champion whatever cause with full concentration and make it effective?

When everyone running around tell the world that you are defender of A-z, do you think you can catch attention of those who probably be confused by what you are trying to do?

When you have press coverage you claim victory that the media covered your event. When media did not give you what you want they are lap dogs of the regime.

So what is your benchmarks, of KPIs if you don't understand what benchmark is all about?

Of what I have seen, it's just like having Korean cuisine with many side dishes that you have probably forgotten what is your main cause.

Have you lost? I hope not. But again, what do you really want?

Carnival and limelight? Perhaps.

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