Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Exclusive Interview - RPK Part 2 (translated)

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RPK: why afraid if you never kill someone

RPK said, There was an UMNO meeting took place in the HQ in May on 2 issues:
1. Is Anwar really having 30 to 40 BN MPs crossing over;
2. Is RPK really having proof of high level Malay Officer involved in the Altantuya murder.
"The UNMO conclusion is:
Both are not true, coz if RPK has proof, he will make it public during the General Election; Likewise for Anwar, he would not have to wait until September."

"My question is: Why should they call a meeting to discuss on these, if these are not real? Assuming that if I said you killed someone, will you be worried and get the whole world to meet up to discuss and find countermeasures? For someone who have not done it, he/she would either laugh away, or scolded me as a mad man." He said. "Unless you really killed someone and it is now uncovered, you would then find ways and means to protect yourself."

"If Najib is clean, then I will never have any proof that he is involved. Thus, if they tried to find out if I have the proof, what does it means?" He siad. "There are many politicians and business tycoons who have transfer their wealth out of the country, because they are not sure if this country still with hope."

"However, this is what the rich can do, but what about those poor, for example, vegetable sellers in pasar (market)? Chinese can't go back to Tong Shan (China), and no money to go Kao Kam Shan (San Francisco, or Old Gold Hill), or you are pushing them to Holland (means go to hell in Mandarin)?"

RPK stressed that UMNO makes Chinese feel that this country is hopeless, especially after the 2004 General Election, UMNO has been blatantly hurting the non-Malays. He observed that the Chinese is upset, but it has been for these while release their unhappiness at "Ba Ku Teh" stall. Previously the Rakyat played double-head snake, openly showing their support to BN but voted God knows who. Today, the Rakyat dare to openly thumb-up the Oppositions.

This means, the Rakyat choose not to hide their feelings. "Perhaps the Internet taught us how to be honest to outselves. Now many openly put up the oppositions' flag right in front of their house, and dare to ask the Police "So What?"

Among factors that made the Rakyat longing for changes, Internet is definitely a factor. Furthermore, what makes the Rakyat get angry is the series of prosecutions and law suits against the bloggers.

"When the Government continue using May 13 to threaten the Rakyat, You think the younger generation will be afraid of? They have never had the May 13 experience." After 50 years, he said, even the China's economy structure has transformed from Communism to Capitalism, but the ruling party still does not know who is really the boss.

to be continued.....

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