Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim - part 1

At this juncture, many may just shy away with his name, after he failed to deliver the 916 promise.

But the Anwar Ibrahim that I know, have successfully created undercurrent in Malaysia's political scene, that BN aka UMNO undeniably facing a strong opponent.

I met Anwar a couple of times, the first time was a distance away, when he was attending a ceremony in which I happened to be there.

The second time I met Anwar, again, a distance away, right after he was sacked, and he was rallying reformasi at Dataran Merdeka, in the eve of his dramatic arrest.

The third time, I had a closer look at him, we were talking face to face.

I was accompanying my wife, who was scheduled for an exclusive interview with Anwar and Kak Wan.

The day the interview took place at his house in Segambut Dalam, was the day he reported to JAWI on Saiful's allegation.

When we entered his house compound, the house was dark. Anwar opened the main door for us, personally.

He then turn on light sufficient to light up the portion of the living room where we was sitting, and turn on the air cond.

This is such a small details reflecting his character: He doesn't waste unnecessarily.

He is slow, smooth, and determined talker, highly convincing with his moderate tone, unlike when he was speaking in ceramahs.

My wife was warned earlier by Anwar's aides that Anwar was annoyed earlier when a Chinese daily throwing him questions relating to his sodomy case in an early interview. They told her to just ask Anwar on political development but not his personal issues.

Well, she asked his sodomy case, it was the first question. Anwar did not get agitated. He is as calm as he use to be.

We then talk about him, his family, little on his political ambitious.

Kak Wan came in after bathing her grand daughter. She joined and we were talking, and she was listening and looking at Anwar with her eyes.

They were siting together, holding hands.

When we touched on the moment Anwar was released, when he was overseas in Georgetown University as a visiting professor. He was very proud telling us that he is a man who now able to bring income and support his family. Gone were those rumours that he swindled millions for himself.

I can never forget his voice saying "I am earning now to support my family!" Kind of sad for a man who was not able to do so for the 6 years he was in jail, and the whole family was humiliated by those you know who.

I noticed when we talk about the days he was suffering, Kak Wan held his hand real tight, although she did not show up on her face.

There were a few questions that I think it is good for me to put up here as a record.

When I asked why should Anwar, and Pakatan Rakyat, wanted to ensure peaceful transition of power, where for others, they would have ruin the country.

Anwar is calm, he reasoned that the Rakyat deserves a peaceful transition. Revolution, especially revolution with blood is never in his mind, neither leaders in Pakatan Rakyat wanted a Revolution to happen.

I was asking him why he wanted to be the Prime Minister. To my surprise, he said he leave it to the people and leaders in Pakatan Rakyat whether he will be the Prime Minister. I then asked isn't he the Prime Minister in waiting as he claimed? Well, Anwar did not answer the question direct, he merely say that if people need his leadership, he will take the lead.

to be continued.....

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