Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've heard of a news today

When I went out feeding cats within my vicinity, one of my neighbour came and told me:

"Chia, did you know RPK received RM5million from Najib? Everyone in coffee shop now talking. You know, 5 million! No wonder RPK is so quiet now!"

It was to my surprise. I have never thought of such in the first place. Rumours around the blogs unfriendly to RPK claimed he received fund from Singapore Secret Service and Anwar (both claimed by a guy called Dato' Bendahara who refused to reveal his real identity when making such claims)

Some said the Royals is backing him up financially, of which RPK has denied when we interviewed him a while ago.

Given a thought, it is quite a laugh when I heard Najib paid RPK RM5million to shut him up. Najib would have millions of other ways to silence him (need I elaborate??) , instead of pay him the sum and allow RPK to ransom him for the rest of his life. 

However, if Najib paid RPK, he is likely be the person with no brain and no sense.

Until the time I meet RPK again, I will ask him this, and see what he will answer. 

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