Monday, November 10, 2008

When your servant stabbed your back!

I was standing and singing under the canopy, orange t-shirt, although not clear, but I was there.

click here for YouTube video courtesy Malaysiakini

Someone questioned if I was there really. Yes, I was there. I was underneath the yellow sign board, wearing the same orange t-shirt as featured in my photo on the right of this blog.

(RPK looks OK)

I was attending the AmCorp mall vigil with my wife. Reached there around 9:30pm, after wrestling with road blocks and looking for a car park.

We were told that the crowd dispersed and we witnessed FRUs right at the entrance of the mall.

Then we decided to go ahead to Civic centre when were told that everyone is moving there.

Met RPK along the way, He still look tired, but better spirit. We were talking with others who marched towards Civic centre, and most was expressing their anger with the Authority trying to depress our voices. Some was saying that we will give them a good lesson come GE13.

Deep in my heart, I know if we do not do it now, and continue mounting pressure, there will be no genuine GE13.

Reached Civic centre, greeted Marina, and the short ceremony begun.

Both of us was standing outside the crowd. We heard Tony said that if there's no BERSIH rally, he will probably not been elected.

Then we started singing "Negara Ku", when we are about to finish, FRU charged us.

It seems that they have specific targets. I saw them chasing after a young Indian guy, and got him finally.

We quickly walked away as we are not able to help at that instance. A few FRUs passed us by, but they did nothing to us.

Some plainclothes, one Chinese plainclothes, was shouting at us chasing us to leave the venue.
So now I know, our Police force is used against the orderly people, people who are seeking for justice, not to combat crime.

I was robbed, reported, caught the suspect, recovered my lost item. And for years the police failed to charge the suspect despite evidence strong enough to put him to what he deserves.

Our residential area crime rate is climbing to an alarming level, and was asked to employ our own guards instead of relying on police.

Where have all the police gone?
Gone to catch those good people.

Where have all the police gone?
Gone by the wind.

Where have all the good people gone?
Good people go Kamunting or jail

Where have all the good people gone?
Gone by the wind.

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  1. I understand the situation of being robbed,break in and etc... I have gone through that as well.

    Malaysia is at its lower level of justice and freedom.