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Ronnie Liu's Saga - 09 Nov 2008 PJ Civic Centre Vigil

I hate this, but I think I have to make it clear.

It started with an article posted in Malaysia Today on Nov 11 2008 titled:

I have posted a comment which attracts some attention from a number of people. The comment is reproduced here, I have added paragraph break to make it readable from the original comment which I've done it on my mobile:

ritten by ChiaCY, November 11, 2008 16:14:54
Sorry but I saw him ran away when the attack is on.
We thought we escaped aster, but he is even faster than us, was quickly walking away in front of us.
Someone shouted at him that he should lent a helping hand to those who are arrested.
To our surprise, Ronnie's aide answered on his behalf that Ronnie is rushing to toilet.
However, Ronnie then turned to the young man who shouted at him provoking the young man to go to the police station.
I can agree we keep our strength by running away instead of everyone got caught.
But there were hitting and shouting at the back and he was still seen behind the store when we left.
I don't think he go pee anyway.
We did not expect a hero from Ronnie, atleast what he can do is try to guide those who are running away so that they will not be threaten by FRU and plainclothes chasing after us.
Perhaps I may be wrong, but this is the first time I see a wakil rakyat ran away from the scene.
hence there's a reply from Angela Ooi :
written by Angela Ooi, November 11, 2008 20:13:20
ChiaCY, it was unfair and untrue comment, YB Ronnie did not have to be with us as he was not arrested but he came back to be with us and he was a pillar of strenght all through the wee hours together with the fantastic group of lawyers headed by Edmond Bon. He was on the phone alot negotiating for our release.

As noted by RPK, he is a true friend. He has consistently turned up for EVERY courtcase and police station that our beloved Raja Petra had to appear in. Ronnie truly deserves my respect. Yes, I would certainly vote him if I could!
Which I replied:
written by ChiaCY, November 12, 2008 03:33:28

Probably my statement is unfair to Ronnie. But I've seen from my naked eyes, and also heard his reply when the young man questioned him in Mandarin.

Perhaps I am not the only one, my wife, and a couple of others were there too.

I only described what happened at that instance, and added my comment if Ronnie would have help those helpless getting out of the scene.

I did not expect him to forge with the police, neither do I have the intention. But how if it is true, should I shut my mouth for not telling or pretended that I did not see and hear it?

He went to the police station later, I solute him for his courage knowing he probably will be arrested. However, what I have described is true.

There;s a person everyone missed, that's worth mentioning, Mr Wong Chin Huat, he deserved my respect (thus his name is prefixed with Mr) on that day.

When he sensed FRU is going to charge us, he was going round looking for Haris to negotiate with the Police, could not find. Then he turned to Ronnie, when Ronnie is still in the midst of photo session.

He was the one who really care of our safety. Ask Wong if you can, ask him what happened that night.
Then a response from Man in Black:
written by Man In Black, November 12, 2008 04:07:27
ChiaCy, were you there or not...ronnie is a true statesman and a true leader for the Rakyat. If only you can do a quarter of what he is doing for the Rakyat...If you can't keep your remarks to yourself.
And here is my final response to Man in Black:
written by ChiaCY, November 12, 2008 19:51:13
Man In Black,

This is my first hand account at the scene if you are in doubt.

I will illustrate the escape route, when we spotted Ronnie, step b step if you need. Go visit my blog and I shall update there instead of cluttering the space here.

My point is clear: I described what I have seen ad heard. I do not know if Ronnie is noble or evil. I described based on the impression given on that instance.

I do not know Ronnie btw, and have no interest on him.
Since the statement I made is in doubt, I would like to recall the happenings from the moment FRU charged us, until both my wife and myself left the scene.
Again, I am not interested in Ronnie, for whatever he is. I am just telling what I have seen and heard at that instance.
It is easier with the help of the PJ Civic centre satellite view:

Look at the image, I have marked several places which I will explain one by one:

  1. This is the place we sing the National Anthem, where the canopy is.
  2. FRU lined up here. They charged from this position toward position 1 above.
  3. Everyone was running everywhere, I was here when I witnessed an Indian arrested by a couple of plainclothes. FRU passed us by here but they did nothing to us.
  4. We walked from position 3 to position 4 where we saw another man in Red RPK shirt arrested by a bunch of plainclothes. While walking from 3 to 4, a Chinese plainclothes was shouting at us wanted us to move fast else we will be arrested as well. People still running like wild at this point, poor parents who brought their kids there to make their stand are facing threat from the FRU.
  5. When we walked from position 4 to position 6, before crossing the road, we spotted Ronnie already somewhere position 6, rushing out.
  6. A young man at position 5, at the road side, shouting in Mandarin to Ronnie asking him to lend an helping hand to those arrested as a Wakil Rakyat. We were almost reaching position 6 from position 4, together with us was an eldery father and a young teenager, which they witnessed the same scene as us.
  7. Ronnie walked towards position 8 from position 7, and a man, white short sleeve shirt, was responding to the young man that Ronnie is rushing to the gents. Some one uttered in Cantonise asking if Ronnie were to espace by giving reason to go to the gents. Ronnie then rushed from position 8 towards position 7 and replied to the young man to meet in the police station later.
  8. We are moving away from position 7 towards position 10, and we saw Rannie, with a few guys, including the white short sleeve guy, talking at position 9, which is at the back of the restaurant, facing position 10, an open car park.
  9. While we walked away from position 10, Ronnie was still at postion 9 talking/discussing.
As I said, I solute Ronnie for his courage to go to the police station after the fiasco.

I never demand him as a Saint to save everyone, but was curious at that moment of time, what he should be doing instead?

Hope this clear everyone's doubt.

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