Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Long lost Simon & Garfunkel

It's The Concert in Central Park, DVD!!

I found this, kind of unprepared when I was shopping around at USJ Summit, where Popular book store is having clearance sales.

It was like sending me back to 1981/2 where I was still very young (many probably hard to imaging how I look like with dark, shining, hair).

This album is in fact one of the first English album that, when I started listening to English songs.

The album was the collection of my uncles. I was staying with my grand ma then, and like to flip thru my uncles' books, magazines, and of course, albums.

Frankly, I know no English at that time, even I was already form 5. It is kind of normal for Chinese educated student, proud of fluent in Chinese/Mandarin but English and Bahasa.

It was Simon and Garfunkel, along with Don McLean (American Pie, Vincent, etc), Bob Dylan (Blowing in the Wind, The Time They are a Changin' etc), Joan Baez (Amazing Grace, Donna Donna, etc), thought me English, and learn to appreciate non-mother tongue language.

I remember it was so difficult for me to understand what they are singing, trying to sing the way they are. I was literally learning every single pronunciation by heart, every single word, every line, and every song was repeated over and over until I get them right.

It wasn;t just songs that I learned, but every single spoken word during the Concert, like

"What a night! God! I thought it might be somewhat crowded but we seem to have filled the place." etc.

They have influence not only my perspective on languages, but message in their songs is still influencing the way I look at things.

It is glad to have them both again, this time on DVD. I've ripped the DVD to my iTunes and iPhone, so I can listen everywhere I go, it is just like seeing a long lost friend, not one, but two.

I am sure to sleep well tonight with their songs, sure, I will.

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