Monday, December 21, 2009

Tell us why should we vote for you, Pakatan

Many of us who worked hard to convince our surrounding friends to vote for Pakatan Rakyat in the 12th GE, managed to deny Barisan Nasional's 2/3 majority for the first time.

We were expecting that Pakatan Rakyat will continue its struggle for the benefit of the people, ie to improve itself and prepare to take over the government, and put a full stop to rampent corruptions, abuse of power, among others, restored the local government elections which has been raped by BN after the May 13 incident.

It has been months, if not years, for Pakatan to try uniting themselves. Political struggle within and outside Pakatan raise the doubt whether Pakatan can eventaully make it.

During the months, we see troubles brewing within Pakatan itself: inconsistent policies in the Pakatan lead states; cross fire within Pakatan for something laughable; and worse, continue to deny the rights of the people to elect their very own local government representatives.

Many Pakatan leaders, from time to time have been giving excuses not to have local government elections for reasons which I doubt themselves will ever convinced.

Some said it is expensive to conduct yet another level of elections; some said it is unconsistutional to conduct suche elections as it is against the Laws; some claimed only Elections Commission is empowered to conduct elections hence the state government is not in the position to do so.

Thus, Pakatan resorted to Barisan's conventional practice: appointing politicians from
Their own parties according to quota instead.

Pakatan failed to realise that the country is urgently needing local governments answerable to the people, not their political master, as the first step to ensure that no one can take advantage of this as a gift to their supporters.

People wanted someone, or a team of someone they elected, answerable to the people, to carry out duty for the people.

If Pakatan insisted that they cannot restore the local government elections, due to whatever reason, they will have to think hard enough how to win the hearts of people who have voted for them for what they have promised.

There may be circumstances beyond our knowledge that local government elections is not easy to implement as 1 2 3. Understood, and point taken. But what is Pakatan's plan and road map towards achieving the goal?

Pakatan, think twice, think hard. Even if you are confident that by registering more voters will be at your advantage but can you ensure that these new voters will vote you in the coming election? Will those who have entursted you earlier continue to vote you regardless?

Build your ground firmly, do it right. You cannot afford to fail, you don't have time, neither the people will patiently wait for you to grow up like a man. Barisan Nasional will certainly not waiting for you too.

Stop accusing everything that Barisan is doing, focus on your foundation, or you'll be washed away sooner then you can ever expect.

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