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Translated: the story of Ah Chung

A friend dropped in this copy of translation. He said he did this to help spreading the message. This is an Interview, originally in Chinese, of a man, Ah Chung, who has been walking the talk for Teoh Beng Hock, whom have been thrown (as most believed) from 14th floor of MACC's office.

It is not a grammatically perfect piece, neither do I write perfect English. It is the sincerity and effort of wanting to do something for TBH in the quest demanding for Justice that makes me posted this, with minimal editing.

Read on.....

I wish Teoh Beng Hock was dead on the 14th floor of Plaza Mazalam.


Only dead people aren't scared of falling from a tall building.


Some forget. Some choose to remain silent. Some prefer to speak... but only through their vote. However for some, action must be taken and this bloody debt must be claimed now.


Those words almost made me cry. But the person who said it already had tears in his eyes.


I went through 2 hours of the city traffic to meet Ah Zhung, but he said “Who is Ah Zhung?”. Most think he is crazy. But since Teoh Beng Hock's death, Ah Zhung has gained massive popularity.


He is not a rich man, but fighting for Teoh Beng Hock's justice requires a full time effort. So he left his job.


On the Saturday morning that Teoh Beng Hock's grave was dug up for a second postmortem, Ah Zhung was at the 'front-seat'. While holding a black and white photo of Teoh Beng Hock in his left hand, his right fist was clenched, pointing up to the sky. According to him, Teoh Beng Hock's body was found lying like this.

棺木上了灵车他也驾着20多年的老摩托追灵车,结果半路撞洞摔到一扑一碌。好彩後面光明記者的車子來得及煞車 ,要不然22號各報的頭條除了趙明福,恐怕還會有他。所以他一直笑著跟我說,好彩光明的記者救了他。

As he trails the hearse, his 20 year old bike hit a pothole and fell. Fortunately the car behind him managed to stop in time, otherwise he would have been on the headline of Guang Ming Daily. The driver of the car was a reporter for this daily newspaper.


After 2 hours in the hands of a mechanic, he was back on his bike, RM45.00 poorer. RM45.00 is half the total amount of his monthly food expenses.

His wounds are still bleeding as he head straight to the hospital, but he wasn't there to seek treatment.


Dr. Porntip was scheduled to arrive the next morning. She is Ah Zhung's newfound idol. However in the hours before her arrival, Ah Zhung decided it is up to him to stay on guard. More so as everyone around him fell asleep at about 7 in the morning.


In the morning, someone bought him McDonald's fry chicken. Every piece of chicken was chewed to the bone. He said, it was the most delicious meal he's had in the past 7 years.


His bone is almost visible through the wound on his wrist. He said this one bled the most, but the rest are nothing.


His hand was still swollen. I can feel the pain just by looking at it. But to him it was just another scratch. According to him, his doctor had an instant headache the moment he saw him. His doctor has never seen anyone more scared of pain.


The deepest wound was on his shoulder. But I didn't want him to show it to me because every time he takes off his clothes, the wound would rip open again.


His shirt was full of patches. But when I asked him why he doesn't change, he said he had no choice. Red colour symbolises the bloody justice that Teoh Beng Hock and his family has yet to be served.


Turns out, that was his only red shirt.


After many washes, the bloodstain remains. “Even Better!” he said, “This represents the vengeance for Teoh Beng Hock. I’ll patch it and wear it again”


I said to him “Ah Zhung, even your pocket is full of patches!”


Ah Zhung was only too happy to reply “No lah, it was torn when I was dragged by 'them'. I'm not ashamed of it. The people, who have wronged, should be ashamed. Not me.”


I brought him to Sushi King for a meal. He ate a lot of rice but with not much else, with every small chunk of fish, a few mouthfuls of rice follow. I sat quietly as he eats. He ate 4 bowls of rice that night.


(My boss told earlier that he will foot the bill, thus, it is not me who were paying for the dinner, thank you boss)

自己作剪报和讨公道的工具。一张赵明福的海报折来折去随身带,已经差不多破烂, 不过他还拿来当宝。 原因是它的正面是趙明福,可是它的背面是蘇淑慧。他用自己的方式,把陰陽相隔的兩個人重新連結在一起。

Ah Zhung never had much on him. But a collage of newspaper cuttings and photographs was amongst his precious keep. On one side, it's a black and white portrait of Teoh Beng Hock, on the other side, his wife. It looked worn with a few patches of tapes keeping it together, but to him, this is his own special way to reunite Teoh Beng Hock and his wife. One in heaven and the other on earth.


As time passes by , some anger starts to fade. For most people, this tragedy has turned to a distant memory. But Ah Zhung insists that justice has to be served. And all he has is his persistent self as a reminder to the whole world.

"冷漠的社会有份杀死赵明福。"他一直这样跟我说。因為當我們對錯誤選擇明哲保身,就是姑息養奸。 就是幫兇。面对他,我羞愧得吃不下,拼命喝茶喝得胃抽筋。一個天天扒白飯的人,一個已經51歲的老年人,依然堅持黑的就是黑的,永遠不可能變成白的,為什麼?

“A cold society has a hand in killing Teoh Beng Hock”, Ah Zhung kept saying. When we choose to ignore a crime that's happening in front of us, we are allowing and encouraging for it to happen. That makes us an accomplice.

Listening to him makes me feel sick to my stomach. I lost my appetite. Drinking tea alone got my stomach cramped. A 51-year-old man, who could only afford plain white rice for meals, still insists that black is black and can never be white. Why?


As I started writing this article on my phone, I started thinking, maybe Ah Zhung wasn't crazy afterall. Maybe he is the last sane being in this crazy world.


Tonight, in the memory of Teoh Beng Hock.

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